11 Dec 2008 @ 06:58, by Erle Frayne Argonza

Please know first that this writer/analyst is both (b) economist and (b) mystic-healer. For some time now, the challenge of contributing to the construction of an ‘economy that heals’ has been knocking at my ‘mental coconut’, a task that explains this article and many yet that will succeed this one.

As an economist, my lines of subspecializations are: (a) development economics, (b) political economy & public policy, (c) international political economy, (d) economic sociology, and (e) enterprise economics (or biz economics). As a healer, my subspecializations are: (a) psychosocial counseling, (b) pranic healing, (c) distance healing (w/ angelic reinforcement); and, (d) soul healing (includes chakra alignment & cleansing, past life issues resolution).

Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru Ra

Magandang Hapon! Good afternoon!

Please know first that this writer/analyst is both (b) economist and (b) mystic-healer. For some time now, the challenge of contributing to the construction of an ‘economy that heals’ has been knocking at my ‘mental coconut’, a task that explains this article and many yet that will succeed this one.

As an economist, my lines of subspecializations are: (a) development economics, (b) political economy & public policy, (c) international political economy, (d) economic sociology, and (e) enterprise economics (or biz economics). As a healer, my subspecializations are: (a) psychosocial counseling, (b) pranic healing, (c) distance healing (w/ angelic reinforcement); and, (d) soul healing (includes chakra alignment & cleansing, past life issues resolution).

Having laid out my brief economic & healing credentials, let me now proceed to my thesis. First of all, as a developmentalist (practical economist) and healer of long standing, let me declare my categorical observation that the ‘world system’ economy of today, which is an admixture of capitalist-dirigist-fascist-clerical economic systems, is characteristically: (a) non-healing, or pathological, (b) is hoarding-based rather than sharing-inspired, and (c) is already on its terminal phase, needing replacement rather than its recycling.

To simplify my terms, the present system, which is principally organized around capitalism (economy for profits, based on money system), is:

• SICK: A ‘sick economy’ is one based on flawed, sick principles that no longer work. Necessarily, a ‘sick economy’ (borrowing from Erich Fromm’s and Erik Erikson’s ‘sick society’) is a parametric condition that induces anxiety, anomie, alienation, and related pathologies that can lead to neuroses, sociopathy, psychoses, and total self-fragmentation.

• GREED-BASED: The ‘hoarding orientation’ (see Erich Fromm’s works) of the ‘world system’ (see Immanuel Wallerstein’s works) had propelled greed to the level of madness, thus reinforcing ‘system sickness’. Greed multiplies greed, more greed creates more greed, and so on, ad aeternum, thus leading to more ‘economic sickness’, to more madness and system collapse and societal catastrophe.

• SCARCITY PREMISE: Western economics had postulated (declared as a self-evident given) that scarcity is the fact of life. This postulate had since underpinned ‘hoarding’ economics, and had remained unchallenged in the West and mainstream circles. This is flawed from the very inception. Scarcity is not given, not a universal law either, but is a product of enslaving, hoarding power relations. It is an ideological rampart in support of the more real exploitative relations between the ‘hoarding classes’ and the producer underclasses that they bound and gagged in property relations.

• DYING & DEATH-INDUCING: The system is now dying, it is now on its death throes, yet many refuse to see it die. Bank bailouts and interest rate interventions are among those examples of tools that no longer work, yet they continue to be employed. Furthermore, the ‘sick economy’ also induces so many deaths due to poverty, anxiety, starvation, consumerist pathologies (obesity, cardiovasculars), genocides, etc. What is needed is to bury the system and build a new one rather than to perpetuate it.

Let me then declare the next thesis: that a new economic ‘world system’, which is in the nature of a ‘healing economy’, is a viable one. We may perhaps use different terms to refer to the same ‘world system’—sharing economy, cooperative economy, non-hoarding economy, consensus economy—but let us better recognize where we all converge: the ‘healing economy’.

Following from the foregoing statements, the contours of the new ‘healing economy’ or world system would be the obverse of the previous observations. They are:

• WELLNESS ECONOMY. A vibrant, wellness-oriented world system is one that will also see that everybody will have enterprises, jobs, and related pursuits that will see their talents grow and utilized to the utmost. It is an economy that also promotes the wellness paradigm, welcomes the advent of the alternative healers as ‘new kids on the block’ rather than to denigrate them as ‘quack doctors’, promotes equity and the highest values of the general welfare in their true sense, and is generally conducive to healthy relationships, institutions, communities, and healthy world.

