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 The Posada Adventure, II
picture3 Jan 2016 @ 23:40, by Geral W. Sosbee

January 4, 2016 ID# 598043

Ken Paxton
Attorney General of Texas (AG)
P.O. Box 12548
Austin, Texas 78711-2548

1) AG letter dated 12-22-15 to James Pashchall, Commander, Brownsville Police Department(BPD), 600 East Jackson Street, Brownsville, Texas 78520
2) Continued violation of the Texas Open Records Act by BPD and Detective Posada (Posada).
Enclosed is a copy of the three page Posada police report.
Dear Mr. AG,
I have documented with your office repeated and intentional violations of the OR laws by BPD and Posada in connection with the above referenced AG ID #598043. A brief time line is set forth here:
11-20-15: I met with Posada and BPD Internal Affairs officer Vasquez and requested a police incident report. I learned that no report was made even though Posada performed cleverly in a ‘put on’ charade that he would provide me with a report. I previously provided the AG with the details of the Posada charade.

The BPD and Posada officially indicated in writing that no police report exists on my (and my wife’s) visit with Posada on 11-20-15.
Almost a month later, Posada pretended to investigate the matter, but in reality he made no true effort to investigate; he asked me no questions; he never again contacted me after the 11-20-15 meeting in his office; he did not return my call; Officer Vasquez similarly pretended to be interested, but he also violated his word by not following up on a promised call to me; both of these high level police officials repeatedly lied to me.
Posada told me in the 11-20-15 meeting that he accepts as fact the false *medical report showing ‘paranoia’, that I should take the medication, that filing a false police report is a crime; and then he asked my wife a totally irrelevant question : “where did you meet your husband?” Who is Posada, I ask, to presume so much with so little authority to make such preposterous statements, aside from the threat evinced by his badge and gun?
Posada’s police report case number 1512-2240, dated 12-16-15 is delivered to me around December 24, 2015 and represents an admission that Posada never filed any kind of report, until his commander and the AG made inquiry; Posada contacted the repair staff where he made every effort to discredit my report of vandalism, even making reference to loose wirings on some Nissan models in efforts to suggest that no vandalism occurred on my Sentry (I learned that no wiring problem existed and that someone unplugged the headlight). Posada made no real investigation of the crime, but he focused instead on how he might cover up his original cover up of the offense that I tried to document.
Posada admits the possibility that someone entered my vehicle, opened the hood and disconnected the light (see last sentence, second paragraph of the Posada report). Yet, he never asked me about the details of crime which involved felony stalking and vandalism. His report is evidence of his own unprofessional activities toward me and my wife.

BPD supervisor approved the Posada report.
12-24-25, 2015 two BPD commanders called me to ask about my concerns. No one in the BPD provided me with any kind of explanation as to why Posada pursued an hostile agenda against me. For more data on the Posada adventure see my **report below. Also note, please, that I have been ***victimized by the fbi assassins & torturers and by police extensively for three decades.
For more information on fbi/police coordinated provocative assaults see the fraudulent BOLO issued by University of Texas cops who also sent a police- fbi operative (one Alonzo Yanez) to attack me in the bathroom on campus.
January 4, 2016
Today the BPD and Posada continue to withhold the invoice from Charlie Clark Nissan showing the repair of my vehicle. The invoice consists of two pages and may have notes from Posada, a file stamp, or other data which I have a right to see. Thus the BPD and Posada continue to lie as they tell the AG Education and Enforcement Office that they have complied with the OR law.
I believe that Posada is a dangerous man whose intelligence level should not qualify him to serve as one who ‘serves and protects’ the public. His apparent use of the fraudulent doctor report and his focus on data here
Reflect his obsession to help the fbi silence me; he and his fbi friends fail.
*False medical report:

**Posada report and a comment:
*** Fbi corrupts all of our society:
I certify that I deliver via US mail this date a copy of this letter (without enclosure because the BPD has the enclosure) to Commander Paschall (or Paschal) at the address shown above in the reference section.

Geral Sosbee
Attorney, State Bar # 18855625
P.O. Box 1548
Brownsville, Texas 78522

Enc: 3


Posada report in PDF is also here:


On January 4, 2016, the top commander of the BPD, James Paschal, called me to advise that he has reviewed the evidence on the crimes of vandalism and felony stalking that I tried to document with Detective Adrian Posada and that Commander Paschal finds that the probability is that I am correct, that someone entered my Nissan Sentra, opened the hood and unplugged the right front headlight.
I requested a new or supplemental report which corrects the false entries made by Detective Posada in this case.

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