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 When do you believe in yourself?3 comments
picture Monday, April 26th 2004
When do you believe in yourself? In my reiki group I have a dear friend, an older gentleman who has experienced many spiritual things. We had been discussing the Cherokee. Now, many debate the origins of this group. He had some dreams regarding this and was curious.  More >

 Can You Blame Me?2 comments
pictureSaturday, April 24th 2004
Can You Blame Me?

Oh dear Lord…  More >

 It could Happen to YOU!6 comments
picture Thursday, April 22nd 2004
It could Happen to YOU!

I know what you are thinking….I imagined this all. Right? I admit it seems a bizarre thing. I was returning from Los Angeles late April 2000, and found myself sitting around 2 AM at the Sacramento Airport Terminal. I was waiting for one of those cute little blue vans to take me home. I was waiting at the front where the vans picked you up. The night was still dark and the view to the parking lot and attending streets was in good view. There were not many cars around at that time of day. I had some fellow weary travelers for a while, but their ride arrived and spirited them off. Funny thing I should say spirited…isn’t it?  More >

 Lost in the Sand0 comments
pictureThursday, April 22nd 2004
Lost in the Sand

Where is time in this frozen moment?
In what sphere is it swinging in rhythm?
See the undulating grinding of innumerable pebbles
As the ocean’s castles desolve to tiny grains along the beach.
Then above, the kestrel is suspended and time stops.
Clouds move past, wind swirls and the mist crashes the shore
And time once more moves along the path.
The light ascends and withdraws in recurring frames
Then it falters and flickers to hold still.
Lovers vagabond by rock and limpet.
Becoming a timeless phantom of countless lovers,
Walking nameless shores in pointless directions.
The sun shines at the fleeting memory
And then becomes lost in the sand.

© March 19,2002 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 Rose Midst Seaweed Tide0 comments
pictureTuesday, April 20th 2004
Rose Midst Seaweed Tide

A rose midst seaweed tide
Beckoned the tears of lost hellos,
Dripped the cries of ocean farewells,
As it rolled with the fanning water.
It lay forlorn and heavy with lost meanings.
The graying sky
and cooling wind
fluttered the bruised petals.
Shocking in its brilliance
against the drying kelp,
it broke through the soft wanderings
of a walkerby.
Pondering and suddenly sad,
they looked up at the endless water,
Seeking the horizon for something lost.

There in the shifting glowing light
Birds soared in and out of dark scarves of gray,
Entreating the fingers of mist,
Pulling the heart into the sky.
Feeling not the frozen seeping water,
Transfixed eyes worship the rising Phoenix.
Burning the image forever
Never lost

The roses in their constant turnings
Were caught in the surf
Rolling once again to decorate
The green foaming tide
Almost gaily they twisted in the water
“Farewell, farewell”.

July 11 2001
© December 17,2001 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 The Mists of Avalon5 comments
pictureTuesday, April 20th 2004
The Mists of Avalon

In the mists of lost Avalon
By the lonely forgotten waters
Memories have e’er slipped
From a past too oft forgotten

Hidden from death battle roar
Fly safely to harbor mist
Slide into black waters flow
Raised hand and wooden oar

Magic runes and incantation
Leads the fading hero’s heart
Left hiding in darkness' gloom
An enchanted island’s resurrection

In the mists of green Avalon
Excalibur rises not again
Now lost is the Isle so fair
Forever from our sight is gone

Seek you penance to nobler kings?
He will elude your desperate gaze.
For he dwells inside your soul
And needs only love to give him wings

Marissa A Spencer
© March 20, 2003  More >

  An Awakening4 comments
picture Saturday, April 17th 2004
Indian Grinding Rock

It was in the late summer of last year(2002) when we took our family to see Indian Grinding Rock in the foothills of Northern California.  More >

 Eye's UnHoly Altar4 comments
picture Friday, April 16th 2004
Eye's UnHoly Altar

What memories have you disturbed from their slumber,
My gentle, wild courtier?
Will you in rescue find the hiding places that elude you?
The fleeting glimpses of touches, breaths and sighs,
Turning into heat rushed faces and pounding hearts.
Distractions of the empty ordinary days,
To startle the spirit into knowing so much more
I am blind before to its sirens entreaty.
In the quiet imaginings entwined arms are filled with you and my breathing
Whisperings haunting the ticking clocks silence.
The world contracts the eternal rushes into hushed prisms
The light turns, spins, retreats into thousands of glittering facets
And there, in my eye's holy altar you smile and beguile,
In trembling impatience I turn away, afraid.
Contained and solitary is my hurried life,
My spirit in its secret place awaits a light that fills the darkness.
Hoarded ancient keys have unlocked unwilling doorways
And entered, bringing my barren soul awakenings.

