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5 Nov 2005 @ 09:02, by Shreepal Singh

Updated 24 Oct 2010

I propose that a call be given through NCN web links to all those individuals, groups and organizations who are engaged in their own way to change our present world to bring a New Civilization to hold as early as possible an Earth Summit of the Leaders of New Civilization. The agenda of this Earth Summit should be to draw and adopt a Charter of Action For New Civilization Global Movement.
Here I am setting out a draft working Charter for consideration, amendment, if necessary, and adoption by such Summit.


NEW CIVILIZATION, which may be able to resolve the irreconcilable differences of faiths, cultures, politics etc. plaguing our civilization – Old Civilization - may dawn on our planet only if collective consciousness of mankind at the present juncture of her evolutionary march is READY TO ACCEPT its (New Civilization’s) values as mankind’s own need and FEEL as if there is something hollow without them.

What are the values of New Civilization of which mankind may feel as if there is something hollow without them and therefore may become ready to accept them?

To delineate them a draft Earth Charter of New Civilization has been put in place by an international gathering of well meaning activists / intellectuals. This document is aimed at provoking our collective consciousness to open up and take a stand on the burning issues of our civilization. Most of these issues relate with the very SURVIVAL of mankind and with shaping her DESTINY on Earth. One and all are invited to take a clear stand – for or against – on these issues and become part of the process of CONSCIOUS evolution of human race at the present CROSSROADS of her destiny.

Earth Charter of New Civilization contains a definite number of BASIC PREMISES. An overview of these propositions is given here. The basic propositions of Charter are:

Charter is founded on EIGHT FAITHS (that relate to HEART) and THREE CONVICTIONS (that relate to MIND) of global citizens. Charter seeks to DENY the respect and dominant place to the Present Civilization and to GIVE the same to New Civilization, which Civilization seeks to accomplish FIVE OBJECTIVES of human beings.

The faith propositions are:
1. Planet Earth is our COMMON HOME.

2. We have inherited it only in TRUST for use in decent manner and not for spoiling it by our improper acts.

3. Earth is not only for OUR use but also for the use of all other life-species dwelling on it.

4. This trust casts an obligation on us to PASS ON this planet not in inferior health but, if possible in better health to SUCCEEDING GENERATIONS of human beings and to all other life-species that would overtake it from us.

5. All life-species are miracle, blooming flowers in Universe’s barren desert and sacrosanct in their right to exist. We human beings have evolved our MIND to an extent where we are able enough to realize that all these non-human life-species have equal right to co-exist with us. Unless these life-species pose a danger to our safe dwelling on Earth, they deserve protection and preservation at our hands.

6. All man-made disputes of any nature can be resolved by man. And man has evolved his MIND to that evolutionary stage where he can realize that it is in his own interest that these disputes are resolved in PEACE and AMITY.

7. All life is evolving on Earth. Human being is a product of this evolution. Evolution has not stopped with the advent of human being. The process is extremely slow – barely perceptible in thousands of years – yet the process is on. We human beings must accept that we human beings are not the FINAL PRODUCT of this process and our MIND is not the ultimate TOOL of exploring reality around it and in universe.

8. But we human beings have evolved us SIGNIFICANTLY and have MIND that is capable to explore the unknown universe, in both directions of scale – micro and macro. We can harness to our use the secrets of nature and her forces. This, our, capability enables us today, if we are wise enough and choose this wisdom, to CONSCIOUSLY shape our DESTINY. This capability makes it possible for us to shape the destiny of EARTH also. Human beings can make an impact even on the destiny of UNIVERSE.

The conviction propositions are:
1. Human beings are capable to destroy themselves. This capability is now PRESENT and they need only the DECISION to destroy. Any serious man-made dispute may act as a TRIGGER to take this decision.

2. Sustainable human-unity, if we achieve at the global scale, is the only EEFECTIVE and WORKABLE guarantee against the danger of self-annihilation posed by divided human beings.

3. This unity can only be established if we human beings realize that our INTERESTS are common, that the PURPOSE OF LIFE on Earth is common and that the DESTINY of human race is common.

