New Civilization News: Our Work Here in this Life... is to Be Happy.    
 Our Work Here in this Life... is to Be Happy.5 comments
picture picture 14 Aug 2008 @ 19:26, by David Bartholomew

That's not some hackneyed cliché' that just wants to roll off the tongue because I don't have any real thought to add. It is my core belief, instilled in me in a perfect moment on a swingset as a kid (and probably much before that), and honed in 48 years of personal work on the planet. This is basically the ingrained knowledge I came in to share, and its time to be expressed seems to be now.

There is a balance to what I will say here, but I will swing the pendulum far enough beyond center, to the side opposite and of a measure equal to countering the doom-and-gloom that well-meaning "cause people" have swung it to the other.

I love cause people. I have been and continue to be one. But I feel a reframing of our outlook has been in order for quite a while. So here goes.

All of this is Illusion. All of it is material we have co-created, along with Spirit… to work with, in order to learn all the lessons we signed on for... most of which can be boiled down to... Our Work Here in this Life... is to Be Happy.

Yes we know we care. No we don't want the Earth to be trashed, species to be rendered extinct, people not honored fully for who they are, treated fairly, etc. No, I am not saying, "Stop the good work you are doing."

But I am saying-- if you continue to do this good work, and the things that good people do-- do it from perhaps a different perspective, that can be developed out of the following questions:
  • Do you trust God/dess, the Creative force of the Universe, so little... to think that all is not handled?
  • Do you think there is no Sacred Witness watching over others, such as has watched over you-- patiently holding the space for each of us to choose and act rightly in any given situation... working ourselves toward choosing rightly (my definition: choosing the thought or act that holds the most Light, highest Vibration, etc., as we all know deeply within ourselves how that looks and feels)?
  • Do you think that any well-intended word or action on anyone's part... could have caused us to act, think or choose differently... prior to our time of being ready to do so?
  • If we can pull back and truly witness Life as this Matrix or Star Trek Next Generation Holodeck or Stage Play or Virtual Reality Video Game, where the entirety of the experience is fabricated out of nothingness, and simply part of the program we choose to run each time out-- consenting to playing our part in this virtual creation... can't we then reframe some of our angst and urgency that all is not as it should be?

  • Don't then the actions of others become more a projection from our own program, aimed at causing us to reflect on why we might still need to see such mirrored back to us, why such still remains interesting to us, what work and choices and actions and maintenance of our thoughts still needs to be taken on by us, within our own program, to graduate to the next level of the game/program?
  • If we truly do not wish to see or experience the judgement calls of lesser or dark or lower emotions/thoughts/actions carried out outside of us within our program... isn't for us to just hold ourselves to task, to maintaining these within ourselves?
  • Doesn't this reframing—

    -- from detached, more or less helpless, outside witness of circumstance attempting to effect others... to being in charge of our own boat--

    -- shift the experience of the game/program completely?

I believe it is for all of us Lightworkers-- intentional do-gooders by whatever moniker we choose-- to
  • work ourselves back toward resolution into Light from all within us that has not been revealed or experienced as such
  • to live and breath ourselves back to Joy, Peace, Compassion, Trust, Faith, Hope and the like... if that is what we are professing to be working for from this old paradigm perspective of what life outside us wants to be
  • and that emanating such, from our role within the game/program... will simply cause the most profound change in the life outside us of this game/program.
It seems it is we who sometimes are getting stuck in the patterns of how we play this game; and as we lose our perspective we begin resonating/entraining to that which is lower, as opposed to that (which we state is more optimal) which is higher. It is like we didn't get the Cheat Sheet or didn't read far enough down in the Instruction Manual to anchor in this long-lost rule; OR, we have to cop to really wanting/needing to play a game that includes the darker stuff, because it is still interesting to us on some level. And in the latter possibility, we have to get off of it, quit pretending to be different than those other guys, cop to our responsibility in what we see in the outer and begin enjoying that option more.

This, I believe, is the choice we have finally trapped ourselves into needing to make, after a longtime of playing this game/program and dodging it.

Do we choose to only resonate/entrain with that which is of the highest vibration, most light, most Godliness, your term here... and quit allowing ourselves to get sucked back toward the other end of the spectrum?

Or do we just let go and get in there and play-- and enjoy-- more War, Cowboys and Indians, Doctor, Taker and all of the other scenarios?

There is really no right or wrong. But there is-- choice that is in alignment with the wiring of your character, within the rules of the game/program you have chosen.

So now Lightworkers!-- What say we keep our eye on the ball, remember we have chosen that Joy/Love is real and Sadness/Fear is illusion within our rules and the backstory of our game. Let's play by the rules. Let's get happy-- and dance... sing... paint... cook... play. Let's do the good work we continue to choose to do... under perhaps this slightly different mindset.

We win when we get others to entrain to our high vibration. We lose when they get us to entrain to their lower vibration.

[I know it's politically correct to say we're not in it for the winning. But a win-win, with no losers, seems to be the same thing.]

Make the Game... play. Play the Game better. and let’s see where it all ends up.

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15 Aug 2008 @ 04:57 by a-d : the more we
start doing OUR Right Thing (in Life) so to speak, the HAPPIER we feel -- as a result thereof -automatically! To get to THAT point (of doing our own "The Right Thing; "the one I came here to do") is by listening to our Priorities --even and ESPECIALLY when they change!... JUST GO FOR the Change (of Life(style etc) and DO it!... THAT will tkae us evermore in the Right direction: INTO L:IFE ever more!...What could be happier ("Place" to be)?!?... : )
(I so enjoy your writing/s!... though I haven't opted to comment... )  

16 Aug 2008 @ 00:06 by David @ : thanks!
Thanks for the comment. And for the equally upbeat perspective. The more we put it out there, the more positivity others have to entrain to.  

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