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picture25 Jan 2010 @ 18:26
I've been in the NCN for a very long time, for almost two decades, I think. I was part of the group who put together the NCF Mission Statement back when we thought the NCN was going to be funded with the largest donation ever to be considered by a private family, to help create a new civilization. But that has never happened, although it's still not completely impossible.

Now, what we all worked for is happening around the world. 300,000 people, although the real number is likely much higher, have come together to create a new civilization through the vision of Jacque and Roxanne of the Venus Project, an 83 year old man and his younger partner who has worked for a new civ for nearly his entire life.

A Movement has started, which we had all dreamed of for decades. It's called the Zeitgeist Movement, and it's even more comprehensive than the NCN vision. I don't know what is happening here on the NCN site, but I know most of us in the NCN have been waiting for this for a long time and we don't care much where it starts. The vision is the same, I think, and I now suggest everyone in all the various groups trying to make a saner world join up by joining up with the Zeitgeist Movement.

Here's the link to the global site:


There are chapters forming in most countries and in almost every state in the USA. It's goals are to spread the ideas, not protest or any of that stuff. We don't care about religion, do not do politics, and plan on a re-work of the entire civilization without violence or intimidation. Z-day in March will be a big info celebration around the world. It's an idea whose time has come.

If there is any hope that any sane world can come about, we lose synergy by remaining divided up into small groups working for that same basic changes independently. I hope you check it out and then join this effort.

Worldmind (Roan)  More >

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category picture24 May 2009 @ 18:04
Zeitgiest Movement orientation video (two hours long, packed with info)



 Here is a legit reasonable personal free offer to everyone in NCN4 comments
picture9 Aug 2005 @ 03:01
I am a SF writer, and I've written and finished six books. The picture is from one of the books: The Journal of John. (I'm also a graphics designer.)

These books are 'packages' for getting out some of the wisdom I have learned over my decades on this planet. Like children often take their medicine better if it is mixed with honey, these are hopefully enjoyable stories with a kernal of concepts which might spark some new ways of thinking in those who read them. To save the planet, what is termed 'common sense', or the data we all tend to take for granted which define our actions, must change, and only when we are exposed to new concepts that might work better do we make our 'common sense' conscious and change it.

My books are all about 'thinking saner'.

I am giving them away to anyone who wants to read them.

SO, I will give a free copy to everyone who wants one. I WILL NOT GIVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES TO ANYONE NOR SPAM YOU MYSELF. I retain copyright, but it is within copyright to give copies away. If I post the books on the Internet, I lose copyright because by defination, the Internet is public domain.

I will email you the book in one of three formats as you choose, Windows, (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or Adobe (.PDF) as an email attachment as quickly as possible.

Check out my Sample Chapters:
The Journal of John (Rated R) Sociological SF
The Rebirth of Sindaku (Rated PG-13) Adventure SF
Kathlane of Whirlwind Station(Rated PG-13) Adventure SF
Magic Universe -The Story of Tempar (Rated PG-13) Magic & Fantisy
Five Facets of the Sun (Rated PG-13) Sociological SF
Frozen in Time(Rated PG-13) Sociological/Romance SF

If you want a copy of any of these, just email me at Roan Carratu.

These books are fully copyrighted and putting out the ebooks for profit or changing them in any way is forbidden. However, you may copy any of my books as much as you want and give them to anyone you want. I have taken my book out of the Kindle ebook system because of problems getting the money, (my problems with paypal, not theirs) and will distribute them myself through email. My book are free, although they are definitely not popular. lol. Que sera, sera.

Peace and Good Health,
-Roan  More >

 Solution: A true 'common sense'3 comments
picture22 Jun 2005 @ 10:49
I was going to write a little essay on the Oil problem, but, you know, I suddenly realized it was irrelevant. Sure, it will cause all kinds of hassle and probably a lot of death and destruction, and maybe as the level of living drops in 3rd world countries they will swarm up to the places they believe have all the resources, like the USA, and destroy everything in their march path, and the militaries in their way will pull out all their worse weapons to kill them en mass, and yet that won't stop them and eventually humans will be as rare as dodos.

But never less, all of that is still irrelevant. They are all symptoms, not the cause.

Because if it is not the oil, or the global warming, or radioactive pollution, or world wide war, it will be something for sure. And the only solution has nothing to do with any of the threats. The only solution is a change in what is called 'common sense'. A sense which is common. It's almost as rare as dodos, I think, and frankly, what most people call 'common sense' is merely their particular blinders keeping them from paying attention to anything but what they were taught to notice.

But the world is not made up of our 'common sense'. The world is common, but we don't really make any sense out of it. If it was really what we sensed, physically sensed, which is common, and not what we filter our senses with, then we would, en mass, change the world quite quickly. But we are, as a species, very habitual. We have these blinders called 'practicality' and 'rationality' and other variable sense filters which obscure almost everything that would really work.

It's not about thinking outside the box... It's about not seeing the box at all, and going with what we do see... which is undivided and undifferentiated.

I see that there is no separation between Humanity and Nature. I see no separation between people. I see that we are totally interdependent, relying on each other, no matter what we think. I see that we do better when we take care of each other than when we don't. I see that the hassle is in our minds, not in Nature.

We live in Paradise. The only thing wrong with this place, this world, is what people have in their minds. It is said we use only 10% of our brains... but I say we use only 10% of the interdependence which keeps us all alive and flourishing. It is the loss of that 90% of potential interdependence that is destroying the environment, killing people for resources, causing horror upon horror, both personally in people's lives and socially, in the world en mass. That is the cause of the terminal illness.

That common sense, that perception, of interdependence is what is relevant. Only that.  More >

 Amazingly, a Geodemocracy is incorruptable.17 comments
picture21 Jun 2005 @ 20:38
A geodemocracy is unique because it is based upon a natural geometry, the geometry of Nature, Synergetics, discovered in Nature rather than made up by people who thought the world was flat.

The geometric design of the Geodemocracy concept not only sidesteps the usual problems of hierarchic government/organization but has characteristics not deductible by the parts considered separately.

That is... a geodemocracy is not corruptible.

This is a very weird idea for people who have grown up with the idea that 'a single bad apple spoils the barrel' and other such sad cliches. In all other organizations, one idiot hassler can spoil the whole experience and the results of the experience simply by hassling everyone. A charismatic powermonger can con everyone and get agreement to be put in a position of power where he or she can spoil everything, ruin the effort of a whole group. Jeeze, I've seen that many times, dozens at least.

A Geodemocracy prevents such a 'hassler' or 'powermonger' from influencing anything in the organization, and since there are no 'power positions', they cannot work themselves into a position to mess up anything. They are equal by position, and that position cannot become a thorn in the side of the democracy.

One of the CIA's most basic control strategies for breaking up groups is to infiltrate two or more agents into the organization and the agents help work each other up into positions of power, where they then start separating people into subgroups which oppose each other, eventually destroying the unity of the organization through internal disagreement. I've seen that done also.

There are no positions of power beyond each individual in the Geodemocracy, so this also has no effect at all. And there is no way any outside group, or even government, could shut down a large geodemocracy, even if it has no function as a government but is just an organization to do good among humanity and the environment. A Geodemocracy would likely do things the governments should do but don't, and being a benefit to any government pretty much makes that organization liked by that government.

The geometry of a Geodemocracy would judo almost anything that might corrupt it, the way steel is not damaged by wax, even hot wax. The characteristics of the materials themselves prevent corruption, and the interaction causes no harm. Human Nature is every way humans can be, but the geometry does not allow interaction with the aspects of human nature which easily messes up all the other forms of government or organization.  More >

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