Geral W. Sosbee: Continuing reports On fbi,PI,DPS Crimes    
 Continuing reports On fbi,PI,DPS Crimes
17 Dec 2014 @ 17:15, by Geral W. Sosbee

As I have previously documented, in April 2013 the fbi caused the US Postal Inspector (PI) and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to open a fraudulent investigation of me for crimes actually committed by the fbi. 1. The goal of the fbi was to find a way to arrest me on any charge, civil or criminal, in order to silence me from reporting many serious crimes by the fbi.

I learned from the two cops (See my affidavit 2014) and from others that the investigation was a major undertaking requiring their trips to other cities and interviews with multiple persons who had contact with me. The plan for the fbi was to feed data from fbi operatives who were and are today engaged in criminal assaults and battery, psychological operations, and other high tech crimes against me; the fbi wanted to document any reaction that I may have had to such intense and painful covert operations as I have outlined in my websites. All such unimaginable crimes are a planned part of a fbi program sometimes referred to as ‘non-consensual human research and experimentation’.

[ In other words, imagine if you will, that while torturing a rat in a cage the insane sadist records the reactions of the poor rat to the painful events in his life.]

In short, while the fbi operatives tortured me, they were hoping to record my responses to their egregious attacks in order to present such signs of suffering to the corrupt judge who authorized the crimes against my person. The police at HSC and their San Antonio bosses were standing by with orders to try to arrest me if I had defended myself against the several attacks by fbi operatives in the various libraries and on the streets. About the same time of the assaults on me by police/fbi operatives, the UT Police incredibly issued a fraudulent ‘BOLO’ (be on the lookout) against Geral Sosbee.2.

I finally concluded that all such cops and the judge who served the fbi when needed are involved in a widespread, hidden and illegal conspiracy to violate the fundamental human, civil, and constitutional rights of citizens, including yours truly. 3.

The PI and DPS actually came into my home with their ridiculous agenda which represented a complete subversion of law/authority and was also a transparent fraud. They also ignored my reports of dozens of felonies committed against my person by fbi operatives. Several such crimes are documented in the ‘Section 19’ series of “My Story In Detail.” Thus,the PI and DPS are clearly exceeding their authority, are knowingly engaging in multiple crimes ( including public corruption and falsification of documents) and are engaging in police state, Gestapo tactics right here in USA. Note that all in the congress and the courts do nothing to impede the criminals in the fbi, PI and DPS from carrying out their crimes (See my Writ and my contacts with congress).

The two corrupt or retarded cops also visited the University of Texas, HSC, campus at Harlingen, Texas, in order to talk with police and library staff about me. The police and staff at HSC are the same individuals who threatened, or harassed me every time I entered the library for several years. Indeed the HSC police coordinated with the fbi the crime of provocative assault and battery on my person by one Alonzo Yanez in a concerted (yet unsuccessful) effort to fabricate a way to arrest me on campus. When I described the conspiracy and other crimes to the PI, he admitted that my evidence against Yanez proves my allegation of such an assault. I also referenced my sworn affidavit 2007 and thereby put the PI and the DPS on notice of multiple ongoing crimes against me by the fbi and their operatives. Yet, the PI and DPS continues their charade of investigating me while ignoring the crimes against my person. The DPS in a low minded effort to profile me had the audacity and temerity to come into my home to insult me with his transparent and very stupid agenda. The PI and DPS then became in my mind de facto operatives for the assassins and torturers of the fbi. So, I tried to obtain a copy of the fictitious investigation under the Open Records laws. DPS says no record exists and PI says his bogus investigation is ongoing and not available.4.

1. Affidavit 2014 & 2007

2. Fraudulent Police BOLO:

3.Criminals in fbi forge a quasi cjs:


4.Open Records Request:

US Postal Inspector harassment:

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