Once within the sirocco cyclones across acrid lies
Drying deception's folly to hot dust
Arid whispers in rough yearnings scrape the crumbling wall
Stone tumbling in desiccated pebbles
Until you in drenching waters rush across the wasteland
Filling lost edges, corners and depths
Bringing lush beginnings with succulent fruits
Soaking beneath and above and inside and around.
Dripping until all is saturated, joined, filled.

©January 7,2002 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 More Than I Remember10 comments
picture Friday, April 9th 2004
More Than I Remember

By Marissa A Spencer

There before me was the Crystal City
All flashes, turns and shimmering flame
I joined the robed celebrants along the path
Communing with the fires of heaven’s wisdom

A tangible peace walked beside me
Taking my hand into the wellspring of love
A sweet sound rose from the sparkling air
Sacred choral chimes turning into light

I came upon a garden of prisms and fountains
Crystal floral harmonies tinkled softly
Watching the light play upon the water
I sat. Within me a growing sense of belonging

Was this my home, long since forgotten?
The spiraling towers rose above me.
I could not recall, yet part of me feels
That I know more than I remember

© April 9, 2004 By Marissa A Spencer  More >

 A Favorite for Rascal, story 23 comments
picture Wednesday, April 7th 2004
A Favorite for Rascal
By Marissa A Spencer

Rascal found himself licking his paws and wiping his face. His orange and white fur was silky smooth. Sure he was an enlightened being, but cleanliness you know, cats do pride themselves on that. The ship was very organic. The walls are semi-soft with moving flashing lights within. The colors range from soft orange to bright violet, with all the other colors in between There are even colors that were not on Earth. It is hard to tell where machinery ended and the living host began.  More >

 Watercolor I did3 comments
pictureMonday, April 5th 2004
It is a picture of a South American woman sitting before a waterfall in the jungle. I got the idea from National Geographic.. hope they don't mind.  More >

 Rascal Goes for a Ride?4 comments
picture Saturday, April 3rd 2004
Rascal Goes for a Ride?

© April 3, 2004 By Marissa A Spencer

The cool evening air seemed like any other evening. The food was left for the cats and all our cats had come to eat, except one. My daughter and I were about to retire for the night. Every evening our large orange and white shorthair cat would come to the door and request entrance. Without fail, here he would be at the appointed hour. The appointed time came and went. My daughter comes to me concerned.

“Where is Rascal? Is he in the garage or something?”

“I don’t know. Have you looked for him?” I started to walk around the house.

We walked into the back yard and it was obviously deserted. We were calling his name the entire time we searched. We even walked down the street looking for him. An entire hour lapsed and no Rascal. Now, he is our favorite cat. He is a huge animal who loves lasagna and drinking out of your glass. I have always loved his greenish yellow eyes. He always seems to be saying, “I know a secret you don’t know.”

I always call him my best friend, guardian of my home and top mouser. He shuts his eyes halfway as to say, “You are privileged to know me and you are welcome.” I swear sometimes I feel as though he is not a cat at all, but some mysterious being hiding in a cat body to protect me. In a way, I feel he is like a guardian for my home.

Back to the search…we searched inside the house too, just in case he was hiding under the table or sleeping under a bed. It was hard to see the worried look on my daughter’s face. Sure, she was 17, but she loved that cat. She finally went to bed and only my younger son and I were up. The curtains in the back of the house were open and a bright flash caught my attention. I gazed out the back window along with my son and we saw it lit up like bright noonday. Actually it was brighter. It was more a bright, pure white light. The entire yard was illuminated with no shadows at all. The light was not moving in anyway. I thought it rather odd. There was no sound. I figured it was a search helicopter doing the rounds. I rushed to the front of the house and there was nothing. No helicopter, no sound (they are very loud). It was absolutely silent except for the distant roar of the freeway.

