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picture30 Oct 2008 @ 21:50, by Unknown

Welcome to the New Civilization network, a meeting place for people of good will who are working on building a world that works for all of us. A world of increased quality of life, freedom, fun and inspiration for all.

We hope that you enjoy your stay here.

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31 Oct 2008 @ 16:11 by jazzolog : Point Taken
O remember sweet Silvia Martinez? How wonderful are her hopes and dreams, but not expressed in here anymore apparently. She does pop in sometimes for a look around, but no new articles at her Log in a couple years. It's a tribute to her though that people still find it and comment, particularly at that soap entry. :-) Hungry lions at NCN made her sad.  

10 Nov 2008 @ 20:18 by vaxen : Well...
just what exactly do you expect from something that came out of Scientology? Unfortunately 'New' often means rising out of the ashes of the old...

How does the old come to ashes?

Fiery discourse, maybe (War)? Not that there is really any discourse ot intercourse going on at NCN. Comes the Phoenix. Nothing new about the same old hash...

Fried green tomatoes  

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