Geral W. Sosbee: This is the USA that I defended !    
 This is the USA that I defended !
picture8 Jun 2016 @ 12:11, by Geral W. Sosbee

See my reflections on the USA allowing the fbi thugs to launch cowardly and provocative assaults in efforts to provide a fbi operative/sociopathic federal magistrate an opportunity to fraudulently arrest me.

USA is overthrown by * Intel community who trash all services of veterans, even as the fbi tortures, attempts to kill, and sends cowardly thugs to provoke the vet.


USPI threatens and harasses me for decades:



The names of fbi agents and their street thugs who cowardly and repeatedly assault me are mainly not known, except the thug Alonzo Yanez who pled 'no contest' in court to my charges of assault and battery. Another fbi operative thug is Eusebio Contreras who fled the scene when I called the police on his activities. They know the identities of the fbi/police hoodlums who sent them to try to provoke a fight. The fbi operative federal magistrate judge is standing by ready to order my arrest, if I defend myself against these ongoing assaults (the latest being today at the US Post Office, Brownsville Texas).

The USPI Knipfing threatened me and my wife in my home in my face as he pretended to investigate an alleged crime where my name was planted. Knipfing also impliedly threatened me for writing a report on the US Army's role in attacking this combat vet.

So, all of the cops and street thugs/assassins in their employ continue to stalk and harass me in order for the sociopathic federal magistrate judge to issue his corrupt little arrest warrant for the fbi.

Knipfing, Rodriguez, Posada, Bleier, Wilson, are a few police names which history now records as cowards in trying their hardest to help the fbi unlawfully imprison me on any charge, civil or criminal, that they might concoct.

Finally, when I served the Army and the fbi, no cowardice was shown ever; but now back home in USA the fbi and their cowardly co- conspirators/cops send little thugs at my back to harass me and my wife frequently and with complicity of the insane judge. This is the USA that brave young men are fighting and dying for.


Fbi thug/operative lies to police:

In a response to my recent complaint against a fbi hoodlum/operative who stalks and provocatively assaults me
(in many locations and for many months)
the psychopath denies my allegations during his police interview, and he tells police that, "this is a free country".


Secret text in Senate bill would give FBI warrantless access to email records

by @JennaMC_Laugh

3) McAllen, Texas police confirm my report of a thug/provocateur (presumably fbi operative) stalking and harassing me and my wife in the mall. From Police case #16-42167 the police officer wrote in the report as follows: "I did see the security footage. It did appear as if the male was following Geral and his wife around inside the mall."

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