Charter seeks to accomplish these objectives, which are in common interest of all human beings:


1. New Civilization seeks to accomplish survival not only of all ethnic divisions and subdivisions of human race living in different countries of the world but also of ALL life-species dwelling on Earth.

2. It seeks to secure this objective by ensuring that peoples of Earth stand on the side of PEACE and not war for any cause whatsoever.

3. It also seeks to accomplish this objective by ensuring that peoples establish on our planet GOOD ORDER and not anarchy under any ideology.

4. It further seeks to secure this objective by compelling all organized groups of human beings on Earth, whether organized under the banner of nation-states or of any other common human feelings, to DISARM themselves completely of the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

5. New Civilization seeks to accomplish this objective of collective survival not only by persuading peoples in the world to observe self-restraints in their inter se relations but also by paying RESPECT TO NATURE and its ways through its conservation.

Secondly, FREEDOM:

1. New Civilization seeks to accomplish freedom of individual from any kind of oppression, whether it is of political kind or of the kind of economic, culture or social.

2. It seeks to accomplish this freedom of individual from oppression within the human organization of nation-states and also international relations of such nation-states.

3. New Civilization seeks to secure this state of freedom for individuals by ensuring that the human rights of individual are protected in the organized society of human beings.

4. It also seeks to secure this freedom of individuals by ensuring that the interests of organized society are guarded against criminals and anarchy.


1. New Civilization seeks to accomplish prosperity not only of one set of human beings (as against another set of those who remain poor) but of ALL.

2. It seeks to secure prosperity for all people by utilizing the TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS made by human beings. These advancements make it possible for human beings to REDUCE THE WORK HOURS for all those who are engaged in creating wealth. New Civilization does not permit utilization of these advancements to make a set of human beings WORK-LESS and to allow another set to ACCUMULATE wealth. Instead, it seeks to utilize these advancements to make available LEASURE-HOURS to all those who are engaged in wealth production.

3. It also seeks to secure this objective by utilizing SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT of natural resources of Earth so that waste of these precious resources is avoided, there is no unsustainable exploitation of these resources and, on that account, no ecological imbalance is created by man.

4. New Civilization seeks to utilize these measures in order to bring efficiency in production and distribution of man-made wealth.


1. New Civilization aims at accomplishing UNITY among different subdivisions of mankind on Earth by promoting mutual RESPECT FOR DIVERSITY among them.

2. It also aims to secure this unity by promoting UNDERSTANDING with one another. (Refer to the contribution that may be made in this respect by the concept of RELATIVITY and FRAMES OF REFERENCE).

3. New Civilization also seeks to secure this unity by admitting that there exists DIVERSITY among different subdivisions of mankind and promoting HARMONY amid this diversity.

And fifthly and finally, ENLIGHTNMENT:

1. New Civilization seeks to accomplish enlightenment of human beings by encouraging them to imbibe the KNOWLEDGE OF SCIENCE.

2. It seeks to encourage them to imbibe the knowledge of MATERIAL SCIENCE. It encourages them to learn and know what modern Physics and other branches of science have revealed to us, like our place in the Universal Time, Unity of Fundamental Forces of nature, Mirror- Images of OUR matter, Life and its Codes, convergence of all branches of science, etc. etc.

3. New Civilization also seeks to encourage them to imbibe the knowledge of PSYCHIC SCIENCE. It encourages them to learn and know what psychic sciences are revealing to us, like Near Death Perception, Extra-sensory Perception, Life after Death, Planes of Consciousness, etc. etc.

