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 Nazi Holocaust and Today's Extermination Similarities
picture6 Jul 2015 @ 02:11, by Geral W. Sosbee

Introduction :

UNITED STATES government is
wicked and nihilistic as exemplified in the evil & murderous plots and deeds of fbi,cia,dod, nsa, etc.


In the above referenced link the author presents a compelling and truthful report on the Nazi atrocities committed against the Jews.
I edit parts of the same study in order to demonstrate, from my personal experience and knowledge, that the fbi, cia , dod engage in similar crimes against a large section of the general population whom I refer to as Targets.

So, as I substitute in this report the letter T for the word Jew(s), I intend to include by inference all human beings globally regardless of race , religion, ethnicity, color creed and differences in genetic heritage. Here is my edited version of the above referenced report on dehumanizing Targets (T), wherein I also substitute the letters fbi, cia, dod for the word Nazis. I attempt to show that the crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis are similar to present day crimes against humanity committed by the fbi, cia, dod. My statements are in parentheses as are references to my articles and posts online. I extend my gratitude to the author of the above referenced article without which my present endeavor would be nearly impossible to write.

Dehumanization a psychological process

Dehumanization is defined as a psychological process whereby members of a group of people assert the inferiority of another group.Opponents view each other as less than human and thus not deserving of moral consideration, and are treated as less than humans through subtle or overt acts or statements. Experiencing dehumanization can often lead to feelings of intense hatred and alienation among conflicting parties. (See my reports wherein the fbi, after decades of torture and abuse of my person, state publicly that I am a murderer and a possible mass murderer ).

Eventually, this can result in moral exclusion and these people are typically viewed as inferior, evil, or criminal. (See my reports wherein the fbi/UT police issue a BOLO - 'be on lookout'- against me).

The victims of the Holocaust (and today's targeted community ) provide... excellent example(s) of individuals who suffered from the torment of this psychological process as, for a variety of reasons, the Nazi's (and fbi's)goal to deprive human qualities such as individuality, compassion and most importantly, identity through the process of dehumanization. In his attempt to bear witness to the horrors of the Nazis' attempt to exterminate the Jewish people, Primo Levi, a Jewish-Italian chemist, writer and Holocaust survivor provides his own personal testimony ( as do I and other Targets of modern day dehumanization provide our experiences at the hands of barbaric government officials in the USA and other countries).
(I, like Levi, seek to go) beyond retelling (a) story by expanding upon an apparent universal human condition implied in these reports that are in essence destructive of both our shared sense of humanity and of our species itself).

In attempt(s) to create an absolute Nazi hegemony and New Order in Europe (& a new world order forged by the USA) based on the concept of racial hygiene, Hitler (& fbi,cia,dod,nsa) and (their) devoted (supporters) began a deadly conquest around Europe (& the globe today)consisting of Hitler's ( & fbi, cia's) goal of seizing and conquering land for the (political realignment/seizures of natural assets) and mass murder and extermination of
( non conforming) people.

With the intention of dehumanizing the (Targets) and naming them as an inferior... (fbi, cia) propaganda successfully created widespread anti-(criminal campaign) which lay down the foundation to eliminate the rights and freedom of the (-selected Targets-falsely labeling many of them as dangerous criminals who threaten public safety ).

In the form of art work, posters, films and books, the Nazi's (and fbi, cia with regard to Targets)preached that the Jews (and the fbi's criminals)must be excluded from society, resulting in prevalent ridicule, violence, humiliation, persecution and an ultimate sense of dehumanization for the Jews (and the Targets), setting the stage for a mass genocide (imprisonment).(See my report on The Age of Madness). (Also see my post on "Committed to Healing' with reference to the incarceration of Targets in mental institutions as orchestrated by fbi,cia globally).

To dehumanize means to treat someone like an animal or to encourage him or her to behave like an animal, to take away all the good human qualities such as friendship, trust, and kindness

The Jews were also barely clothed, and their shoes were taken away from them. (Today, the fbi, cia strip their prisoners and other Targets of their clothes and rob them of fundamental human dignity).

In doing so, the Nazi's (and the torturers employed by fbi,cia, dod) treated the Jews (Targets) as animals in the true sense of dehumanization.

(Inhumane human experimentation is also used
by fbi,cia,dod). See my reports on attacks by directed energy weaponry-DEW-,chemicals and biological agents as I set forth on many pages of my reports.)

Some of these experiments (by the Nazis)included: sun lamp, internal irrigation, hot bath, warming by body heat and freezing/hypothermia. The internal irrigation system occurs when "the frozen victims would have water heated to a near blistering temperature forcefully irrigated into the stomach, bladder and intestines -Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine-.

(In today's human torture operations by fbi,cia,dod, the Targets are attacked by microwave/extremely low frequency sound waves and other high tech weapons to cause burning, failure of internal organs, brain entrainment, cancer and other serious symptoms designed to kill them, or to force them to seek a final exit.)

If the Jews (and today's Targets) were completely dehumanized, killing people who are less than human was justifiable to the Nazi's (& to the fbi,cia police, dod).

The Nazis (& the fbi, cia, police, dod) had to mask their atrocities, and conceal their agenda cleverly with the use of semantics. Through the use of dehumanization, they conditioned society to accept the Jews (Targets) as "the Plague" ....
"It is easier to kill a nothing than a somebody.

... although the prisoners of Auschwitz (and our fellow citizens)were degraded and demoralized, they were not able to be dehumanized for the choice to give up is a personal decision that cannot be made by another.

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