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 Extreme Ironing7 comments
picture Sunday, May 30th 2004
Only in England...uh, well now around the world. We can't wait to post our first extreme ironing experience from Johsua Tree National Monument(right in our back yard). Check out the newest extreme sport at [link]. So multi-faceted, so appealing, so...extrememe.  Read More

 Chuckwalla Fest is on!2 comments
picture Thursday, April 8th 2004
Coming May 1st and 2nd is the first annual Chuckwalla Fest -- As part of the High Desert Living Arts (a 501c3 public benefit), we're up to our necks in many different aspects of this festival. It's amazing how it's coming together -- feeling very "done/danced" again as is just about everyone else involved -- Magic. Check it out at [link]  Read More

 My dog, Goldie, wants to know ...11 comments
Friday, February 20th 2004
Why do people always have to do things "on purpose"?  Read More

 Mask for Baby 44 comments
picture Friday, February 20th 2004
When I started to get into my art I was surprised by two things. First, that I didn't know what anything I made meant until it was done. I just get a picture of something that wants to come out, then towards the end of making it, it has relevance -- usually on several levels (I guess metaphor works that way!).

The second thing that surprised me was how dark my work is and that I like that its dark (I'm a pretty positive and optimistic person, really)...

Take "Mask for Baby." I just started playing with the clay one day, while I was talking with someone. I didn't set out on some massive mask-making project. Picked a convenient size, then realized that I wanted it to be functional. Okay, it's a mask for a baby then. It hit me like a ton of bricks! "What does that mean? Why is that concept tweeking me out? Why would a baby need a mask? They're pure and perfect and innocent. Well, so are we. But it's perfectly acceptable for us to wear masks ..." Mask for Baby. How does it make you feel?

My friend Lillith from Hollywood who really wants to be pregnant totally got it. "You may as well put the mask on it sooner than later, the way this world is," she said. "It's doing to end up with one anyway!" She was actually upset by my art. That was very gratifying. (Another surprise.) --Amara  Read More

 Hold it Together2 comments
picture Saturday, February 14th 2004
The parts and pieces of this were created spontaneously about two years ago and finally assembled, in its own time, a couple of months ago. It sits in our co-op gallery, High Desert Living Arts [link]a few doors down from our pottery.

I suppose the title says it all -- "Hold it Together." I keep feeling it's not a coincidence it's a woman. Perhaps just projection, but I think there's something more. There's something about the wobble. There's a hope, I think, that with help, even with the wobble, the bowl will be able to hold itself up at some point.  Read More

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The clay is doing us and we like it that way. The effect happens to be a manifestation of form -- pots and pieces that belong to people -- some we know, some we don't, yet. Our job is to get the pots to the people to whom they belong.

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