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23 Apr 2008 @ 05:48, by deepwater

It seems to be that there are many and various ways of approaching an understanding of the same thing. Within each of these ways there is a common language that helps the thinkers along that line to communicate effectively with each other and thereby evolve their understanding.

What if all these approaches were to come to some meta-level of understanding through a consensual clarification of the meaning of terms? Could we then begin to evolve an understanding that gives a holistic overview of that which we are all currently looking at from different angles?

This is the vision that I hold for humanity, a coherent, unified framework of understanding within which we can develop a clear overview and have rational dialogue, that transcends the current obstacles that arise due to lack of clarity and consensus on the meanings of terms.

I sincerely hope that other thinkers are willing to embrace this vision and that we can embark upon an amazing journey of conscious evolution.

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