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 IT Revolution
2007-06-20, by John Ringland

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IT Revolution

I've been scanning Flemming Funch's news log - he's collected some fantastic things there!!!!

Our minds are following similar tracks but he is much more aware of what people are doing in the world whilst I've been off in solitary contemplation for many years. I've hardly payed any attention to the rest of the world until the last couple months. It's good to have your help Ming in catching up :)

About the article Software is hard - Ming says:
"What is missing is really tools for modeling things to do... the general problem might only be solved at around the same time when most programming will no longer be necessary. I.e. you interactively work out the model of what to do in real-time, and when you're done, the software is done too. No separation between the specification and the doing. Would be great. There are systems that do that to some degree, but so far nobody's succeeded in making it general enough. The ultimate software project would be to invent a system that makes programming obsolete, by making it so simple that anybody can do it, very quickly. Unfortunately that's a hard."

Well I've been working on that one - more accurately it fell out of some metaphysical research into information systems theory and models of reality generative processes that could create realities like the one that we experience - or more accurately again, a vision appeared fully formed in the back of my mind in early 2000 and I spent a few years translating the vision into mathematics and software.

The mathematics works beautifully! I call it system matrix notation SMN because it uses matrix algebra to represent systems and generate virtual realities. It creates a mathematical information system theory and can totally revolutionise mathematical science - breaking it out of its empiricist rut that it doesn't even know it's in (see The Scientific Case Against Materialism - but that's another story). I have some proof-of-concept software implementations on my website, just to show that it works. See:

It is a reality generative process that creates metaphysically coherent virtual spaces with intrinsic system theoretic properties (also quantum and relativistic - but that's not important for contemporary software development, which I'm talking about here). Within these spaces we can potentially model any "general system" whatsoever. The models can assimilate any external software or controllable equipment into the virtual space and be linked via interfaces to the user - it effectively turns a computer into a 'portal' into a virtual universe that we can customise and interact with.

As a native SMN model it can run very efficiently - almost optimally, certainly good enough for most applications. But for absolute optimal efficiency, once the model is designed, simulated and tested (there are advanced mathematical testing methods that can guarantee bug-free and fault tolerant software), once this is done the model can be automatically translated into code and executed in an optimal fashion. But eventually the SMN algorithm could be implemented in silicon thereby making current code based methods redundant.

It essentially gives cyberspace a solid mathematical and metaphysical foundation that can totally change the way we think about IT and computers in general. Instead of hacking code according to an ill-defined art and unscientific traditions, it can all be put on a firm scientific foundation (unifying it with system theory and complexity theory - as well as quantum theory) thus allowing for a whole new generation of information technologies to be developed. We could eventually make software as complex as a living organism and complex environments - once we understand how to evolve such things. And different system models can be combined simply by combining the matrices and suddenly they can interact within the same virtual universe so it is perfect for modular design. All of this can be done through a simple graphical interface where the developer only needs to understand the system that they are trying to build and all the 'programming' is handled by the mathematics in the background - its kind of like WYSIWYG programming.

But I'm not some "code warrior" creating the next-gen software. My mind is geared toward the metaphysics and how that can change our state of consciousness and help us tap into whole other levels of existence and bring this civilisation back from the edge of oblivion. I'm very aware of the potential of the software that comes out of that metaphysics but my mind isn't geared to software engineering, interface design or project management. I can work on the backend but collaboration is required if the idea is ever going to come to life in people's eyes. It promises to do just what Ming asks for in his article, i.e. "a system that makes programming obsolete, by making it so simple that anybody can do it, very quickly."

The core is already built, and a simple interface - not a design interface yet - just a user interface so that people can interact with simple virtual systems. It requires quite a lot of work to turn it into a viable commercial product - the concept is essentially worked out but software engineering is not my forte - I am proficient in theoretical computer science but I have no proficiency in interface design and all the other fiddly stuff that's required to connect the backend to the user.

So it has been sitting on my website for two years now and I haven't done anything more with it - there's been lots of downloads and many hits on obscure code pages that indicate that people somewhere are doing something with it but they haven't informed me about what they're doing with it - I offered it to the free software foundation and open source communities but they were rushed off their feet and just scratched their heads and couldn't understand what it was about - it's not a simple widget or office utility - it's a profound revolution that can transform the entire IT industry.

