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 Why NCN works...
2 May 2003 @ 12:48, by sharie

NCN is a great place to create anything we want.

When your personal life is great, and you're happy with your work, and your home life is wonderful... you may want to get a broader perspective on the global situation, and NCN is the place to do it.

If your personal life sucks, you have no friends, you can't get along with anybody, you can come onto ncn and point fingers at other people, and get a bunch of other people to point fingers and then you'll feel better about yourself. And NCN is the place to do it.

If you want to focus on compiling research so you can contribute toward creating a new civilization... and then offer your work for free on your newslog... NCN is the place to do it.

If people want to interfere with your work and waste your time on things that are unimportant to you, you can ask them to leave you alone, and when they don't, you can block them. Thank you Ming for that. NCN is the place to do anything you want, and that's why NCN works for me.

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