4. New Civilization also seeks to bring enlightenment among human beings by encouraging them to always remain READY TO LEARN and OPEN TO CHANGE of one’s intellectual convictions.
NOW these objectives are sought to be realized in an effective manner by this ACTION PLAN:
1. These objectives are sought to be accomplished by a concerted but voluntary community action of willing individuals at local and global level.
2. Towards this end, the trans-position of allegiance of such willing individuals is sought away from their native nation-states and to NEW CIVILIZATION ZONES.
3. These New Civilization Zones are envisioned as small units of organized humanity, which are scattered across the globe, connected through information technology with one another and act collectively in unison.
4. Instead of owing allegiance to their native nation-states, these small units of collective humanity in New Civilization Zones would be bound by a common vision and feeling of belonging to one another for a cause greater than nationality .
5. To bring desirable change around them locally and in the world at large, these small human-groupings would act in global unison through their concerted actions.
6. In dealing with the now-dominating institutions of nation-states, these New Civilization Zones would act in consonance with the dictates of their common vision and feelings.
7. In their dealing with the now-dominant players on the issues of local and global ramifications, New Civilization Zones solely depend for their victory over them on the strength of their collective co-operative or non-cooperative actions.
8. New Civilization Zones would act as per the specific issues and stands by either extending their non-violent, collective and co-operating global helping hand to these now-dominant national and international players or by resisting them with their non-violent, non-cooperating global boycott.
I. What is a New Civilization Zone?
1. NCZ is a goal-oriented community. This goal is the conscious evolution of human beings. The tool of this conscious evolution is knowledge – this knowledge is in the form of science and technology. This tool – knowledge - helps the human evolution at their collective and individual livings. At the collective living, it is done by subordinating the desire-dominated man-made institutions to the dispassionate discipline of knowledge. There, it helps in planning efficient self-governance in every sphere of human activity. Such planning of self-governance ensures the saving of human-energy from wasteful social conflicts. This saved social energy, when ploughed back to the common benefits of society, provides people leisure-hours, high standard of life and peaceful life. These three things enable human beings to be free from daily struggle of life, be inquisitive to look into things around them and in their search for truth to turn towards spirit. This collective turning towards spirit helps the evolution gain acceleration. In this way, the community is helped by knowledge in providing more freedom to its members, enabling them to become more efficient in the matter of their democratic self-governance and thereby making them collectively available a cultural ambience that is conducive to turn towards spirit. At the individual living, a person is helped by knowledge – or science – in understanding brain, mind, paranormal phenomena etc. and helped to realize the existence of mysterious nature, spirit, their world and laws.

2. New Civilization Zones are visualized as democratic local communities of spontaneous growth born out of the need of time and gradually spreading all over the world. From their very birth, these communities are seen motivated by the spirit of rebellion against the organized immoral force of multinational business corporations operating in tandem with nation-states, which adversely affect individuals’ spiritual well-being and communities’ social harmony. These communities are seen pursuing in different countries vastly different localized objectives of their initiative but still they are seen globally a single force united in certain common and well defined basic principles.

3. One of the most important hallmarks of these communities is that they do not require an outside initiative by an external force for their birth and growth. They do not need the support of some conspiratorial organizational planning at national or international level.
In their birth they are seen spontaneous despite being geographically located in scattered manner in different places. In their growth they are seen multiplying in their location, number and power.

4. Also, it is seen as a slow social process taking place over decades, which may run into centuries to overpower the present civilization. This process is seen fuelled by today’s deep discontent of human spirit and her disapproval of inefficient and wasteful institutions of our civilization. This rejection on the part of mankind seems the sheer historical necessity of our times in the evolutionary march of mankind. The force of human spirit fuels NCZs. What is important is the power of the fuelling force that will propel mankind towards this change. Spirit of human being is caged, bonded, strangulated and humiliated today by our world - this brute civilization - not because this world has no means to allow her to express fully - a joyous living - but because it does not care to listen her voice. It has no value for the human spirit and her wailings for real freedom, which she badly needs to go further and which this world - our civilization - has the means to afford. The force of human spirit is undefeated one; the New Civilization would be ushered in by Time; New Civilization Zones would be brought into existence by this rebellious human spirit. It is only a matter of time. This civilization - the totally dishonest one in its pretentions of providing liberty to human beings - is not immortal; it has no inner strength; it is glittering outside and hollow within.
5. The smallest New Civilization Zone may consist of a few individuals but to survive it must grow further into a community. This Zone is seen as an embryo of a sovereign habitation of human beings governed by its own laws and far superior in quality of its institutions with reference to human-wellbeing in comparison to our present world’s political, economic and cultural institutions. They must grow out of their miniscule size of a few individuals to a status of democratically elected and self-controlling governments of villages, cities and eventually the whole nation. The key to their defense against the strangulation by the old world lies in their superiority of quality of life, of number of people living in these Zones and of their capability in knowledge and technology.

