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 Aliens, Allies and Discernment3 comments
24 Jul 2006 @ 17:46, by craiglang. Thoughts
This weekend, I finished up corrections to the final proof of my book, The Cosmic Bridge, Close Encounters and Human Destiny - about the evolving relationship between humanity and the Visitors. As I was busy writing, I found something weighing on my mind. It was a bit of a surprise, as I usually ignore such things - but in this case, it was a talk I attended at the MUFON conference last weekend.

I had a great time at the conference, in spite of the fact that I had been battling a sinus infection for the last week or so. I went to a large number of talks on various aspects of the UFO phenomenon. They covered topics such as sighting trends, UFO physics, the coverup and the alien agenda. But the talk that gave me the most pause for thought was the one on the Ethics of Contact and The Alien Agenda. This talk really got the gears turning in my mind...  Read More

 Hidden Contact -- The Fermi Paradox and The Deardorff Hypothesis7 comments
7 Jul 2006 @ 21:39, by craiglang. Reports
In my last posting, I lamented the lack of evidence for contact. Yet I also indicated that there WAS enough evidence to convince me that there really is a mystery. As I subsequently thought about both the posting, and the comments people had made in reply, I decided that I had simply rediscovered what is known as the Fermi Paradox. This is the conflict between the idea that there are most likely many ET civilizations, and the observation that (from a conservative scientific perspective) there appears to be little evidence of contact with them.

One solution to the Fermi Paradox is called the Deardorff Hypothesis, first described by Dr. James Deardorff in his article, "A Possible Extraterrestrial Strategy for Earth." in the book Alien Update, edited by Timothy Good.
In this model, he proposes that the Visitors are primarilly observers, and interact with us mostly in a covert manner. At this stage of our development, they deem that we are not yet ready for contact.

I have attached a section from "The Cosmic Bridge" that discusses this idea. Feel free to look it over and give me any comments.  Read More

 UFOs, Rainbows and Bare Earth4 comments
1 Jul 2006 @ 16:19, by craiglang. Thoughts
Today I am having one of those skeptical days... Several times, over the years that I've been doing UFO investigation, I have reached a wall. At times like this I wonder, is there anything at all to this? Or are we just chasing rainbows?  Read More

 Response to 'Ten Alien Encounters Debunked'0 comments
23 Jun 2006 @ 18:34, by craiglang. Thoughts
Here is a reply which I sent to, in response to their article, Ten Alien Encounters Debunked
 Read More

 More spooky 9/11 stuff0 comments
3 Feb 2006 @ 17:18, by craiglang. Articles
I read something pretty spooky in Whitley's Journal: Was 911 a Hoax?, on his Unknown Country website.

The article referenced a posting in yahoo News: "Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax"
The spookiest appears to be that these are not "fringe believers", but academics - normally relatively conservative types - who are casting doubt on the official 9/11 story.

I can only wonder, where is all this leading?

 New FTL and Hyperspace Theory6 comments
10 Jan 2006 @ 18:53, by craiglang. News
An interesting article reference appeared in my e-mail today.
The article was in NewScientist, on Heim Quantum Physics. The theory is apparently quite well developed, and took the physics community by surprise. Apparently most people don't understand it very well, but nobody has yet poked any major holes in it.

The article is: Take a leap into hyperspace on

Doing a Google search on "Burkhard Heim" and following the links I found the following paper:
Heim Quantum Theory for SpacePropulsion Physics - Warning, lots of math... :-)

More on hyperdimesional physics in the article: "Mathematical Realization of Higher Dimensional Space"

I've always wondered just how far we are from star travel. With current advances in zero point theory, my guess is that we are within a couple hundred years of a working starship. Maybe I'm being too conservative.  Read More

 'Fun' in the literature world1 comment
23 Dec 2005 @ 23:36, by craiglang. Diary
It has been an interesting few months, putting the finishing touches on my book, "The Cosmic Bridge - Close Encounters and Human Destiny". The book is a compilation of what I have discerned from clients - and from my own observations about the evolving relationship between humanity and the UFO abduction phenomenon. The current task has been to get it proofread and find a publisher for it.  Read More

 The Republic of Vermont?3 comments
24 Oct 2005 @ 20:57, by craiglang. Articles
An interesting article on Whitley Striber's Unknown Country website about the sate of Vermont: Will Vermont Secede from the Union?.


More on this from a Google search: "The Republic of Vermont"
Some really interesting results. A lot of political discontent.
I looked through one major website:

It'll be interesting to consider the implications of this. If Vermont were to secede from the union, then would the US have to militarily occupy Vermont, as they did the southern states 140 years ago? The ramifications are astounding...  Read More

 Seth Shostak's Glass House1 comment
18 Jul 2005 @ 17:15, by craiglang. Articles
A couple of days after watching CNN: The Great UFO Debate, I read with amusement, Seth Shostak's article in the SETI Thusrday tab on the website. It was also entitled: "The Great UFO Debate" and in both cases, he decries what he claims is the lack of evidence for UFO's. He essentially demands that proof be waved in his face before he will accept any UFOlogical evidence as valid.

In his article, he says that "UFO Believers" who demand that he do his own investigation before making this claim are treating him unfairly. It reminded me of the proverb "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones".  Read More

 Fun with Myers-Briggs and Strong0 comments
6 Jul 2005 @ 16:48, by craiglang. Experiences
While very much of a personal trail, I offer this for the benefit of any others who may be on a similar path...
As many on NCN know, I have for years, been casting about trying to find what my career path should be. I often feel like a lost soul, wandering in the wilderness of life. And as a result, I have accumulated a rather interesting trail of tests such as Myers-Briggs, Strong-Campbell (now Strong Interest Inventory), and other similar exercises.

It has been interesting to note how the results have changed over the years. Yet none of it is a surprise, as such tests are really only telling you the same thing that you told them. However, it has been interesting to see the information laid out in a very straightforward snapshot - a "slice of life" in the present day. And it has been interesting to note the trail of results, showing my wanderings through life in recent years...  Read More

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