• SHARING &/OR NON-HOARDING. ‘Hoarding orientation’ had degraded us humans to the most putrid hovels of the non-human or anti-human for many eons now. It is time to reverse such demonic conditionality and state. In the economic sphere, the highest principles of the ‘rule of Divine Love’ (compassion as core value) and ‘principle of giving’ (golden rule) must become dominant and sacrosanct. To talk of ‘compassionate capitalism’ is an oxymoron and subtly demonic. We have no more need for capitalism and the other isms, what we need is a non-ideological sharing economy and enough of those isms that have only exacerbated our ‘sick economy’ and ‘sick society’. Ditto for competition principle, the core of capitalism, which has no place in the emerging context. Cooperation-loving-sharing is the value trilogy of the emerging context, not competition-hatred-hoarding of the capitalist world system.

• ABUNDANCE. The true state of the universe is one of abundance, not scarcity. “From above, so below,” declares the Teaching. From the abundance of the cosmos, to the abundance of the Earth & Solar system, this is the sacrosanct law and not that peddled lie about scarcity. Healing economy is one that is attuned to the very dynamics of the cosmos and not divorced from it. An operative healing economy will ensure that all members of society, all citizens of Earth or Terra, will be attuned to this sacrosanct law, and will experience abundance in everyday life. “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed,” declared the late Mahatma Gandhi in his swadeshi writings. Gandhi referred to the same law, and stated it in axiomatic manner.

• DYNAMIC & LIFE-INDUCING. The healing economy will prove itself to be dynamic and life-inducing as well. It does not follow from absurd ‘creative destruction’ demonology worship of capitalism, but from ‘creative constructivism’ of a Godly society. In the present system, just by destroying the currency of one nation (e.g. currency attack versus ASEAN/East Asia, 1997), many workers will lose their jobs and many small enterprises forcibly close shop, leading to anxieties and deaths. Is that what you call Godly and ‘creative destruction’? Very boldly I’d say, echoing spiritual masters who said the same, that a wellness-sharing-loving-giving economy will be truly life-inducing, as it will not need wars and destruction of nations to sustain it.

Having shared to you in brief the contours of the new economic world system, let me now close with the reiteration of the challenge: building the healing economy is the greatest economic task of the moment and the eon now unfolding before us. We can no longer be clinging to dinosaur world systems that bred so much maladies in the past, we should move on and build a new one that will be the economic foundation of a new society of loving, giving, sharing, Oneness, and authentic human liberation.

Enough with those bailouts, IMF-World Bank mergers, bank mergers, interest rate manipulations, stock markets, speculations, government take-overs, hedge funds,...Enough with greed, hoarding, hatred, competition, bloody vampire economics of the Old World!

Peace & Love Advocates of the world, let us build the New Economy of Healing without reserve. Let’s not be cowed by the intimidations of the demonic Pied Pipers and fascistic war machines of the Old World elites. We shall overcome! Carpe diem!

[Writ 08 December 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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18 Jan 2009 @ 13:20 by Mcdougall @ : Santa Romana
So who are the rightful owners of the Gold?
The Santa Romana's, Marcos', European royal families, the Vatican, The Illuminati families, the Sulu Sultanate, The Lakandula's and tarik soliman's descendants, Southeast asian nations looted by Japan, Lakan Tagkan's or Lakantagean-founder of Namayan/Kingdom of Sapa or zabag etc.?

Or none of the above. It belongs to every man of every color and creed.

Or if we believe the Mayans, to them, the Gold belong to the Gods alone.  