II. The basic principles of New Civilization Zones:

1. NCZ, a community empowered by knowledge:

The community puts the highest premium on knowledge and assigns a grading to different branches of knowledge according to their relative importance to human life. The top slot goes to the human spirit. In these zones individuals are guaranteed the peace of one’s inner life against encroachments by uncalled for economic and political intrusion. In these zones, persons leading their peaceful inner spiritual life are regarded a valuable social asset, as being the fountain of social morality and good of fellow human beings and in return of this valuable contribution by them they are guaranteed means of sustenance without any further demand by molesting them with economic and political pressures. The second grade of knowledge in importance is Science. Out of the best available stuff of community, which has no inclination to pursue spirit’s demand, would be deployed to study science and uncover the mysteries of Nature. Next to the first slot, the highest respect of the community goes to scientists. The fruits of their labor are not available for sale, inside NCZs or outside to the old world. The contribution in the form of edge-technology made by the scientists is exclusively community’s asset, which would be a closely guarded community’s secret (and would be an important element in defending the community against coercion by the outside – old – world). In return for this valuable social contribution, these people would be guaranteed the best of the available means of life’s sustenance. The third slot in importance goes to commercial activities. These activities may be planned by the scientists so as to sub serve the best interests (mind the grading here) of people and would include elements of planned production, distribution and consumption. The rest of the community that is not able to come up to the first three grading would be a valuable human resource to be deployed that may be needed by the community in pursuit of its first three goals.

2. NCZ, a community of more freedom:

The zones are able to provide more economic freedom to individuals by eliminating the immoral element of cornering profits by those who plan and control economic engine in the old world. This is done by planning the three basic elements of economy: production; distribution; and consumption. The consumption element is guided by informed incentive; distribution element is controlled by community; and production element is planned to meet consumption- needs by scientific combination of human and natural resources for optimum output (no wastage of human-energy in the form of unemployment etc. finds place in these NCZs). In NCZs production is a creative enjoyment. These communities are also able to provide more political freedom by employing the information-technology in constantly expressing the will of people in the matter of self-governance. These zones would be transparently self-governed by the available technology and zealously guard themselves against manipulation by money-power (which power would be under social scan and control). Also, these zones would transcend archaic monoliths of religions into the modern day systematic inquiry into things spiritual and thereby provide more cultural freedom.

3. NCZ, a community of fewer needs:

While the dissemination of information of whatsoever nature would be the backbone of these communities, advertisements to psychologically lure people to unnecessary needs would face non-cooperation and boycott of the community. Such activities would be starved of public's response and thus rendered meaningless for generating funds by promoting blind sales of articles of human use.

4. NCZ, a community ensuring its defense by expanding into and absorption of the
old world:
This growth and expansion are the sine qua non for the survival of these zones against the hostile old world. There is a plain truth expressed in these columns, which is long and consistently recognized by leaders of mankind in different ages. It is the force of this truth that would surely find resonance within secret chambers of hearts of billions of ordinary people throughout the world and get amplified over a period of time in the form of a compelling global demand by them for an alternative civilization. NCZs are nothing but this alternative civilization.

5. NCZ, a community owing allegiance to an alternative world and civilization:

By their very definition, NCZs are rival to today’s sovereign nation states. They aspire to absorb and eliminate the modern day nation states (which establish their hegemony by deceitful, immoral and brute force of violence and money, and suppress a justified human spirit’s aspiration for real freedom). These zones rely on the power of people as against that of state. They promote decentralized localism as against centralized multinational-ism. They assert the rights of individual over community, of community over nation and of nation over the globe that is united to usurp individual’s freedom. These Zones make their own political constitutions and laws to govern them as islands amid the ocean of this old world. They print their own local money to give them financial freedom, security and stability. They recruit their own social-volunteers to enforce their laws.
For reading more articles like this one, visit IPC website here

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5 Nov 2005 @ 11:23 by jazzolog : A Wonderful Idea
Certainly there couldn't be a better time for such a Summit. Hopefully another agreeing member will have a suggestion on how to facilitate the call through NCN web links. I have a link to this article on the NCN splash page, where even visiting nonmembers can take a look.

