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 questioning existance2 comments
picture15 Oct 2002 @ 11:19, by adexlf. Personal Development
Sometimes I feel like running away and abandoning all the binds that I constantly tangle myself with in this material world. But to do this I need to find the place that is beyond material, that is with out substance and form. And after many years searching, I have come to terms that this place exists somewhere else beyond the earths pretty face. It can become overwhelmingly difficult when you are on a quest to find the greater than what you know, like trying to be invisible in a visable world. After all my struggling, and don't think twice, my struggles are ever present, I begun to use my struggles as alies on my quest for the perfect in perfection For so long I have denied everything I know to be true because somewhere I heard that there was more, a better than what I am kind of more. So I took this too literaly and lost myself believing it. But know as time rolls on, I realize that the more is not something entirely different than what I am and what I understand up to this moment, it is simply the evolvement of my individual aspects. Its like a scientist who spends his whole life in a labratory and in text creating theories in his mind of what it is all about, but all the while never actually going out to collect data from his obsevances of the true existance of things, all of his reaserch consists of others interpretations of their own experience. But when this scientist finally makes his pilgramige to experience first hand the topics he has studied his whole life, there is no way that all he has learned so far is false or mislead, and that he has to start over and destroy all he knows thus far, his mind is simply developing and learning to view an object from all spectrums of its entirety. So what I have had to come to terms with is the fact that I am evolving and constantly growing, and to run away from what I understand is like the apple that denies the tree its attached to, it just makes the growth process a continuous struggle. I stand where I am and how I am for a reason that is not comprimisable, imagine a flower that wishes not to grow towards the sky or never wants to open to reveal its beautifull colors. You can't. So instead of trying to close yourself out from the world in hopes to find a more spiritual existance, open your eyes wide and learn from all that is around you, we wouldn't have eyes if if we weren't meant to use the world to develope our mind. And, oh yeah, have some fun, it simply IS a fun quest we are on, there is no way to mature with out your sense of humor, so be what you dream and and dream of what you want to be.  More >

 Monday 9 Sep 20023 comments
picture9 Sep 2002 @ 18:55, by ming. Personal Development
  • 4 days till the next New Civ Salon in L.A. The phone is usually ringing off the hook those few days with people RSVPing or asking what the heck it is.

  • When I was driving around Denmark with my family, after not having been there for a decade, one of the most striking differences is the thousands of windmills that now dot the landscape. Denmark had a plan of covering 50% of the national energy needs with wind by 2030. However, I wouldn't be very surprised if that goal is close to being met. Anybody knows? Here's an article from Wired about various ambitious wind projects in northern Europe. The picture to the right is of the 40Megawatt windmill park "Middelgrunden" at the entrance to the Copenhagen harbor.

  • A Skull & Bones Broadcast by Connie Chung scheduled for September 4th on CNN was cancelled without explanation. That shouldn't be any big surprise, as the current U.S. president and his dad are amongst the prominent members of this secret society, picked from seniors at Yale University. The best researched document about the Skull & Bones Society is the book "America's Secret Establishment" by Anthony Sutton, who at the time was a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University. I couldn't put it down when I was reading it a number of years ago. The list of members is quite chilling.

  • I've been out looking for a new house to live in with my family this past week. Just another rental at this point, but the current house is really too small for us and our stuff. Not that I have the money or that I'm ready, but it seems to be time to move.

    "I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance; to live so that which comes to me as seed goes to the next as blossom and that which comes to me as blossom, goes on as fruit." --Dawna Markova, Author of Open Mind.  More >

