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 That nasty spyware2 comments
2 Feb 2002 @ 07:19, by fleer. Internet
I found some 80 different spyware files on my computer and I am usually very restrictive in installing files on my computer!  More >

 The Web Runs on Love, Not Greed2 comments
picture19 Jan 2002 @ 02:22, by ming. Internet
Below is an article which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on January 4, 2002. Kevin Kelly is a former editor of Wired. He talks about the state of the Internet today, and points out the no amount of money can obscure that the majority of the web is a gift economy, built of love and passion.  More >

 Post it in the Air0 comments
picture16 Dec 2001 @ 03:34, by ming. Internet
Wow, here's an idea that might change some things. Some people are working on systems that would allow you to post information attached to a physical location IN that location so to speak. If you're carrying a GPS (Global Positioning System) device, and you have some kind of wireless always-on Internet connection, you might have access to what other people have said about the location you're in. And you might be provided with that information automatically whenever you go there. There's a good article in
New Scientist, and the people at Hewlett Packard who're working on it are at CoolTown. This could all open up some nightmare visions too, but I think there can be a lot of cool uses for it.  More >

 E-mail is 30 years old6 comments
6 Dec 2001 @ 16:43, by ming. Internet
Seems like e-mail has existed for 30 years. I was just enjoying an article at NY Times (sorry, they require a one-time registration). And, well, I haven't had e-mail for quite that long - only for around 19 years, but I still felt a certain nostalgia about it. The first time I had a computer that was *connected* was in 1982 and it was an ancient Z80 computer with 16k of memory, connected with a 75/1200 modem to the experimental Danish Teletext service. The year later I had an IBM PC, with a 300bps modem, and a subscription to The Source. Even connecting with that was rather cumbersome, and cost me around $40 per hour at the time. And at first I didn't really know anybody else who had e-mail, so I can't say I used that part much for a while. It was a couple of years after that that e-mail started replacing faxes as my way of staying in touch with friends around the world.  More >

 2nd Annual Poetry Spam0 comments
picture2 Dec 2001 @ 16:08, by ming. Internet
SatireWire hosts an annual "Poetry Spam", an event where contestants write poetry consisting entirely of quotes from spam e-mail. Check out the winner of last year's contest. This could be your only chance to win a contest by writing poems about earning $100,000 in 10 weeks by working at home...  More >

 Ricochet Wireless is back19 comments
5 Nov 2001 @ 16:18, by ming. Internet
YES! My wireless computer connectivity is coming back. I had been a subscriber to Ricochet, which went bankrupt a few months ago, and which had a very reliable, wireless 128kbps service within the major metropolitan areas of the U.S. Meaning I could be online in airports, on the freeway, or whatever. And when it disappeared there were no comparable alternatives left. Now the $1 billion assets of the Ricochet network have been bought by Aerie Networks for 8 million and it looks like they'll turn the thing on again shortly, and at a lower price. And it sounds like the new people will know how to market it. Ricochet was a well-kept secret in the hands of the old company, Metricom, which apparently had no clue on how to let people know it existed.  More >

 A Quantum Leap For Computers
picture23 Oct 2001 @ 03:27, by sindy. Internet
IBM unveils a five-atom quantum computer.
If you thought that quantum computers belonged in the same realm as unicorns and free gas, think again.  More >

 The Secrets to Securing Internet Anonymity
19 Oct 2001 @ 14:38, by sindy. Internet
 More >

 Computer advances4 comments
24 Aug 2001 @ 15:20, by ming. Internet
Damn, my computer's motherboard crashed yesterday, literally going up in smoke, and I unexpectedly had to get a new computer. But it is remarkable how little difference the advances in computers seem to make, subjectively. This computer is 3 times as fast, has 3 times as much memory, and 5 times as much disk space as the old one, which was from last year. But it doesn't really feel any different than the old one, other than that I have trouble getting a few things to work. It has more than 1000 times as much of everything as my first IBM PC computer had, which seemed lightning fast at the time, and which, in 1983, allowed me to do word processing, programming, and go online, all the same things I do today. Just not as graphically rich looking as today. And, yes, it all cost a lot more money at that time. Like $40/hour to connect with The Source to check my e-mail and browse bulletin boards.  More >

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