Hi jazzolog, thanks for appropriate advice. Now a virtual workgroup has been created for carrying the work forward. I invite and request you to join this workgroup. Thanks again.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 12:02 by swan : I think it is a great idea too,
though I don't know how to link it up to the world of the internet, we can start here. You can bring people to your newslog with the title you use. Maybe a simple title that people who are concerned might 'google'.


Hi swan, Thanks for the adcice and we shall take steps to implement the same. I invite and request you to join the workgroup created for this purpose. Thank you.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 12:05 by jstarrs : It IS a wonderful idea... can one not agree?
How does one realize this kind of project?
Maybe a symbol representing this that can be seen anywhere, everywhere?
Like a tag?


Hi jstarrs, Thanks for the suggestion. Let us impliment these ideas. I invite and request you to join the workgroup created for this purpose. Thanks once again.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 13:20 by swanny : A Problem...
What's in it for them?
Why would the current civilization
willing give up their administration
despite how perceived awful it is
to an untried and untested and perhaps
illegitimate body of citizens.
What is the legal precidence and justification
of such other than a warm feeling that
it can be done better and differently without
any proof or means or example of such.
It is a perhaps not novel idea but of some
merit but premature and somewhat


Reply from Shreepal
There is no Government of wild animals in forests, except the Law of Might is Right. And they are well governed by that Law. We human beings are also animals except that we have imposed certain restrictions on ourselves that are dictated by our developed mind and we live in comparatively organized society. New Civilization can never be without restrictions, except that those restrictions would come from within oneself. How that can be? We have to further rise above animals, our cousines that we have left behind in evolutionary carvan. It is called 'Enlightenment' and New Civilization Global Movement aims at it. Any way it is not easy. But then there is nothing easy. We have not become human beings in an easy way either? Let's interact more. Warm greetings.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 13:32 by swanny : Besides...
Besides there already exists an organization
that proposes such....
Mind you it is in need of reform and updating
but it is


If you wish maybe you could solicite them with
"your call"....

United Nations Link =

Reply from Shreepal:
Please have a look at 'New Civilization Global Movement - An Overview' to appreciate difference between "organized people' and 'organized Nation-states'.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 13:35 by swanny : UN Reform...
UN Reform Link =  

5 Nov 2005 @ 14:07 by silviamar : I like this idea too!
and would love to see it crystallized as a reality. Every journey starts with a single step, many times the most difficult one. To accept by heart that this idea is attainable could represent our first step.
By the way, considering your way to present it, it's easy to see that you're a lawyer ;-)


I invite and request you to join the workgroup dedicated for Earth Summit.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 16:57 by jobrown : Sounds like a


5 Nov 2005 @ 17:51 by bushman : Hmm
Intresting, maybe we can place ourselves as UN advisors. Personaly I think total disarmerment won't happen and maybe shouldn't, not that it's likely that some nasty space aliens would invade the earth. I think man is resourseful enough to slap something together in a time of need, but in the end only criminals will have bombs. But it sure would be nice if world leaders and those people with the money to do something for the good of mankind and the planet as a whole, can find our thoughts about a certine issue or be able to test out a plan of action. It's when we say this is how we are going to do it, and then make laws and rule that "force others" to live thier life different, ie, the UN as it is today.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 18:44 by jazzolog : My Understanding
of Shreepal's suggestion is this is something for NCN to do. That is, someone with access to an entire list of member website links would email out the proposal, with the charter of action, for amendment and publication. I'm sure Shreepal will clarify.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 19:01 by vibrani : One has to be careful
they don't become what they criticize or condemn in others. This might be seen as another means of major control. For example, we can't demand that all species survive and in peace. What would you tell the lion who kills for food? Or volcanoes from erupting? Stop? There is a natural cycle of life, too, and all species have their own consciousness and plan. Global unity is a reality in many ways, already. I don't say we aren't here to do our best not to destroy, but destruction is also a part of creation and life. To force peace and other things can be like an act of war or control, too. To want what you posted has to come from the willingness of people.

We have the ability to to ensure freedom, compassion, shelter, clothing, education, and good health, to teach how all life is connected and effected by everything we do - which helps to create peace and abundance, but people also have to have the consciousness for peace and abundance. Not every person on this planet has the identical consciousness at the same time. You're doing what many of us have been doing - putting ideas out into cyberspace, the airwaves, on paper, wherever we can. Eventually, and inevitably, things will change.