My daughter and son came out to see what I was up to. A few moments later, Rascal comes sauntering out of the back yard as if nothing had happened. I told the story of the light to my daughter and she scowled at me suspiciously, until my son piped up and supported the whole story with his version.

You tell me…what is up with that? Sometimes I wonder if he went for a ride. “Rascal, the UFO riding cat.” Now when I look at him in the eyes, he pretends to be just any cat. If I look at him long enough, I swear he’s smirking at me!

I don’t have an answer. I can’t figure out where he was. He is never late for dinner.  More >

 Dragon’s Sleep1 comment
pictureFriday, April 2nd 2004
Dragon’s Sleep

A great green dragon dwelt alone,
Curled and coiled in a cave so deep.
Sulfur billows oozed past trees,
A slithering banner of dragon-sleep.
To other lands he has oft flown,
O’er countless skies and endless seas.
A wing-ed prince none dare fight,
Challenged not in gliding flight

Tremors roll from the mountain’s core,
Golden eye un-shuttered glows.
Flicking tail and stretching wing,
Awareness of some danger grows.
Flames chase out a searing roar,
Embers crackle, hiss and sing.
Prince of the air goes to flee
Soaring o’er the cobalt sea.

Down below sinks his fair isle,
Treasure’s cave beneath the sea.
Screaming a loss of princely home,
Where now will the dragon be?
A wanderer faces another trial,
Upon world, he now must roam.
Great green wings embrace the sky,
Only heard is his receding cry.

© May 25, 2003 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 The Signs2 comments
pictureThursday, April 1st 2004
The Signs

In the beginning
When all was darkness
Sacred ones sought the golden orb

Searching the heavens
They gathered the signs
And found the heaven’s fires

Now the seas boiled
The clouds arose
And the order of life was made

The greens were born
The blues reflected
And sweetness filled the air

The all-sacred breath
The give and take
Bound all life together

In humanity’s note book
Man and woman pair
A journey set in time and space

Now all colors abound
Spirit is manifest
The mountains rise to meet God

And man climbs the mountain.

© August 30, 2003 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 Until That Day3 comments
picture Tuesday, March 30th 2004
Until that Day

Memories of spring’s sweet scents
Mature into summer’s heady heat
In autumn’s rest of turning leaves
Too soon arrives the lonely frost of winter.

I remember those eyes of yours
Did you know I’d remember that?
I miss you more each season’s passing.
Your whisperings follow my steps

Some day perchance, in future memory
There shall be a reunion of friends
Where all will be warm soft winds
That touches the soft green hills

Until that day there is the promise
When faith is the strength that binds
And hope is the singing in the distance
Where the Bluebirds fly free

© September 30, 2003 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 Neptune's Realm0 comments
pictureMonday, March 29th 2004
Neptune’s Realm

Would I to Neptune’s realm be drown’d
If you were lost upon the seas
As royal lovers we be crown’d
Castaways from earth’s glories
For ne’er loved another as we two.
Spare me not if breath not shared
Without you, what would I do?
Borne as two, we now are paired.
There is no use to life else wise
As loves beheld within our eyes.

Where withal did the sun diminish
Outshined by brilliant vision?
Will what begun someday finish,
A soul journey’s eternal mission?
Resting amongst the seaweed waves
Frozen in death’s quiet dance
Hearts and minds are fellow slaves
Joined in common wounding lance.
Will you walk the sodden deep,
Beside my soul forever keep?

© March 25, 2003 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 Winds1 comment
Sunday, March 28th 2004

The soft waving grasses parted
They could sense every crushing step
A journey that now has started
To come into knowledge adept

Winds of change breeze through the mind
Seeking more hands along the way
Not knowing what or when to find
Unknown tomorrows or lost yesterday

Minds can connect and heal the earth
Yet the storms rush in torrent destruction
Setting souls to doubt their endless worth
Ignoring the universe and her instruction

The field is ripe and waits upon the moon
Nodding the heads of grain and men
Hist! The time traveler cometh soon
And we will know who we are again

© March 28, 2004 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 pics of family2 comments
Saturday, March 20th 2004
my youngest and my granddaughter.. granddaughter is 3 in these pics of last holiday time 2003

[link]  More >

 some of my art5 comments
Friday, March 19th 2004
[link] thanks guys.. you are all the best!  More >

 I Could See Your Eyes2 comments
Friday, March 19th 2004
I Could See Your Eyes

Entrapped in our own egos
Our dreams swirl inside our needs
Our fears, our hopes.
Where is sanctuary in that secret chaos?
Perhaps we have met in the Orpheus plane,
Traversing hidden, dark, odious waters.
Have you sung me sweet songs to ease my brow?
Where are the nodding blossoms of life?
Murmur softly so the time quickly passes.
Where did that gentle caress touch you?
Your slumbers are so deep you feel nothing.
I know you were near, I could see your eyes.

