New Dawn's Birthing    
 old man1 comment
category picture24 Jun 2004 @ 03:26
I close my eyes
just for a second
and in that space as I am opening them
a life flashes by
Not my life
someone elses
a brilliant fine aura encircles this man
as he slowly lifts his head
his face is unseen
just defined in
black line and a fine brilliant white aura

it really is beautiful  More >

 Desiderata5 comments
category picture23 Jun 2004 @ 21:44
in this world we live in, regardless of what is happening in our lives or that of those around us it is vital that we, remember that we are indeed "a child of the Universe, no less than the trees or the stars, we have a right to be here..."  More >

 Sunday article5 comments
category picture21 Jun 2004 @ 06:41
I just could not help myself and had to put this little "newsworthy article" up on my blog. Happy reading!
Follow the link[link] text  More >

 mmm...2 comments
category picture18 Jun 2004 @ 23:39
what a day  More >

 A Date With Destiny0 comments
category picture21 Jul 2003 @ 06:13
This is a copy of an email I received today, July 21 but regarded it important enough to place on this log, even though the first date has already been. Interestingly on the first activation day, Friday 18 July I was with my children visiting my mother who lives three hours away. So on a higher level I was actually participating in the feminine activation (without knowing it)
Do you remember what you were doing on this day? Were you also a part of the activation without being aware of it?  More >

 Cockatoo1 comment
category picture15 Jul 2003 @ 06:00
Well I guess it must be the time for sharing animal stories. After reading jmarc's "wildlife encounter" it brought to mind an experience I had on Sunday.  More >

 Oracle of Delphi6 comments
category picture27 May 2003 @ 05:09
I am looking for accurate information about the Oracle of Delphi and have not been having a great deal of success. Any information or links would be greatly appreciated.  More >

 Global Gratitude1 comment
category picture14 May 2003 @ 18:11
The start of Global Gratitude program in Australia is on this Friday, 16 May. It would be wonderful if you are able to join us.

Just find a place where you can be quiet for 7 minutes (more if you wish).

Read the first inspirational message in the Global Gratitude book, read it out aloud, feeling it and then close your eyes and feel the meaning of your words. Feel them for yourself, your children and future generations. Then focus on the family you have chosen.
Go to [link] to select a family and feel the message for that mother and child/ren and send them love. That's all.
When you have finished, tick the box and go on with your day.
 More >

 I just wanted to say...0 comments
category picture14 May 2003 @ 04:06
"To see a World in a Grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour"



 a random act of kindness3 comments
category picture14 May 2003 @ 01:52
Can we perform a random act of kindness?

The Nigerian supreme court has upheld the death sentence for a woman,
Amina Lawal. The method of her execution? To be buried up to her neck
and stoned, yes that's stoned with rocks, until her head is no more than
an oozing biomass sinking in to the soil! What's her crime? Mass murder?
Genocide? Building weapons of mass destruction? Hardly. It was for having
a baby while divorced (adultery in Sharia law). Executing someone is
barbaric enough of an act, but this is barbarism in the extreme. The court,
in it's infinite compassion, has postponed her death until 3rd June so that
she can continue to nurse her baby. Doesn't that make you all warm and
fuzzy inside and proud to be a human?

There is time to do something if you haven't already done so. Amina's
case is being handled by the Spanish branch of Amnesty International,
which is attempting to put together enough signatures to make the
Nigerian court rescind her death sentence. A similar campaign saved
another Nigerian woman, Safiya, condemned under similar circumstances.
The petition has so far amassed over 4 million signatures. It will take you
only two minutes to sign Amnesty's online petition, pass this on and help
amass 4 million more, maybe even save a life.