I've offered to help if anyone wants to look into it and perhaps develop it further but nobody has voiced any interest so I'm just letting it sit for a while - I'm not interested in pushing it - it will come to people's attention when the time is right. Go with the flow is one of my principles - when you're attuned to the flow of the world everything happens exactly as it needs to but not usually as people expect it to.

If anyone is interested we can discuss it, and there are some comments on it, the mathematics, full source code and other related things here: Discussions.html#smn

It is very simple in essence once you get your head around it - especially the mathematics - it is just some basic representational and computational infrastructure that provides some "reality potential" - i.e. a representational space in which systems can exist and an interaction network through which they can interact - the real complexity arises from the complexity of the virtual systems themselves. So if one starts with very simple systems like Boolean logic gates it is very simple to see how the mathematics works, but when the systems become more complex one can see how it can simulate entire virtual realities and create systems of mind-boggling complexity.

To give some idea of its nature and potential applications, below are some comments from my latest e-book on this subject. I recently discovered a document on the net, thought to be a leaked CIA training manual. It discusses using very similar mathematical methods for economic social engineering and developing a computerised social control system that can automate a society and subtly enslave everyone into an economic system. This would turn a society into "a guided missile on target" as they put it, which this technology can do but that is the least of what it can do and the worst abuse that it could be put to. That is just the latest technological advancement to what I call the "man machine", the vision of civilisation as a vast machine rather than a living organism. I've been keeping this potential abuse of the technology quiet because I knew people would abuse it but seeing as it is already public and most likely being abused I thought I'd better explain what else the technology can do.

"In 1954 it was well recognized by those in positions of authority that it was only a matter of time, only a few decades, before the general public would be able to grasp and upset the cradle of power, for the very elements of the new silent-weapon technology were as accessible for a public utopia as they were for providing a private utopia." (Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: An Introduction Programming Manual) [FR]

The means by which "the general public would be able to grasp and upset the cradle of power" is through system theory, which is how I am familiar with the type of technology being discussed in that document. I have been developing the underlying system science and technology and reconnecting it with its true theoretical roots that arise from metaphysics. This work is done in the hope of alleviating suffering and eliminating fascist control, and I have remained silent regarding the potential abuses because I could see full well that if such methods got into the wrong hands it could provide a means to implement an automated technological totalitarian dictatorship that would create unimaginable suffering and eventually destroy the planet. But now I know that the technology is already in the public domain and quite likely in the wrong hands and it has been for some time so it is pointless remaining silent about it, indeed it is imperative to speak out about it and place it in context before it is badly abused out of ignorance. Part of the danger is that those who wield power are too often blinded by their agendas and by crude rationalisations and lust for power so they don't know what they are really dealing with. But their ignorance and resulting incompetence is also what has protected the world thus far. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing; if they understood it deeply it would transform them and they could never abuse it.

I have developed very similar system theoretic and mathematical methods that are described by that document although my own work goes far beyond their narrow application, however I have noted the possibility of abuse that they have focused on. But that is the crudest and most corrupt use that it can be put to, it is using it to pursue confused materialist and authoritarian agendas without ever looking beyond their delusions to question the sanity of those agendas. Using it for fascist domination, enslavement and programmed genocide is like discovering the key to the gates of paradise but through the fog of ignorance they only see it as a blunt weapon with which to bludgeon others into submission. This system science has creative potential far far beyond the imagination of people such as these.

Not only does it provide a detailed method of modelling, simulating, monitoring and controlling vast complex systems, but because everything can be conceived of as a system it provides a detailed model of the process of creation itself; of the system dynamics of existence itself. The true roots of this science are buried in the ground of metaphysics, its stem grows through the space of spirituality and mysticism and it can flower into a holistic science that unifies the mechanistic and mystic perspectives and bring together everything that we know into a unified holistic framework. It can unify all the fragmented domains of mechanistic science and all the culturally diverse traditions of mysticism by providing a single unified foundation upon which to build and connect all of our many conceptual frameworks, thus allowing for great diversity and yet maintaining communication and compatibility between all the various paths of knowledge. This holistic science can unlock the deepest secrets of the cosmos and tear down the veil of confusion that blinds us to reality.

