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 Why NCN works...
2 May 2003 @ 12:48, by sharie. Networking

NCN is a great place to create anything we want.

When your personal life is great, and you're happy with your work, and your home life is wonderful... you may want to get a broader perspective on the global situation, and NCN is the place to do it.

If your personal life sucks, you have no friends, you can't get along with anybody, you can come onto ncn and point fingers at other people, and get a bunch of other people to point fingers and then you'll feel better about yourself. And NCN is the place to do it.

If you want to focus on compiling research so you can contribute toward creating a new civilization... and then offer your work for free on your newslog... NCN is the place to do it.

If people want to interfere with your work and waste your time on things that are unimportant to you, you can ask them to leave you alone, and when they don't, you can block them. Thank you Ming for that. NCN is the place to do anything you want, and that's why NCN works for me.

 A Little Server History4 comments
picture 30 Dec 2002 @ 22:39, by ming. Networking
Something got me to start reminiscing about the history of the servers and websites I've been intimately involved with. Well, it is the end of the year, so I suppose it is appropriate.

I'm writing this in my weblog, which most people read at, but which arises from the integrated NewsLog function of - the New Civilization Network.

I had my first website in early 1994. It was served over ftp rather than http, because real web hosting was harder to come by. I called my website World Transformation, because that sounded like a good thing I'd be interested in, and I just listed some sub-interests and some links for each. Today it looks quite similar to back then, I'm embarrassed to say, which makes parts of it very outdated now. Later in that year I got an offer of free hosting on At the time it turned out to be THE starting place for a bunch of alternative/metaphysical sites that later made it big, like Rene Mueller's SpiritWeb. Bob Garth who was running the server had just a 28.8 modem connection, but that worked perfectly fine in those days.

When NCN happened in early 1995, the thought was that there would be a bunch of decentralized servers, owned and operated by different people. Max Sandor started the first one, which he called "Server One". A 16MHz 386 running Slackware Linux. This too had an always on 28.8 modem for the net connection. Max took care of that for several years.

At some point I took that server over, and connected it to a new T1 connection in Venice, California, in the Global Solutions Center, later Synchronicity Networks office. Many more stories to tell about much of that. The hardware got replaced since then a few times. A total sequence of about 4 servers since 95 I think, although there have sometimes been several at the same time. Once, for several months, the servers lived in a plastic box on the parking lot by the beach in Venice, which was rather strange and risky. Somebody else had moved into the premises, but the T1 connection was still on, so we drilled a hole in the wall and led the cable out to that rubbermaid storage container, which was made for garden tools or something. Luckily nobody stole it. After that, the servers moved to Beverly Hills with the T1 line for another year or so, where I worked with Julie on the Oasis TV website and other things.

Nowadays there are luckily more options. I work out of my house and have a few servers here. The current main server is now located in Irvine, California, on a T1 line at the offices of one of my clients. NCN and my own sites are on it, as well as many other good non-profit sites such as Global Ideas Bank, International Society for the System Sciences, BagelHole, Spirit Rising, Richard Hawkins' Synergetic Geometry animations, Art of Living, Unity-and-Diversity Council, CyberSangha and probably many more I'm forgetting.  More >

 have we lost the plot?
picture15 Jul 2002 @ 14:09, by scottj. Networking
are we drifting without a star to guide us by?  More >

 What do people want?8 comments
4 Jun 2002 @ 00:28, by ming. Networking
I have for a long time believed that we need better ways of linking up what people need and want with what is offered by other people. I mean, other ways than just buying and selling stuff. My hunch is that if we really look at what resources are available, globally or locally, and we effectively match up what is there with what is needed, our whole planet can operate at a high rate of success and prosperity. And my preference for implementing that would be some kind of grassroots free market mechanism, not any central bureaucracy, whether it is corpocratic or communistic.

But there are various obstacles. One, I think, is to how to pursuade people to be clear on what they want and what they offer, to such a degree that it is possible to actually match these things up.  More >

 Letter to Barry Soble of FCE1 comment
7 May 2002 @ 15:09, by mmmark. Networking
Dear Barry and the Conscious Evolution Network < < <

You have written one of the most vital and essential communications I have seen come across the network in some time. It is thoughtful, brilliant and makes our challenge quite clear for those willing to pay attention. I would like to add some comments that may inspire us to move forward to achieving this very important objective to becoming connected.

"What would a Community look like if it acknowledged separation when it was occurring and was committed to a practice of reinforcing connection?" The answer appears simple to me. It would be a community that takes responsibility for itself and the well being of its constituents.

The second question indicates that we are relying on the ‘establishment’ to address our needs. I do not believe this will ever happen because it is not conceived or run with a responsible frame of objectives. We are our own salvation.

The "old-style" of thinking is a legacy that has conditioned us to think and act in ways that separate the relationship of all things Cosmic. From our education, specialized fields of study and the false concept of ownership, humanity has divided everything into categories without a unified field of understanding – the synergistic one – the interdependent one. Your call for Community Connection is related directly to the natural necessity for tolerant coexistence with all things, which we as a species must adopt or perish in a degenerating spiral of illness. Although we know what is basically loving and wholesome, we must overcome the barriers and stigma of the past to establish civilization.