Go to the web page: [link] and enter your first name
(in the space marked "Nombre"), last name ("Apellidos"), province or
region/town ("Provincia"), and country (Estados Unidos for US). Then click
on "Seguir" and go to the second page. There you have the option of
entering your email address if you wish to receive follow-up information.
In any case, be sure then to click on "Aceptar" to have your name added
to the list. Please sign the petition if you might possibly feel you would like to help a fellow human being...
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 tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree6 comments
category picture13 May 2003 @ 05:46
Not too long ago I remember reading on someone's blog about "tying a yellow ribbon around a tree" in welcome for the returning service men from Iraq and querying what this was about.

Tonight while watching the idiot box there was a documentary about the festival of Beltane celebrated on the first of May or the beginning of the spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It turns out that this strange ritual has to do with wishes and Druid traditions.  More >

 A Sharing10 comments
category picture5 May 2003 @ 23:57
Yesterday, May 5, was my birthday. It was a beautiful still autumn day and my children prepared the table for the morning as we always do on special occassions such as birthdays, Easter and Christmas. Fresh flowers were secretly cut from the garden and placed in my favourite vase on the table.
Before breakfast presents were opened at the table and then we shared pastries my eldest went and bought from the bakery. And nobody was even late for school!
That evening we shared dinner prepared by the children.
Before I went to bed my daughter came in with a card she wanted me to have just from her. She has a wicked sense of humour and also great profoundness in her understanding of life. In it she wrote a most profound message that I would like to share.

Dear Mummy

Can you tell
If you are asleep or awake
Perhaps when you dream
You think in your head
That life is what you are living
Right now, this moment
Maybe, just maybe
You don't have to worry
Or wonder whether or not
Reality is in this life
Because, either way
You can create your own fate.

I am so grateful for having such a wonderful daughter...  More >

 ideas please16 comments
category picture15 Apr 2003 @ 04:07
does anyone out there in cyber~land have ideas and sites I can visit in regards to building an affordable energy efficient house suitable for a cool, dry climate in the southern hemisphere?  More >

 Human evolution3 comments
category picture13 Apr 2003 @ 06:51
To evolve or not to evolve?
That is the question.
Whether it is nobler to get over the ego or
to bring the world to destruction.
I certainly choose a wonderful flourishing in this physical reality. I am here to stand up and be counted. I choose positive evolution, even if it is presently going on slow mode.
Time to engage *overdrive*  More >

 Inner Peace Day0 comments
category picture8 Apr 2003 @ 20:52
~ INNER PEACE DAY ~ Wednesday, April 16th

The heightened contrast in the world today has inspired
a global outcry for "Peace."

But what is Peace?

Where does it come from?

Can we bring about Peace by battling against those who we
judge to be wrong?

Is it possible to experience Peace even in the face of

In mid-April 2003, thousands of people from across the globe will
embark on a quest to reveal the answers to these questions as we
connect with our own inner wisdom and discover the Peace within.

Please join us for:


 What the world needs now17 comments
category picture1 Apr 2003 @ 17:15
The present world situation has stirred up a hornets nest within nations and within its citizens. This is certainly the time in humanities evolution that all our very core beliefs, especially the negative ones that have been fermenting are brought to the surface. "Spiritually minded" people, channelers, those who say they want to bring positive change into the world when faced with "being the change they want to see" revert to the old paradime of name calling, being defensive, "better than though" or rude and judgemental when a person says some thing that they feel is directed against them, even though all they are doing is mirroring back their own perception.
There are a number of voices on NCN who dare to see the truth not in terms of patriotism and imperialism but in terms of humanity. A lot of rhetoric goes flying about change and peace but the reality shown in the virtual page of the newslogs and their responses has the same reworded old paradime thinking behinded it.
Now is the time to "be the change you want to see".

There is no tomorrow to change. Today is it!

As you allow others their freedom of speech and being you allow your own freedom as well. So speak your truth with love, awareness and compassion and remember that perhaps next time the wheel of karma may drop you into just the situation that you are so judgemental about just so that you get a taste of what it feels like when the "shoe is on the other foot"  More >

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We, the people of the Living Being, Earth decree:
We are here, now, to Makepeace in our time.
We, along with the Heavenly Host create Peace in our lives and our world.


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