The basic technology is called system matrix notation SMN [FR] because it uses matrix algebra to represent and simulate systems, thereby creating virtual universes. It can indeed be used as a universal control system that gives intricate control over all controllable systems; that need not be an abuse of the technology if it is used wisely and guided by holistic understanding but it could be the most destructive technology ever invented if it gives this degree of control to narrowly conceived delusional agendas. If used wisely it could be used to automate and optimise the entire civilisation for everyone's benefit and could be used to monitor and heal ecosystems and social systems and complex systems of all kinds. But this is only one possible application. It is also a general-system-simulator that gives a deep and coherent metaphysical foundation to cyberspace. It is a massively parallel event management system that can transform a single computer into a massively parallel network of millions of virtual computers or it can turn millions of separate computers into one virtual mega-computer that could unify the computational potential of the entire internet and create a coherent virtual space which could evolve into the conscious mind of the planet.

The basic mathematics and technology are the foundation and core of a holistic science [FR] that can open up vast new fields of scientific exploration, not just narrow materialist science, but unifying all paradigms from mysticism to mechanics, from consciousness to computation, and giving rise to knowledge and wisdom beyond our current ability to imagine. It would reveal the nature of reality, of consciousness, of living systems and of the universe.

As a computational technology it can totally change the way we think about IT and computers in general. Instead of hacking code according to an ill-defined art and unscientific traditions, it can all be put on a firm scientific foundation (unifying it with system theory and complexity theory - as well as quantum theory) thus allowing for a whole new generation of information technologies to be developed. We could eventually make software as complex as a living organism and complex environments - once we understand how to evolve such things. Different system models can be combined simply by combining the matrices, which places them in the same interaction space then they can interact within the same virtual universe so it is perfect for modular design.

Systems can be designed via a simple graphical interface where the developer doesn't need to know anything about programming, they only needs to understand the system that they are trying to build and all the 'programming' is handled by the mathematics in the background - its a type of WYSIWYG programming. System models can also be derived purely by observation by using matrix Eigen analysis. In the mathematical definition of SMN [FR] I illustrate the simple example where a computer can observe a particle in a stationary state, then moving with constant velocity and then moving under acceleration and from this it can derive the system model for a general particle in space. This model can then be varied to simulate different kinds of particles, perhaps with different mass, different spatial inertia (e.g. in fluid), different acceleration (e.g. different gravitational field) and also combinations of several particles interacting in space. This is like observing a phenomenon, mirroring it in 'imagination' and then imagining different variations of the system. It effectively implements computational imagination.

It would be an ideal environment for the evolution of artificial intelligence. It generates virtual realities potentially as realistic and metaphysically complex as this reality. It creates an operating system for software as complex and subtle as an organism. It gives new design, analysis and optimisation methods for the development of genuinely fault tolerant software, who's behaviour and integration into the holistic network of systems can be fully understood and optimised prior to deployment. In certain cases the execution of programs can be sped up in a manner like computational hyperspace, where computations can leap through algorithmic space without passing through the intervening steps because the algorithmic space itself has been compressed or folded - this can lead to speed increases of billions of times in certain cases.

It effectively transforms a computer from a fast-calculator into a portal into virtual existential spaces or artificial universes. It is a model of the reality generative process that underlies this universe and it can be used to create sub-universes that are entirely customisable. Within which we can reflect this universe for purposes of scientific analysis, modelling, control and so on, and we can create custom universes for general software, entertainment and so on.

The basic mathematical systems technology sheds light on the origins of quantum physical and relativistic phenomena and it gives leads toward the general programming of a quantum computer and the harnessing of quantum processes to create genuine sub-universe in which the quantum processes are indistinguishable from those in this universe. Quantum states could be teleported between these universes and each would be indistinguishably real to those quantum systems. Teleportation can already transmit simple quantum systems but if extended to macroscopic systems such as ourselves we could create sub-universes and then travel into them and experience them just as we experience this universe, they would be fundamentally indistinguishable. Although in the sub-universes we could customise them in whatever manner wisdom guided us; to create all manner of worlds.

