Geral W. Sosbee: Death of possible fbi operative Dr. Manfred Lother Del Castillo, D.D.S.    
 Death of possible fbi operative Dr. Manfred Lother Del Castillo, D.D.S.
18 Dec 2007 @ 18:41, by Geral W. Sosbee

Headlines 12/17/07:

Dentist Killed in Morning Car Accident
BROWNSVILLE - A Brownsville dentist died in a morning car accident. ... Police say 47-year-old Manfred Del Castillo died after crashing into a tanker truck. ...

For more information on Castillo's contact with Sosbee see:
and for evidence of fbi attempted murder of Sosbee, a possible crime causing Castillo considerable consternation:

The central focus of this report (by Sosbee) is on the possibility that the fbi's apparent contacts with Castillo may have influenced him in some manner, especially as evidence submitted by Sosbee (to state agencies and the *federal government) may have been the cause for an investigation by unidentified parties; and further, such inquiries may have identified a source (known to Sosbee) who was and is in a position to substantiate some of Sosbee's allegations of fbi terrorist assaults as outlined in Additionally, prior to Castillo's apparent suicide he appears to have communicated with another dentist in Dallas, Texas, named Gutman who was almost certainly contacted by the fbi at the time Gutman was treating Sosbee. However, Sosbee notes that other than a slightly hostile attitude to Sosbee by Gutman (following the fbi slander), the dentist performed excellent dental work for Sosbee prior to his trip to Thailand..

The Brownsville Police Department needs to be careful to not falsely report the results of the alleged accident investigation. This possible suicide represents a kind of collateral damage typical of fbi/cia homicidal campaigns here in the home of the (not so) brave.

The above data represent the personal opinion and considered judgment of Geral W. Sosbee and are not intended as accusations against any person, except the fbi thugs, agents, operatives and assassins who are involved in the attempted forced suicide campaigns as set forth on this and other sites.
* Note the nervous twitching of the cia (as reflected in the State Department site meter entry below) as informed people begin to question the causes of the strange deaths of persons associated with Targets. , time:11:09:10 am , Dec.18, 2007

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For more on the corrupt and deadly State Department, see:


For more on this subject see my report at this site dated and entitled as follows:
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