Geral W. Sosbee: A new world of horrors confront us N O W    
 A new world of horrors confront us N O W
picture13 Sep 2015 @ 20:42, by Geral W. Sosbee

A new world of conformity begins and is enforced by fbi using sleep deprivation, forced suicide and psychological operations. Main street media assists in the public policy that legalizes the atrocities ongoing N O W. Many who are presently subjected to the fbi torture program are fbi/cia whistleblowers. In all such cases the courts and the congress pretend that such crimes do not exist. In this way public policy is forged to have all in the population (except the victims) to accept and to thereby support the macabre program which consists in part of DEW (directed energy weaponry) assaults on earthlings.


In 1999 a person named Ms. Weiner with Towers Productions (TP) announced that she was working on an historical documentary concerning the fbi. As I was an fbi agent featured in the *fbi history book, I contacted Ms. Weiner (MS. W) to suggest that she include some of my data on the fbi in her study.

I specifically pointed out the 'gaslighting techniques' and assaultive surveillance used against me and others by the fbi (eg: entering my home and tampering with objects that would alert me that someone was watching me 24/7, etc.). Not only did Ms. Weiner ignore my report; she asked her boss to send me a **nasty little letter telling me to not contact Ms. Weiner anymore.


Regarding TP, here is a sample of their profile: "Tales from the F.B.I., The History Channel. Four one-hour documentaries which investigate the intriguing history of the F.B.I as it has evolved from a bumbling bureau into an ingenious machine of modern investigation."


At the time that I contacted Towers Productions I was (and am today) under severe attack by the fbi thugs whose crimes I have documented online for the past fifteen years. I assume that Ms. Weiner was frightened when she received my report of terrorist assaults on me by the fbi and for that reason she asked Vice President John Farrimond (JF) of TP to tell me to cease contact with TP.

My documentations reveal that the fbi, contrary to TP assertions that obscure the full truth about the fbi, is a modern day MAFIA and terrorist group of torturers and assassins. The fbi as I have documented is not a "machine of modern investigation"; rather the fbi is murderous violator of universal human and civil rights here in the United States and abroad.

For, example, I have shown how the fbi tortures their innocent subject (or political Target), and watches him in real time as he collapses and seeks a final exit. I have also shown how the fbi sends messages to the Target and tells him to "kill yourself". No wonder Ms. W and TP do not want to hear from me, because no one wants to publish the truth about the most deadly and cowardly groups of thugs in modern times: the federal 'burro' of investigation (fbi).

I would forgive TP, JF and Ms. W, if they would now publish the true history of the fbi that includes "My Story In Detail" which is online in my website. Today, I am a virtual prisoner of the fbi's hidden concentration camp which I describe in the first link above.

Thank you.

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