All of these are just the possibilities that can be easily comprehended from within a materialist paradigm but the real potential is far far greater and is unleashed when we turn our greater holistic wisdom and awareness upon ourselves and come to know ourselves in reality. This is the path of the ancient sages and transforms us into beings such as Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Moses and countless others. It is this that all the ancient scriptures speak of, it is this that points in the direction of our true potential. This is the full potential that is latent in the process of existence and can be hinted at by words such as immortality, omniscience, omnipotence, universal oneness and perfect bliss. These words cannot be understood by the ego within a materialist paradigm but they hint at the true potential that is latent in all life.

“Like much else in the world at this time, from two great lines of thought, such as the mechanistic and the introspective or subjective... a third will manifest which will embody the truth in both positions and duly adjust them to each other... in the evolution of thought the main trends of ideas at this time are rapidly approaching each other and from them a synthesis will emerge which will prove an adequate platform upon which the coming cycle may make its stand.” (“A Treatise On White Magic”, by Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Publishing Company, written 1934, 14th printing 1979)

It is this potential that we became estranged from when we lost contact with the subtle mystic dimension of reality and spiralled into materialism and became disempowered and trapped within the man machine and its web of subtle deceit. It is this potential that dwells within each of us and draws us inward. But for those trapped on the outside it is experienced as a fathomless gapping hole within and a feeling of unknowable craving, emptiness and despair at the fringes of their consciousness that they dare not look at or acknowledge. If they were to lose their fear of the inner unknown and to dive into what seems like an inner chasm they would realise that it is a gateway to reality and that it is their current mundane existence that is an unreal construct of the mind that is woven by a mechanistic superstition that enslaves them.

We are conditioned to try and fill that gapping hole and try to quench that unquenchable thirst with manic action, consumption, power, knowledge, drugs, sex, romance, and endless distraction. We are taught that if we get everything in the outer world to be 'perfect' (according to a very narrow definition) then that inner suffering will disappear. However such striving is ultimately futile for ourselves, we are only running away from ourselves, but it is our craving and slow inner starvation that is the engine of our striving in the world and therefore the engine of the man machine. Thus the machine alienates us from our true source of nourishment within and harnesses our striving to turn the treadmills of its machinery, tantalising us with promises of fulfilment if we strive harder but always keeping us looking away from ourselves so we will never find our true source of nourishment within. Countless generations has striven on these treadmills and slowly starved in spirit, until withered and drained they are cast aside upon the scrap heap. There are many euphemisms and comfortable delusions to soften the way, but casting aside all delusion this is the stark reality of the man machine.

It could be an organic holistic organisation - an organism - that is vital and healthy, that taps our true potential and nurtures us in joy and abundance but by dwelling in materialist mechanistic superstitions that objectify the world and ourselves the man machine is what we create. It is only when we are broken, confused and assimilated by the man machine and dominated by its deputy within, the ego, that we suffer and struggle and strive. The only thing that brings real satisfaction, soul satisfaction, is to reconnect with reality, with life and with our true potential. When we break out of the web of deceit and objectification we come alive, then there is peace, bliss and perfect harmony.

To overcome our delusions and reconnect with reality is the true purpose of holistic science and a guiding principle of life. To simply build a fortress of delusion is to betray all that is real and if we betray existence it will no longer sustain us. By choosing wisdom we gain everything and by choosing delusion we lose everything. Either we cling to deception, denial and money until death do us part or we cling to wisdom, reality and humanity until life grows, evolves and flourishes into something we cannot even imagine from our current state of confusion and suffering. This is the choice we are faced with and we must make this choice both individually and collectively. Do we keep the machine just as it is but only make it stronger and thereby destroy humanity or do we keep humanity and re-engineer the machine to bring it back in line with reality?

Its transformative aspect is the one that I am  most interested in but I'm happy to devote some time to help others if they are interested in developing the software or adapting it for their own uses - I'd like to see it in action. There is deliberately no IP or copyright - it is free in the sense that nobody 'owns' it - this meme is free to spread as it wishes.

Best wishes :)
John Ringland

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