3 Feb 2009 @ 09:36 by Ref: Philippines should be part of USA @ : 50% of teh gold should be sold to USA
The gold belongs to the Sulu Sultanate and a large chunk of it was to be used for establishing the WORLD PEACE TRUST FUND donated by the Muslims and entrusting it to the Pope or to the Vatican, to help heal the conflicts of war and fighting and bring peace in the name of God and Allah for all people on this planet Earth, MOTHER EARTH is the one that is being destroyed by mankind and the evil of man. At least the Muslims signed their intentions to do this act of establishing the gold toback up the WORLD PEACE TRUST FUND, in other words they put up the gold as the first move, but then ran into a problem as only the person known as Rev. Fr. Jose A. Diaz, who was the caretaker, the trustee, only his signature could sign out the gold and he became deceased. After a long legal discussion, it was decided to not remove the damn gold and simply assign it to the rightful owners and to those endownments and to all the WORLD PEACE FUND to become reality, but nothing was done as the Lady President Gloria Macapagal-Arroy has failed to allow the gold to be given to the Pope from the legal position of the Muslim Royals there in the Philippines. Now the solution is perhaps have the Philippines to become part of the United States, to have those Royal Muslim families that have the legal rights to the gold, to be allowed to sell off at least 200,000 metric tons of teh gold to the U.S. Government and allow the US Treasury to use that 200,000 mt to beef up the American dollar, which is a reserve currency for the rest of this planet Earth. Supporting the US Dollar is helping all countries as the tide raises up all boats and ships by supporting the countries of all nations. This financial meltdown is not just a damn problem of the United States it is a world wide problem. If the families that own the damn 617,500MT want to sell 200,000 mt to the US Treasury than that is their decision to make. There is a missing over 200,000mt that the Court in the Philippines told the Philippine Government to go and get it back, return it back to the valuts in the Philippines, but no one has donet hat, why not? The main point is that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroy has a very intelligent father, and that father knew all about the truth of where that gold came from, why it was leased to the Philippines and also who embezzled a lot of that missing gold. I pray that the Jesuits would help the Pope or the Vatican as the Jesuits are damn smart and it was even said that late Rev. Fr. Jose A. Diaz was a lay priest or actually a Jesuit. Regardless, no one in the Philippines should be blocking of the release of the endownments that were signed by that Sultan Fuad Kiram, that would have allowed to establish that WORLD PEACE FUND with such a large endownment for that very purpose. Even Isreal would benefit from the financial assistance and so would a lot of other countries. The God damn financial meltdown is going to become worst after AUGUST of 2009, count on that to occur. There are seven phases in this world financial meltdown and most banks have been insolvenet for many years, so providing more taxpayers money to bankers is not the solution to the problem...and if the problem is not solved, then their cannot be proper recovery and the patient will continue to die, slowely. The United States should be allowed to purchase 200,000mt of the gold and I think that Sultan Fuad Kiram and some other Royals have a legal right to enter into such agreement to sell the gold, it is after all their gold, it is not gold that belongs to the Philippines or to some Gold God somewhere in Space... There is another forum here at Ming.TV that can be found by simply typing into the Yahoo search engine the words as Ming the Merchanic, Comments........and there is a much older forum also that can be found by typing into the search engine the words as Ming the Merchanic, Santa Romana.....  

25 May 2009 @ 02:59 by erlefrayne : Question of Ownership
Nice thoughts from the commentators, thanks!

The ownership question had surely become marred in the complexities of the gold issue. As a Filipino patriot, I'd say, using the national patrimony criterion, the Filipino nation owns the entire gold hoard. But this contention will only hold water till the polar shift.

Past the polar shift (Dec. 21-23), the nation-states will cease to exist. Catastrophes will come yet till 2030. Waters and climate won't stabilize immediately after that, but may take till 2200 to be more harmonized and stable. By that time, all gold hoards of the planet, both of the West and East, will become patrimony of the human race organized under a single Planetary State. It will be that future state, which will be member of the Galactic Confederation of Light, that will hold such gold in escrow and manage its disposition.

This is the least I can make sense of the ownership question.  

8 Jun 2009 @ 07:23 by Ref: to above Filipino patroit @ : Gold and seashells and Aliens and ET
Gee, the Galactic Condederation of Light, that is a nice sounding name, but it perhaps will not be of light, but of Darkness, unless, unless ET himself will come back to Earth and hold our hands, or else touch us to wake us up, as Yes, the pole shift will occur, and yes, everything will be screwed up for a very long time on this planet because of the pole shift but I am hoping the the FUTURE MONEY will be sea shells, instead of gold. I think that we should get rid of all of the damn gold on Earth or else have the Aliens piss into a silver cup and grinds up some elements and the fart into the cup and PRODUCE solid gold. Then the value of gold would be deminished and what really will be used for money, is that it will be a cashless society and we bottomfeeders better understand that the Planetary State is also a nice sounding name, but again names can be deceiving. The good news is that when we all die, we get to be recycled and come back as something else in another human form, that is if the Aliens do not eat us body and SOUL first...Regards Todd Alphine  

26 Jan 2011 @ 02:09 by stephenieliu77@ @ : 200000mt
It is not in US or ...,It is just nearby in ASIA.  

29 Jan 2015 @ 06:50 by Ana @ : wmkIwpOwzV
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