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 Governing the Anthopocene !? Cyber-Systemic Possibilities ?
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NOTES FROM THE PALACE: Two days in Herrenhausen in Hannover are very exhausting - but it is the place of Leibniz, see Theoria cum Praxi see "Duty and Insight" a few weeks ago. [link]

Organized by a broad range of organisation and financed the Volkswagen Foundation - This is the programme. Check also on my site:
It is a pre-event for the ISSS next week: Governing the Anthropocene: the greatest challenge for systems thinking in practice? [link]
Organized as a systemic inquiry bringing together invited speakers, delegated form reknown international organisations, scholars and writers, and postgrad and doctoral researchers/students.

Check this announcement: "‘Governing the Anthropocene: Cyber-systemic possibilities’" [link]
This is the Conference Docu with Audio and more...

I am part of panel 1 and decided to put immediately my slides online.

The quality and contend is outstanding and I need to discuss and build on the presentations of some speakers, only to mention: Prof. Mary Catherine Bateson, Andreas Rechkemmer, Umberta Telfner, Alexander Christakis, Raul Espejo, David Lane, .....

Herrenhausen for me in a nutshell? It was as you can see in my slides: "Theoria cum Praxi, Work and Play, walking the talk"
I overexposed myself to not cover "more than you have time for" - what I learned the last 40 years, but I also learned to step back, look "from the mountain" & take "viewpoints in and out" (in the Cognitive Panorama) (see slides)... you see there are some dilemmas and contradictions involved here and there - and we have to learn to live with them !! ... But I was asked to put the CoR, SDP, and where we are after 45 years "Methodenstreit" into perspective. Well we summed up, resonated and tried the synthesis this 2 month ago as WUNDERKAMMER re-visited!!: {link:|WUNDERKAMMER revisited !:

In "my 15 minutes" I did a little performance, excuse, as I could not expect that everybody in the audience has all this "OLD THINK - in times of all this "NEWTHINK". I propose to check GROUP-THINK and CLAN-THINK by a collegue of Christakis, John Warfield (see slides) and Warfields MENTOMOLOGY - THE IDENTIFICATION AND CLASSIFICATION OF MINDBUGS [link]
But what I could do was to bring some books from my library, not the booksharing and bookgifting ***** BücherboXX its bookcrossing sister, to make a little private book exhibition, unfortunately not in a bookboXX (maybe next time !?) The Japanese for example have great telephone boxes....
I brought a bag of books on my shoulder to the panel-performance of my 15 minutes - as we have no "BücherboXX" !! [link] Some participants liked "certain books" and the "time was running" and I am not only carying these books in my "camel and donkex mode along and across towns So I have promised to send the book covers, if not a list later ... Maybe meanwhile you enjoy the pictures of some of the books in Herrenhausen so you can remember titles. (I put this themes, books, issues into my "Cognitive Panorama" mapping/concrete shared modelling Scaffolding, but this you see in my presentation title....
as an aside: Some of you have been with me in the Library of the Hotel (old books, valuable and closed-in - see pictures ! and fake books behind the reception.... I call them "Potemkin's Book facades...

More to come .... I am getting tired .... Meanwhile check "similar" events: [link]

I promised in Hannover some links and the titles of the books from the "library" I brought for students perusal and inquiry, to see and maybe request details if GOOGLE can not help....

LINKS: For example to: our ISSS Primer Wholeness Seminar and texts there not only Siu, Havel, Smuts, Laszlo, Benking: enjoy the early ideas also of my co-editor Tom Mandel: [link]

Konrad Lorenz "Emergence" Summer School: [link]

Formal Ontology and Principles and Prospects of Knowledge Organisation: An Axiomatic Approach, Heinrich Herre, Heiner Benking, ISKO 2013: [link]


UN-ECOSOC recommendations by COMMONS ALLIANCE to UN-HoS, UN-Ambassadors, Secretariat.... examples:
[link] see also GOOD GLOBAL GOVERNANCE: GGG [link] & CGI [link] Toronto etc:

ISSS _ Club of Budapest, ISSS 1996, Budapest [link]
House of Eyes, ISSS 1998, Atlanta: [link]

CODATA MIST SupserSigns and SuperStructures ...

and this translation of an article (work in progress) from 2005 in HAGIA CHORA : To see with other Eyes [link] GERMAN Original)

G L ocal - today and 25 years ago: WIKIPEDIA

History of the concept[edit]
Among the places the term glocalization independently developed is from Japanese business practices. It comes from the Japanese word dochakuka, which means global localization. Originally referring to a way of adapting farming techniques to local conditions, dochakuka evolved into a marketing strategy when Japanese businessmen adopted it in the 1980s.[8] Independently the need arose in the late 1980 to bridge local-regional-national-global in environmental research and management. To present this along and across spatial scales at the German "Global Change - Challenges to Science and Politics" exhibition,[9][10] Heiner Benking built an exhibition piece in the form of a 3-dimensional (orthogonal) cube: "Rubik's Cube of Ecology", later also called Eco-Cube.[11] Dr. Manfred Lange,[12] the director of the touring exhibit development team at that time and head of the German National Global Change Secretariat,[13] called the depth dimension of this cube "glocal" to give a word for the magnitude ranging from micro-meso-macro scales. The cube is designed and build as an embodied Cognitive space - as a "pointer to possibilities" [14] for applications ranging from knowledge organisation to ecological awareness in order to portray and make concrete relevant but intangible issues (as later discussed by Anthony Judge).[15]

as our theme is ANTROPOCENE and how to get there, maybe also this helps to prepare for the students weekend:
THE ANTHROPOCENE - Earth Episode/Epoche or Shared Negotiated Leverage Spaces !?

and the WHOLE EARTH:
German Chancellery – Boxes and Models for the Public – 24 years ago and today [link]


but I promised to visit next week the ON THE EDGE [link] in the ANIMAL ANATHOMICAL THEATER close to Konrad Hagendorns HUB-LGF WIN office on the campus... (Langhansbau)
Stay tuned.... and maybe check: ARCHITECTURE and MUSIC [link] ... and more to come - or our summer school there in 1999-2000, we call it STUDIUM GENERALE....
bytheway: My contribution Jan 17th 2000 was: THE NEW MEDIA - contributions towards a "Communicative Society"... [link]

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