As it being something for NCN to do? I don't know. I've also offered up various plans (as many others have), and while people liked and agreed with them, it wasn't something endorsed or intentionally promoted by NCN.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 19:35 by jstarrs : There's no 'demand'
It's a wish, an affirmation, in my understanding.
A lion's lion-ness is killing for food.
So's a human's but he also makes war but that's not necessarily a human-ness thing.
More like a mistake.
Nobody wants to force anything, as I understand it, it's an affirmation.
People who don't have the same consciousness may be inspired by such an affirmation.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 19:45 by vibrani : You say
tomaaaaato and I say tomahhhhto....everyone has their own interpretation.

Since energy attracts like energy, I think people who don't have the same consciousness probably won't give it a second glance.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 20:22 by swanny : Representation
There would be a matter perhaps of "electing"
"representatives" from a strictly logistics
point of view. But how or what is the "distinction"
between groups on the internet? Age, income, money,
skill, ability, virtue, faith,....?????
What is a good or better way of doing this.
To many voices would never be heard no?  

5 Nov 2005 @ 20:42 by jstarrs : So, Vi...
...when you say "I think people who don't have the same consciousness probably won't give it a second glance" do you think that people just stay in the same 'consciousness', as you say, or do you think that some people can be inspired to change their mind and evolve to a different, perhaps 'higher' consciousness?  

5 Nov 2005 @ 21:04 by vibrani : Are you kidding me?
Some people can be inspired to change and that is why I do what I do: But every person in their own time and place/space (starting with themselves) is how change occurs. There has to be synchronicity - the right time, place, situation, openness and willingness in order for someone to read something and consider, "Oh, hmmm, that's interesting, I've never thought about that before. That might be a good idea." People who are closed and read my stuff or other spiritual stuff often remain defiantly closed because they aren't open to anything different, (change is a threat), that's a fact from my experience. They either can't, or don't want to, understand what is being said. It would take something more extraordinary for a closed person to suddenly open up...and often that takes being in person with them where there is more of a transfer of energy, or actual physical touch (having to do with genuine compassion). Sometimes it takes many conversations. Even then, there are no guarantees. That doesn't stop me, and shouldn't stop anyone else from trying, while respecting the individual's free will and timing. Not forcing nor demanding, because that just sets up resistance. The path of least resistance is the easiest one to employ or follow and will yield results quickly. Funny how some people choose the path of most resistance (and I think most or all of us have been there and done that before).  

5 Nov 2005 @ 21:20 by jstarrs : Well, let's hope that Shreepels...
..language inspires the most people possible.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 21:21 by vibrani : And that's all you have to say?
To my reply to you? Do you think words will automatically inspire closed minds without regard to what I wrote above? Hell, man, you can write the most beautiful poem in the world, but if one's heart isn't open, they won't be touched by the poem. They might even ridicule it.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 21:28 by zimpen : My view...

I think the change have to spread like a virus, the virus of unconditional love will sneak in to the pyramid structures and eat them from within. Creating different networks in all different subjects and areas of life, starting to solve organization stuff with the empowering style is my song for now. Its a new structure that is being planted on earth.
UN is controlled.
And Bushman; I think our planet got invaded by nasty space aliens long long time ago and that the five-sense-world is controlled by them... thats also why big projects never works because our controllers are way ahead of us in intelligence and time-view, the change have to come between human and human everywhere.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 21:33 by vibrani : There is something to be said
for the 100th monkey theory...but that also takes openness - telepathy, consciousness.

As for the ETs controlling us - that's so passe! Humans are choosing that, themselves.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 21:37 by zimpen : yo
Yes, but still its a perspective that can shake it around in the old patterns of thinking, or is it really that old?  

5 Nov 2005 @ 21:52 by bushman : Naw
zim, when regular people like Tesla, Einstine etc... figured out some things that really shouldnt be common knowledge, it all went underground. So as to make people think they know the latest tech, when really they controled the knowledge, and today sit 75 years more advanced than what we are allowed to know. As for direct alien infuance, I cant say either way, I do know chances are we all carry alien DNA from the past encounters. I also know mankind is intellegent enough to solve most the world problems today. Yet as Vi sez, it has to come from people being awake by choice to do something to solve it.  

