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What is Freeland ?

Freeland is the experimental society of the New Civilization Network, located on a beautiful island in West-Samoa.

It is a paradise in many respects, for example:

Beautiful Nature, Healthy Lifestyle, Continuous Learning, Creative Participation, Free Social Structures, and, and, and,...

Note: This Web site is part of a proposal and was written by Joachim ( It is not a statement for the New Civilization Network itself which is an Internet community based on the freedom of choice for their members. Flemming Funch is currently working on a document called HoloWorld (draft).

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Look at the ideas behind Freeland:

  • The Vision
  • The FreeLand Principle
  • The FreeLand Agreements
  • The FreeLand Acknowledgments
  • Details:

  • The Value System of FreeLand
  • Free, Unlimited Import
  • Restricted Export
  • Financing of FreeLand
  • The Self-Sustainability of FreeLand
  • Architecture Integrated into Nature
  • Property on FreeLand
  • FreeLand's Airline: The FreeLine

  • Visions and Comments:

    Flemming Funch's NewWorld document
    Tony Gwilliam's Global Village Charter

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    The Vision

    A land for free people who are working together to increase their understanding and happiness.

    The Principle

    Within the boundaries of FreeLand no harm shall knowingly be inflicted on any living being nor shall any such action be condoned.

    The Agreements

    (This area is still under consideration! Please send your ideas to FreeLand at )

    I understand and confirm the following agreements between all FreeLanders:

    The Acknowledgements

    (This area is still under consideration! Please send your ideas to FreeLand at )

    I acknowledge the following observations:

    The Value System of FreeLand

    The current economic system in the 'world' has several severe flaws which the economic structure in FreeLand attempts to overcome:

    In contrast, the economic system in FreeLand features:

    Free, Unlimited Import

    There are no restrictions on importing goods, except for arms and addictive, chemical drugs.

    Restricted Export

    Export is restricted to goods which were produced in FreeLand, strictly excluding natural resources. All profits from exports go to FreeLand itself, never to individuals or groups.

    Financing of FreeLand

    FreeLand's operations are financed by FreeLand tourists, also called guests who contribute, besides the airfare for a roundtrip ticket from Hawai'i to FreeLand the funds for their stay at FreeLand for a predetermined time, for example three weeks.

    FreeLand guests are also expected to contribute to FreeLand according to their individual skills, be it physical or intellectual skills.

    A stay at FreeLand is an adventure- and action vacation but nobody will ever be forced to contribute against their own free choice.

    Self-Sustainability of FreeLand

    It is the intention to make FreeLand a self-sustainable environment.

    Architecture Integrated into Nature

    FreeLand's housing are integrated into the natural environment of the island as much as possible. From the outside, the island should look untouched. Only certain angles of aerials views shall be able to reveal the presence of housing structures.

    Property on FreeLand

    Their is no invididual property on FreeLand except for certain food items. There is the concept of 'temporary ownership' on products created on FreeLand, although 'exclusive responsibility for the time of creation' would be a better term for this concept.

    The FreeLine

    is a bi-weekly air shuttle between Hawai'i and FreeLand.