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 Fly Again3 comments
pictureSaturday, July 10th 2004
Fly Again

Will we, with joy and pain of soul,
find a soft heart's repose?
Are the arrows of adversity and treachery always to seek us in our dark safe places?
Enticed forth we grasp a kindly hand,
which then turns to skeletal dripping horror before our eyes.
A horror of our own making, an inner vision of deception.  More >

 At Eventide4 comments
pictureThursday, July 8th 2004
At Eventide

It was eventide and I sat watching the sky
I could see the trees waving in the breeze
Three ducks flew over, going west
I was thinking, if I could do as I please
I would seek the when, where and why
Bringing my soul to life’s test  More >

 So Little Time1 comment
pictureTuesday, July 6th 2004
So Little Time

Would there be gentle words like joyous fountains
Words that roll soft and cool
Down shaggy mountains
Into waiting soft caves  More >

 Beyond3 comments
pictureSaturday, July 3rd 2004
pic by my son Ben age 7 at the time


They flew beyond the stardust rings
With trailing bits of sparkling dust
Swinging by where the quasar sings
Riding on the space wind’s gust  More >

 My Personal Monster7 comments
picture Wednesday, June 30th 2004
My Personal Monster

Sometimes a person can have an experience that really defies the things you’ve been taught all your life. Human beings are very prone to self-deception, and I am not immune from this malady. I have not recently been able to do much meditation or reflection lately. My life seems to have taken a hectic turn recently. I do, however, try to remember the lessons I have been taught.  More >

 The Waiting Sky0 comments
pictureTuesday, June 29th 2004
The Waiting Sky

Whither hence does the wand'ring hearts seek freedom's gentle rest?
Does it not rest in the softly blowing breezes?
Surely the taste of sea air brings the slumbers of calm courage.  More >

 The Dreamtime2 comments
picture Saturday, June 26th 2004
The Dreamtime

Be my lover midst the dreamtime,
Let not go my silver cord.
Bind me to thy loving heart,
That winds not thrust me away.  More >

 Dark Jungles1 comment
picture Friday, June 25th 2004
Dark Jungles

I want to know you
my love

I want to know your dark jungles: dangerous, beautiful, and predatory  More >

 Turn Your Face5 comments
pictureThursday, June 24th 2004
Turn Your Face

Relinquish that hard won battle
Rest from that terror of insecurity
Turn your face to that source of light and beauty
Hide not in the shadows as you have before  More >

 Just a silly LOVE SONG1 comment
pictureWednesday, June 23rd 2004
a mindless moment of

A Love Song

I am a-sea, a-sea.
Adrift and a-lee  More >

 Vagabond’s Purse1 comment
pictureTuesday, June 22nd 2004
Vagabond’s Purse

There is nothing left than a vagabond’s purse
Filled with trinkets from many lands
Each at one time treasured
Now just tinkling icons of no value  More >

 Ticonderoga! (warning.. long poem! )2 comments
pictureFriday, June 18th 2004
This is based on a true story.


Summer lay still on Cruachan hill in 1755,
The Laird of Inverawe, the Campbell came,
Tae walk ‘mongst the fleur and green.
Sweetness in the air hung heavy about,
Nature sang to all the life untame.
Upon the hill was a fleeing figure seen,
Falling upon Inverawe with a ragged shout.
“Sanctuary Laird or I’ll not stay alive!”  More >

 In Her Green Depths1 comment
pictureWednesday, June 16th 2004
In Her Green Depths

The waltz of kelp to shore reels like a beckoning dance.
“Come to me and ride my rushing tides and my windblown waves”,
I could almost hear her whisper.  More >

 Detours0 comments
pictureTuesday, June 15th 2004

Illumination; that light within
Eluded my flailing reach
Seeking in word and thought
Left me wanting the quick way
I found detours to empty rooms
Now I sought a different path  More >

 Blame it on the Moon2 comments
pictureSunday, June 13th 2004
In keeping with my recent theme of planetary wonders...I also have decided to alternate my older stuff with a new poem.. thus getting back into the flow again. I hope some will enjoy my meanderings.

Blame it on the Moon

Can I blame it on the moon?
It sits in it's net of stars and winks at me.
That sly grin mocks my restless mind, chases my shadow.  More >

 That Peace1 comment
pictureSaturday, June 12th 2004
That Peace

I could sit in a room quietly
Listening to the sighing of breezes passing by the window
Peace spilling over me like melted ice cream
Cool and soft and flowingly clinging to my skin  More >

 Gem Dreamer3 comments
pictureThursday, June 10th 2004
Gem Dreamer

A quiet glen rested near an oak tree.
By a meandering stream: wild and free.  More >

 Venus, Lady3 comments
pictureWednesday, June 9th 2004
Venus, Lady

Venus, lady of enchanting guile
Travel o’er the stars awhile
Dance in my heart whilst I sleep
Bring me back to slumbers deep
Take my soul to mysteries womb
Raise my lives from forgotten tomb
Let us stroll ‘long woodland trail
Part the mists and lift the veil
Reveal my truth for all to see
To rest my heart, set it free

© June 9, 2004 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 Blue Moon Lady0 comments
pictureTuesday, June 8th 2004
Blue Moon Lady

She walks across my spirit
and leaves a trail of echoes calling
"Follow me… follow me"
And in my dark stumbling illusions
Her aura glows amongst the stars
And I am mesmerized
And entranced  More >

 Caretakers of the Light1 comment
pictureMonday, June 7th 2004
Caretakers of the Light

Would my soul be wand’ring still,
Seeking warmth my soul to fill?
Alone amongst the darkened vine,
Feeling chills along the spine.
In the garden a glowing spout,
Seeing hands joined all about.
Fountain of fire to warm us all,
As one by one we heed the call.  More >

 To the Green-ness1 comment
Monday, June 7th 2004
To the Green-ness

There you are
In the midst my silent dark seclusion
As you wend about my walls
Safe and strong  More >

 Emerald Dragon4 comments
pictureSunday, June 6th 2004
Emerald Dragon

Emerald dragon, fierce and gleaming,
Soaring, seeking, snorting, screaming.
Claws outstretched to snatch the foe,
Diving, spinning: vertigo.  More >

 Above the Ether Light3 comments
pictureSunday, June 6th 2004
Above the Ether Light

I journeyed far to an ocean shore
To see the sun on the other side
I came to see what I hungered for
As much as to take distant ride  More >

 Dandelion Dancing1 comment
pictureSaturday, June 5th 2004
Dandelion Dancing

I see you out there Dandelion dancing.
Gold petals flinging skyward and squeals of joy,
Punctuating a cavorting puppy's bark.
Fluff balls float to sky's brightened embrace.
And I see you there, full of sweetened grace.
It's been too long since I danced like that.
Are there any left for me?

© March 31, 2000 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 Gossamer Wings2 comments
pictureWednesday, June 2nd 2004
The light of dawning morning
and the rage of summer rains
were seen in her doe-like eyes.
His smile made her gossamer wings flutter
and her heart almost sigh.
He drifted off to sleep in her cradling arms
and dreamt of another world.  More >

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