Marissa A Spencer
© March 19, 2004  More >

 Return to the Sun1 comment
Friday, March 12th 2004
Return to the Sun

Waiting for the warm sun upon my eyelids.
That peaceful immobility of timeless moments
Has it been that long since it was basking time?
If you were here, I would see only summer.
If only…such lost, lonely, pitiful words.

Return to the sun, return to the fiery stars.
Where is the promised valley of green rivers?
It is so cold here, so cold, so impersonal.
Are you out there, waiting for our reunion?
Mind the calderas. Guard the steaming waters.

Wait for me.
I shall not be too long.
When compared with eternity.

Marissa A Spencer
© February 15, 2004  More >

 Faeries of the Cosmic Mist0 comments
pictureTuesday, March 9th 2004
Faeries of the Cosmic Mist

By Marissa A Spencer

The dark night of whirling dreams,
Spheres of wonder come into sight.
Rise in the solemn silence, bare of any schemes,
Twirling globes of grace and light.

Between life and emptiness,
Wings of beings gaily whirl.
Faeries of the cosmic mist: beauteous and ageless,
Dance with sparkling wings unfurl.

Play tag with floating orbs of gold
Now take the quasars for a ride.
Traveling in the endless space, watching life unfold.
The comets tail a childhood slide.

When light shines into your eyes,
Once again you rest on earth.
Slumbers children nestle, amid quiet sighs.
You have witnessed spirit’s birth.

© September 10, 2003  More >

 If I Could Find You1 comment
picture Monday, March 8th 2004
If I Could Find You

It comes in hushed, whispered breaths.
See the turnings of the spirit flounder,
and twist and beseech the unseen.
Is it the lives or the deaths,
that makes the sanity founder?
You discover you stand between.

No world in purity is solely yours.
Glimpses of other whens and wheres
take you to other tomorrows.
As you pass by endless glass doors,
and gaze up at ever spiraling stairs.
In the light you cast down your sorrows.

There is a yesterday to visit today.
A familiar face is seen in every door.
How did you get from then to when?
That whispering again, what does it say?
Now that whisper becomes a roar.
We are together briefly once again.

Sweet partings and joinings in flashes,
Memories are lost in the fading light.
Where are you in this time I live?
The focus, the dream now crashes,
no more sparks are left to ignite.
If I could find you…
how much would I give?

Marissa A. Spencer
© September 26, 2002  More >

 The Waiting Play1 comment
Saturday, February 28th 2004
The Waiting Play

The silent darkness hides a silver light
Supplicant steps to evening prayer
Voices rise and fall in soft cadence step
Figures glide down the path at night

Arise oh moon to light the gentle way
For candles flicker in the erratic breeze
Bring no doubt to the sacred stones
To disempower the waiting play

Universe brings forth thy power
Each creature of the world is one
Nurtured in the earth, wind and fire
To incubate in Phoenix’ bower.

Marissa A Spencer
© June 5, 2003  More >

 On the Sands of Zanzibar2 comments
pictureSaturday, February 28th 2004
On the Sands Of Zanzibar

On the sands of Zanzibar
Grab a camel, leave the car
Sail on the winds of monsoon time
Eat coconut with the clove and lime
On the sands of Zanzibar

The Genie in the Sultan’s lair
Dwells in a lamp hidden there
Rub him right and he explodes
Trailing smoke into heaven, he goes

Where the azure waters ebb and flow
Long ago Egyptian maidens would go
With white beach’s surf lapping at their toes
Wondering if there are men in the mangroves

In the air the spice aroma lingers
Tickling your skin with slinky fingers
Distant ships wave a farewell hand
Tortoise winks on the gritty sand
On the sands of Zanzibar

Marissa A Spencer
June 15, 2003  More >

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