Your "new-style" words move me deeply to that daily challenge, knowing that we cannot blow someone off for any reason without risking further divisions among people. Indeed, every time we make the selfish choice, it pretends to be an immediate solution, or an escape from the root cause of social disease in one form or another. I pray that this dialogue does not die and that we work diligently to grow this network of people and expand the technology for the purpose of connecting the community of cocreatives where ever they are found.

I live in Pasadena, California, a community far enough away from Santa Barbara, that it is not practical for me to participate physically in SB, so I have been hoping to form a web based connection that can monitor our activity and encourage participation on a larger scale. Perhaps some of you have read some of my messages about this subject. Obviously there are other groups online and in other places around the world. If we can join this resonance and abundance of benevolent intention, we will build a politically potent group to affect change outside the currently damaged systems which wage war and do not empower citizens to exercise their power responsibly. This goes beyond our personal challenge to live a loving path of connection and strives to correct the source of those problems that may cause us to slip off center.

This email connection came from the early efforts of an FCE member and remains a powerful tool, yet to be fully realized, yet to be improved from its humble beginning. In my contemplation of our dilemma, it seems intuitive that we need to adopt a unifying theme and exercise the community to grow togetherness. We do not have lots of wisdom, models, or technologies to assist us in the pursuit, but I see that we are fully capable of discovering how to evolve consciously.

I make myself available for employment, consultation, writing, brainstorming, graphic design, and any other creative activity that will bring us closer together. At the same time I am anxious to hear from others who are willing to bring their talents and resources to bear in constructing The Conscious Evolution Network.

Barry, thank you from the bottom of my heart… I am with you…

Namasté > > > Mark  More >

 Common Denominator19 comments
6 May 2002 @ 23:59, by ming. Networking
A key purpose for the New Civilization Network was for me always that it would somehow be a connecting glue between many different groups, organizations, individuals, websites, etc. I.e. it wouldn't in itself be an organization or a hierarchy, but it would be a *network* - a self-organizing structure where many independent nodes can connect with each other in any way they choose, where any one of them can take a lead in some area, as they're inspired, but where there's no hierarchy of who's in charge.

It so far didn't entirely happen, as most people seem to identify NCN as a particular website, or a certain isolated group of people. And, for that matter, it is of no importance whether the network forms under the banner of NCN or under any other banner. The point is: how do we most effectively network all those diverse people who are working on pieces of the bigger puzzle, and how do we do it in a way that persists no matter whether any particular one group or websites persists or not.

Thinking about this, an obviously important factor is what exactly it is that holds such a network together. I.e. what is the one thing that people in NCN have in common, and what is the one thing they have in common with the people who make up many other communities, networks, websites, organizations, etc.?  More >

 Networking Conscious Evolution1 comment
16 Mar 2002 @ 03:08, by mmmark. Networking
Establishing an ever greater network of conscious evolutionists, has got to be a valuable set of tasks to pursue.

- It will save redundant waste of resources and time if we can decide what types of networking are going to be the most important, related specifically to supplying those essential goods and services world-wide. There is no need for us to write software if others are already doing it.
- But we must be able to show credibility in order to establish a network. Peoples questions about their investment must be answerable.
- By networking CE groups specializing in specific things like, FCE’s place of learning, "The Center For Conscious Evolution," other groups can relax to do their thing, while they can also rely on the synergy supplied with data connections, and services provided by the other groups – an interdependent relationship – Sounds like Nature!
- Database design is very important especially for membership, if we are going to network teams of specialists in virtual space, and give legal petitions and declarations.
- We should want to link this power to the aid of every worthy NPO (non-profit-organization) so we can help them do what they know best.

This is where our philosophy is going to be very important. We have to connect in harmony, not at cross purposes or in contradiction to one another on the root stuff, the basic stuff. We must know the biomechanical, the biochemical, and the biomental systems we are trying to repair our part in. We will not be successful with a selfish approach, or with minds closed to the ideas of others, we must think in Universal terms, so we can get along Universally.

This is a better outline of what I see needs doing. I have written several other posts on the subject of CEN if you care to review them, in my log and the "Subjects" section. Please feel free to comment your suggestions on how we candoo some of these things. Thanks!


PS – I forgot to say anything about raising money, or investing, next one I guess.  More > invitation - meet on Feb 5th0 comments
16 Jan 2002 @ 16:38, by ming. Networking has launched an initiative that calls for people to get together in many areas on February 5th, 2002, to organize local networking groups and help centers that facilitate constructive community projects of all kinds. is already very useful and successful in providing listings of organizations, resources, volunteer opportunities and much more. This is an attempt to take it further.

 TeamNet books available online0 comments
picture10 Oct 2001 @ 23:39, by ming. Networking
One of my central inspirations for starting the New Civilization Network 6 years ago was the work of Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps. They're sort of networking gurus, having written and talked extensively about the power of networked organizations, particularly inter-connected networks of teams, which they coined the term TeamNet for. I hoped for NCN to become a TeamNet. Anyway, because of the increased necessity for dialogue and good networking in the world, they've decided to make all their books available online for free. They are "The Networking Book", "The Age of the Network", "The TeamNet Factor" and "Virtual Teams". I very much applaud this. You can find the books at [link]  More >

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