5 Nov 2005 @ 22:40 by vibrani : Zimpen
yes, it's really that old, and it became learned behavior for humans. Humans emulated the ETs thinking that would make them more divine, have eternal life, stronger, and so on. They didn't totally get the genetic plan back then. But, what they ended up doing was playing the same game for power and control. Many people today are reincarnations of those beings from back then. And, those beings have also changed their consciousness since then. People choose today. I think we have to focus on what people are doing to this planet of ours. The benevolent ETs aren't interferring (but they are communicating with us), and the Greys are doing something else - they're not running our governments, even though our governments do know about them and made deals with them in the past. There is a lot going on with ETs and people but I think people are using ETs as a scapegoat for a lot that is human created. Like creating the idea of the devil for control in the churches. I feel that when people realize what they've chosen to believe in, what they've copied from past generations and why, and realize what is in their DNA and that ALL is part of the same Source (ergo divine), so many things can change.  

6 Nov 2005 @ 09:56 by swanny : Okay...
How about this.....
People select two "municiple representives" from there "local" environs or city
a man or woman from the center within a 750 mile radius of there particular "time zone" and major city so say 24 men and women from each time zone, for a total of 24 x 24 = 576, (288 women and 288 men) and this could be "THE TIME ZONE COUNCIL" governed according to "Roberts Rules of Order or Parlimentary procedure ....(could some confirm my math) of legal age, so you have a body of representatives from the various (24) time zones and establish a body at the United Nations to reflect this?  

6 Nov 2005 @ 10:04 by vibrani : Okay
and how would these people be chosen and is it the agenda of NCNers that would be the reason they would be going to the UN? Or representing all people? That's a lot of reps.  

6 Nov 2005 @ 10:28 by swanny : Details...
Well just recalled the magic of the number "144"....
Its in the bible some where or is it 144,000 well whatever...
Ah I don't know..... I'm not a "detail" man....
I'm in the "ideas" department....


6 Nov 2005 @ 10:33 by swanny : Portfolios...
I suppose for starters you could have 4 basic "PORTFOLIOS"


and take it from there....


6 Nov 2005 @ 10:40 by swanny : Quality.. or qualities
It would also be wise to figure out the "quality" aspects



but I'm just a dishwasher well actually
I suppose I'm just a "solar technologist"

I'm sort of out of my department here.


6 Nov 2005 @ 19:58 by freo7 : Agree Earth Summit of the NCN leaders
We know who we are. And there can NEVER BE 2 MANY VOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although swanny is more attuned with what apparently 'is' according to the
TV news to date here in the USA. LOL And vibrani too I suppose but what
do I know. I live in Idaho and we here have been called the UNcivilization.

I believe that we each (who are doing the personal WORK of raising our own vibrations each day into a higher and higher composit of energies motivating and attracting LIKE LIKE KIND unto ourselves) have a massive impact upon what is called the criticle mass mind of all humans incarnate here now. I see it happening each day more than the next but you see THAT is where my attention is, IE., NOT at all on the present corruption at the govern~mental levels, including the UN. I read this thread of responses fast and did not notice any mention of the globalization of Earth movement called The New World Order which as it is to date is also hogwash.


P.S. I have been noticing lately that when I remain in my own crown chakra while perceiving my own day to day earth walk, everyone I meet seems to be there too and all of this issue is a whole 'nuther story' from there.

Mah Gii Kah Oui => "Daring to be the relationship we all already are!!"  

7 Nov 2005 @ 04:58 by Vaxen Var @ : Words:
When the mind is in delusion, the Flower of Dharma turns.
When the mind is in realization, we turn the Flower of Dharma.
Unless we are clear about ourselves, however long we recite [the sutra] (Or make ''Charters of Action''),
It will become an enemy because of its meanings.
Without intention the mind is right.
With intention the mind becomes wrong.
When we transcend both with and without,
We ride eternally in the white ox cart.  

