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 Jupiter probe6 comments
category picture5 Jul 2016 @ 02:14
We interrupt this thread for an urgent announcement....com.translate following in all languages and frequencies.....hailing 5th planet in sol ( Apollo) system....I'd Jupiter...hello juipter....this is earth hailing .....do you read?..... We request permission to enter earth probe Juno into your planets. atmosphere....on Mark ...4 July 2016 8:07 pm mdt ....permission granted? Do not destroy probe in next minute = permission granted......permission granted ...thank you...we come in friendship....I'd NASA...over and out.  More >

 Ecoglobalization 9 comments
category picture2 Jul 2016 @ 08:41
The threat now is not residual nationalism remains but the threat to globalization is globalization itself, for we humanity are in uncharted politics and we pose a danger to our planet host. We must learn thus to live within the means of our natural capital, our biocapacity. We most forge a new ecoconsitution with the earth. Learn and invent the ways and meanings of ecoglobalization or biocentrism or bioregionalism more proper, letting the regional biomes dictate and govern our being and living. Who and how..????.if not us then who..? If not this than what? If not now then when?  More >

 Now18 comments
category picture2 Jul 2016 @ 07:44
Now. A backlash against "globalization"??? Can we turn back time? and It's gears? The internet being the "hard" manifestation of globalization and the www the soft. All roads lead to the net and big data. The net was built in a day in compare to Rome.... though Nationism struggles to find a paying biz model of such. "But so large a tide is moving now...." Alfred Lord Tennyson 1750? UK  More >

 Climate and air pressure40 comments
category picture2 Apr 2016 @ 18:22
well just had the insight that the increase in global temp equates to an expansion of atmospheric air ...which would have an effect both positive or negative on global air pressures and may explain the unprecedented problems occurring with the jet stream. Not sure what the consequences of imbalanced air pressure gradients would be.  More >

category picture23 Mar 2016 @ 20:46
23 mar 2016
To: Prof Baccini
From: D. Camelot
Re: Designing The Anthroposphere.

Hello again, Prof...Baccini
I was just going over your book again, on the subject of designing the anthroposphere
and a flood of thoughts came in response to your words.
I suppose the most significant was perhaps the realization that the city is just another kind of biome (biological community) and so what we have is not so much an anthroposphere on Earth but a biomosaicsphere.

Define? Well I see a BIOMOSAICSPHERE as or is or would be a huge mosaic of biomes on the sphere of the Earth.

Going to your reference to and of Urban Ecology or Garden Cities, I would put forth that
"cities" are different kinds of biomes with "hyper inputs and outputs"... ie people, planes, trucks, cars, trains, resources, wastes, goods and services, info. energy etc..
As well cities seem to govern upon a "moral mathematics" basis rather than a health or quality perspective and oft neglect the "needs of the Earth." As well its is not just to "maintain life" but to "Regenerate or Enhance it" as well or as Noah reference says "to replenish the Earth." ( Genesis, holy bible k james 1611 England)
In terms of metabolism or cognition, I envision a Biomosaicsphere would use rather "bioinformatics", "bio-metrics" and "bio-regionalism governance" as it parameters.

Well I suppose that is enough or to much to digest but i just wanted to share the fruits of your muse.

Thanks for your time and interest.
David Camelot,

@ , Saskatchewan River Basin, Parkland Biome, Alberta Province, Canada Nation, North America Continent, Planet Earth  More >

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An introduction to the science and art of perception management.

The phrase "perception management" is filtering into common use as a synonym for "persuasion." Public relations firms now offer "perception management" as one of their services. Similarly, public officials who are being accused of shading the truth are now frequently charged with engaging in "perception management" when disseminating information to media or to the general public.

Although perception management operations are typically carried out within the international arena between governments, and between governments and citizens, use of perception management techniques have become part of mainstream information management systems in many ways that do not concern military campaigns or government relations with citizenry. Businesses may even contract with other businesses to conduct perception management for them, or they may conduct it in-house with their public relations staff.

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  • Perception management is a term originated by the U. S. military. The U. S. Department of Defense (DOD) gives this definition:

    Actions to convey and/or deny selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning as well as to intelligence systems and leaders at all levels to influence official estimates, ultimately resulting in foreign behaviors and official actions favorable to the originator's objectives. In various ways, perception management combines truth projection, operations security, cover and deception, and psychological operations.