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picture19 Jun 2016 @ 20:21, by Geral W. Sosbee

June 16, 2016

Below are some of my temporary residences where the fbi forced me to move frequently; other residences are not available and I for a time also lived in my car at Walmart stores.

Following each address, I provide comments about the actual events caused by the fbi forcing me to move. All dates below are approximate.

2304 Shidler, Apt #17, Brownsville, Texas 78520
May 2003- April, 2007

Gang members and drug dealers assaulted, harassed and threatened me and my wife repeatedly. Fbi operative moived into the adjoining unit and forced toxic fumes in to my residence causing me to suffer acute bronchitis and medical attention. I moved into my fianceeā€™s home in Mexico to escape the life threatening fumes. Brownsville police refused to investigate my reports of assault by vehicle and burglary of my residence. Fbi watched all such crimes during the fbi surveillance of me 24/7/365.

417 W. 17th Street, Apt. #3, Brownsville, Texas 78520
Dates not available. Toxic fumes forced me out

430 N. 3rd Street, Apt. A, Harlingen, Texas 78550
August 2007-Oct. 2007
Fumes forced me out

902 South Loop 499, Apt. #R5, Harlingen, Texas 78550
Oct.2007-May 2008
Fumes forced me out

2828 East Grimes, Apt # 152, Skyline Apts, Harlingen, Texas
Fumes forced me out

1901 A Pease Street, Harlingen, Texas 78552
March 1, 2009- May31, 2009
Fumes forced me out

2115 East Vinson, Apt # 1107, Harlingen, Texas 78550
July, 2009- March, 2010
Fumes forced me out

701 Sonesta Drive, Apt.# 1, Harlingen, Texas
March 2010- March 2011
Fumes forced me out

5610 Ben Hogan Circle, Palm Valley Texas 78552
April, 2011- Dec, 2012
Constant harassment from neighbors, vandalism of my car & fumes forced me out.

3413 A N. Arroyo Park Lane (a duplex), owned by Louis Powell

Constant provocative assaults by female neighbor including placing dead animals in my patio, tarantula spiders in my front and back doors, chemicals on my plants, trespassing, sly efforts to engage me in some type of verbal/physical reaction. The perpetrator was clearly an fbi operative and had ties to the police community.
Later a different operative forced me out by fumes.

2923 Madrid Street, Brownsville, Texas 78522
Jan. 1, 2015- June 15, 2016
Realtor Henry Rivas

Constant harassment by neighbors; vandalism of my home by neighborhood children as documented by my police report investigated by Detective Adrian Posada; obscene drawing on my driveway as documented by police report.
Mr. Rivas gave me notice to vacate
property per owner.

Presently, I live in McAllen, Texas, where a new issue confronts concerning which the source is not yet known.

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