11 Nov 2005 @ 17:46 by ming : Earth Summit
What a great and noble endeavor, Shreepal.

Now, it is a kind of thing one might spread virally. One can have a website where people go and sign it. One can persuade various organizations to endorse it and promote it.

But then, to be practical about it, is it precise and spot-on enough? It is something that a majority of people who're interested in a new civilization would sign? Would it need to be adjusted a bit to increase the number of people who could support it?

It is the kind of thing that very well could have been proposed and signed by some group of important people, respresenting various organizations, who came together for some kind of summit. Could very well be a UN related thing.

But is it the kind of thing that mobilizes people to create such a summit and a movement? I don't know. I mean, there's a difference between a noble and inspiring statement to sign at a summit, and a noble and inspiring statement that in itself becomes the driving force to make it happen.

I suppose most kinds of summits will come together by some people doing a lot of networking, a lot of meeting with leaders or organizations, a lot of groundwork in getting various groups aligned with each other. It has to reach a certain magnitude to be pulled off. Would we here be able to pull something like that off? Potentially. Probably. But we need a very potent substrate to grow it in.  

11 Nov 2005 @ 21:52 by jazzolog : Tending The Substrate
Very true. For those of us who garden, the work on the soil never ends. Even if one is an enlightened zenman, who just tosses seeds into the meadow, attention must be alert, constant, easy. The day of a potent substrate just sorta showing up probably is gone with the wind. Where is the NCN compost pile...and who turns it from time to time?  

12 Nov 2005 @ 00:02 by swan : The compost pile,
remember Richard, you have been there, it is way down in the bowels of the website. You were a guard there once I think:-) I remember snapping a picture...

Am I still on the thread or have I digressed?  

12 Nov 2005 @ 05:42 by shreepal : Reply to comment.
Hi ming, what an insightful comment! Please help me so that we all collectively take a right direction. I am not very practical man and mostly live in the world of thoughts. A great weakness, indeed in our world. But we are here to help each other and do something noble for mankind. Yes, the whole idea of New Civilization Movement should be endorsed by prominent organization and not by one but by many; and if possible by U.N related organization. And yes, in the proposed Charter many things may be included to improve it. You know it is only a working draft and it may be and should be improved by competent persons. In fact the get-together of global people is suggested for this very purpose. You very aptly commented that the whole idea of New Civilization, a Smmit, a Movement for the same should be spread like virus. It is good for the mankind. Perhaps the time for the same has come. It is the collective consciousness of mankind whether the time has come or not. Please guide the workgroup created for this purpose by your thoughtful advice. Thanks again.  

12 Nov 2005 @ 15:45 by ming : Movement
I'm sometimes a little, I don't know, cynical about this kind of thing. Or we could say, practical. In part from having tried something like it and not quite achieving critical mass. Of nobody's fault but my own. But I have a certain respect for the amount of effort that needs to be ammassed, and the number of vectors that need to be aligned, and the difficulties involved. So, let me apologize in advance if I'll sometimes be the devil's advocate or point out things that might not work.

There's no reason it can't be done. But the people who most contribute to it happening will probably be those practical types who aren't particularly living in the world of thought. Who won't hesitate to grab the phone and call some important people to get them to participate. Who will network and lobby untiringly. Who will go door to door and collect signatures, or who will arrange events and symposiums and press conferences.

I myself tend to maybe also live mainly in a world of thought. Oh, I'm practical about a bunch of things, like websites and technical stuff. But in terms of creating a movement, I'd tend towards wanting to write some inspiring manifesto, and then hoping that a movement automatically will assemble around it. I don't naturally do most of those practical things which probably are needed. But other people do. So the trick is in getting different kinds of people to work together, so that there are both thinkers and doers, both visionaries and very practical people.  

12 Nov 2005 @ 18:52 by jazzolog : Inertia
How tired.  

12 Nov 2005 @ 19:09 by bushman : Hmm, preload
the the assembled parts before launch, this will overcome the inertia. :}  

12 Nov 2005 @ 21:19 by vibrani : Ming's comment
is right on. That's why there needs to be connection with a base, or bases, that can subsidize such a project, with people who really like doing the footwork. There has to be that combination of thinkers/feelers and doers with the same vision.  

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