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 Continued Insanity?7 comments
category picture18 Dec 2015 @ 01:53
in regards to continued insanity.
Well no citizen or nation of earth has the right to harm the earth or climate on the basis of other prior citizens or nations inadvertent harming the earth, as prior absence of knowledge of harm does not justify future or continued harm.
Prior ignorance or unknowns are no excuse for future ignorance or "now knowns".  More >

category picture12 Dec 2015 @ 21:20

well with all due respect...limits and rules and laws etc such tend to go against the natural desire of living things for "freedom". thus to accommodate such in consideration of the climate crisis....the idea or concept of CARBON BUDGETS might mitigate the concerns. For instance if a nation or state or city or citizen was allotted a sum of Carbon tokens or points that they were allowed to spent freely but only to that limit but they could spend as they pleased in any legal way.... then this would accommodate the climate laws but appeal to the spirit of freedom..and individuality... i suppose though it would be a complex thing but in order to address all the variables and considerations of 7 billion humans can it really be any other way. so

and thus the total sum of the global tokens and credits would have to be kept within the carbon capacity and biocapacity of the earth


 1974 Jr Forest Ranger Story Part 15 comments
category picture13 May 2015 @ 17:01

1974: Well I guess I had sort of this romantic notion of the noble forest ranger, maybe from the CBC TV show, about this steward or guardian of the wild, so before High School ended, in 1974 in Edmonton, I applied and was accepted by the Alta Ranger program, to go to one of the many Jr. Forest Ranger locations in the Alta Province at the time. I thought, oh that was easy but I suppose the program was quite competitive but two or three months in the bush, serving Smoky The Bear, and getting paid a small allowance, seemed like an adventure that a young man at 18, could not pass up. So I remember wondering, High Level? Where in heck is High Level? And I just found out that it was somewhere way up North in Alta., almost in the North West Territories, way north of my home in Edmonton.
So I remember my dad putting me and my guitar, on the greyhound bus and then the long 8 or 10 hour? journey. The trip was uneventful cept in those days I think, you could smoke on the bus and I had my pipe and Heather Honey Pipe tobacco and stoically smoked away feeling quite worldly.
Well I got up to the High Level bus station but recall that it was day and not sure if we had driven through the night or what, but somehow managed to hook up with the head ranger, 'Bob S.', and we and the others that had arrived, got in the back of the big 5 ton ? with tarp canopy and headed off about 45 minutes South? On a dirt road to our first camp, which I think was this kind of cook house camp. The truck cab was where Bob also the driver and head ranger and then our cook, Oliver, would ride and the 10 or 12 of us junior rangers rode in the back and hauled this cook trailer along, where jolly fellow and camp cook,“Oliver” (“Morning, Morning, Beautiful Morning” he would always say.) would sleep in and be cooking us our meals.
First order of biz upon arrival at the wood cook house was unloading the gear and setting up the trailer and tents although they weren't exactly normal tents but more the sort of orange tarps, that we had to cut down popular poles for and fasten the tarp to the poles with ropes. It was a bit tricky to eyeball and get the ratios and distances right and at the beginning they looked kind of dubious but by the end of the summer, we had mastered the tarp tent setup art and were kind of competitive between each other, who could do the best job at it.
I guess, we also had to dig a latrine and it was a job to figure out a way to go, so that you didn't mess yourself up to much, which we managed to do eventually and ended up with quite a nice commode, though with somewhat of an open to the crowds and elements view. Oh well thats why they call it roughing it I guess. As well we had to find water to fill up the drinking and washing barrels.
After that first day, I started to feel less worldly and was bit down or maybe homesick or more so frightened I suppose, of what life held for me and us, and it seemed as I wandered away, for some solitude, on a hill top in no mans land and watched the sun go down, with the whining and dust of a distant truck crossing a bridge in the valley below, I was sad and remember feeling so unsure of what to do with my life but anyway after a long meditation, I swallowed my doubts and fears, somewhat, and carried on with the immediate job at hand.
I probably was a rather extreme passiveist as any, at the time, reluctant even to kill the 100s of huge mosquitoes that would devour any open skin up there, so I recall buying this head mesh or net next time we hit town instead of constantly applying copious amounts of bug repellant.
Well not even really settled in yet, we had our briefings the next day, and started right in on our first task of building this pole fence or enclosure around this wood cook house there and it was rather novel to cut down and build a fence from scratch. The days were long, the work hard and tedious, but Oliver was an excellent cook with good quality food to work with and plenty of it, so it was good, though we had to take turns doing the dishes.
I had a bit of a scare right away, when I was chopping something and the axe deflected and landed square on my right steel toe boot. Ah so thats why the added expense. Excellent prep. We also wore these hardhats while working. Blue?
Well during our off times , I would do bead work with beads and embroidery thread I had bought in town and try to fancy up my funky yellow hill billy hat, I had bought at Woolco in Edmonton for the summer job. I continued to smoke my pipe, though they didn't have my brand and I guess I inadvertently converted and corrupted others by my bad example, who were in want to do something with their boredom, to the nasty habit or addiction. We learned to do our own laundry for the first time, laundry what a concept, mind you only once every two weeks, as that was how often we went to town, though occasionally, we'd wash our socks and underwear in a stream. I think we all must have smelled a bit rank and smoky, as we would only get to shower when we went to town and got no baths.
There were some mischiefs in the gang that would occasionally throw a bug spray can into the fire and it would explode, which would have Bob come racing out of his tent to see what was what and scold the appropriate parties, and the keeners and cool guys, that would hang together and play cards with Oliver in his trailer to the wee hours.  More >

 My Mad Dog Story5 comments
category picture12 May 2015 @ 00:47

Well we were camping at Pine Lake, near Red Deer AB, I think it was, and things were going okay, I'm not sure if it was the same trip as when my Dad saved my Mom from drowning, as she tried to swim back to shore from the floating raft but it was quite dark at night and I don't know where or why I was returning back to the tent from in the dark but as I was passing through the dense bush on the trail, I pass this one tree and this mongrel medium sized black, white and brown dog jumps out of the dark bush and tries to bite me. Well before he reaches me I guess instinct or reflex kicks in faster than I can normally think or move and my right arm gives him a right hook to the nose and he falls to the ground and goes sulking off.

I had seen him previously wandering aimlessly and homeless and ownerlessly around the camp sites. Not sure if he was hungry or what but he seemed to be acting rather queerly for a pet. And then I guess a couple days later, he jumps out at me like that. I wonder if he attacked any other children? So any way he does that and sulks off, so I make it back to the tent and tell my parents what happened and they see I guess that I'm okay and think maybe i'm just making it up and seem to dismiss it but I guess getting attacked by a fair sized dog when you're only 12 or so is a bit traumatic but punching it on the nose by reflex seems to be the right course of action.

Well I think we were there a couple more days and I was walking on the beach and came across his dead body on the shore far down the beach and he had all this foam around his mouth, which I don't recall if I knew or not that it probably was rabies from a wild animal bite to him or ? I guess though I was glad anyway that he didn't sink his teeth in me but kinda sad that he was dead.  More >

 happy earth day3 comments
category picture22 Apr 2015 @ 18:01
hi happy earth day, well i guess im an oldie as i thought "going to the country" by bruce cockburn back in the 70s was a great joyful earth tune...but anyway heres my tune to celebrate earth day.... the song that changed the world https://youtu.be/Y2GjEA3Ehp0 enjoy .... hug some dirt ...smiles.... well theres therapy in the soil..... the earth energies are rising...  More >

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An introduction to the science and art of perception management.

The phrase "perception management" is filtering into common use as a synonym for "persuasion." Public relations firms now offer "perception management" as one of their services. Similarly, public officials who are being accused of shading the truth are now frequently charged with engaging in "perception management" when disseminating information to media or to the general public.

Although perception management operations are typically carried out within the international arena between governments, and between governments and citizens, use of perception management techniques have become part of mainstream information management systems in many ways that do not concern military campaigns or government relations with citizenry. Businesses may even contract with other businesses to conduct perception management for them, or they may conduct it in-house with their public relations staff.

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  • Perception management is a term originated by the U. S. military. The U. S. Department of Defense (DOD) gives this definition:

    Actions to convey and/or deny selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning as well as to intelligence systems and leaders at all levels to influence official estimates, ultimately resulting in foreign behaviors and official actions favorable to the originator's objectives. In various ways, perception management combines truth projection, operations security, cover and deception, and psychological operations.