  •  Intermission4 comments
    picture6 Sep 2002 @ 00:06, by koravya. Personal Development
    September 5, Thursday evening. Second whole day in a row without a cigarette. Third consecutive night. Like that is a major accomplishment. Last art class was tonight with Lawrence and Sergio, then Curtis and Robert and Johnny. Everyone has turned in their research papers, except Matthew, for this class.
    Learn to reflect upon the day, as I once did in so much detail with the material I lived through for two years in India. I burned all those diaries from India in ‘77 or ‘78, when I was living on Franklin St. in Madison, in the apartment upstairs from Bobby Jo and his family. That was where I drew out my first set of drawings for The Gathering, and where I painted that old wooden door with a textured and terrained map of the American continents on one side and an image of the central American peninsula around the Yucatan on the other.
    I painted my symbol on that door, and that door was given up around the fall of ‘87 when I moved into that warehouse in Madison. One set of destructions after another. There have been some nice things that I have made that have been lost along the way. It seems that certain sacrifices must be made along the way in order to open gateways leading to newer realizations. The gospel of detachment is the path of liberation.
    I can come up with some good stuff if I set my mind to it and practice. There also needs to be some sort of motivation, driving force, or vision. Lately, I have been motivated to attempt communication with a handful of people at the web site. I bumped into it about two months ago and joined this group of Newsloggers. What I have to communicate is a book of poetry I composed 20 years ago, which has undergone a couple of revisions since then, but it is essentially the same. The audience for this material has always been microscopic, and I wonder what I can do to create a wider readership. It occurs to me to use this website, whose Newsloggers provide various forms of political, spiritual and artistic content, and are all directed towards visionary approaches towards solving our planet’s ecological problem, which along with the threat of a conflagration in warfare, are the problems that today’s and tomorrow’s generation must face.
    Most of what passes for news in the newspapers does not deal with these issues in any meaningful or effective way. The problem solvers and the problem creators are living on two different worlds, all on the same planet, and it is the creative visionaries like those who inhabit the various rooms of the NewCiv Newsloggers who contribute to the solution, which will emerge as we participate together in the growth of our individual and mutual awareness.
    My personal approach is formulated in my book of poetry. I dropped, for the most part, the first person singular from this narrative of a journey along the pathways of my neural connections, and the images they evoke. Depersonalizing it Universalizes it. This is my personal little version of 21st century mythology looking into a hypothetical future for our planet according to my perception of present trends. I am looking into tomorrow and I am looking into the world of generations to come for as far as I can see.
    What will there be left to believe in?
    Where will direction and guidance through mystery come from?
    As I began posting the pages of my ancient contemporary poem in the Newslog grand central station, responses and comments emerged through that pixilated universe, and I realized that communication was in fact, occurring here,
    and that my own current explanations, commentary, and active participation were going to be an integral part of my intention to share my universe.
    Ever try to write your own myth, the story that puts all of your beliefs, contradictions, dreams, and everything else in your real and imaginary universe into a coherent framework of images, and depersonalize it? That’s my little story.
    This is a rare and special opportunity for me to be sharing this material with the Newsloggers and visitors of I’m old enough to still be rather amazed at the idea that I am finding real friends behind these keyboard characters and pixilated images, but the reality of it all speaks for itself, and it is impossible to doubt that what is going on here is real.
    So members come, and members go, just like in real life, every day and every year. We speak our words for the part we play, and move on, as the voice we hear and speak tells us which way to go.
    Tells me. Tells us. Tells you. Tells the Listener.  More >

     Am I cynical, yet?9 comments
    26 Jul 2002 @ 19:39, by cho. Personal Development
    deleted  More >

     the beauty in others
    19 Jul 2002 @ 12:37, by sindy. Personal Development
    This part i Choose as my online diary.. a place where i can store my thoughts, my love and my wishes.. and also from time to time keep little things that other hearts share with me.. and or ever give to me*  More >

     Solara's Surf Report for April0 comments
    picture12 Apr 2002 @ 03:37, by ming. Personal Development
    Here is Solara's Surf Report for April. I always find these readings of our collective energies to be spot on and very enlightening.  More >

     "My Life Matters" by John Robbins
    28 Nov 2001 @ 13:44, by sharie. Personal Development

    My life matters

    It always matters whether I reach out in friendship or lash out in anger.

    It matters whether I live with compassion and awareness or whether I succumb to distractions and trivia.

    It always matters how I treat other people, how I treat animals, and how I treat myself.

    It always matters what I do. It always matters what I say. And it always matters what I eat.

    When I choose to affirm the dignity inherent in life and to uphold the beauty, the magic, and the mystery of the living Earth, something happens.

    It happens whether or not anyone else recognizes my efforts, and it happens regardless of how wounded or flawed I am.

    What happens is I join a long lineage of human beings who have stood for and helped to bring about a future worthy of all the tears and prayers our species has known.

    My life becomes a statement of human possibility.

    My life becomes an instrument through which a healthier, more compassionate, and more sustainable future will come to be.

    Excerpt from "The Food Revolution" by John Robbins

    31 Oct 2001 @ 14:24, by sindy. Personal Development
    words to uplift your spirit  More >

     Our Future Now
    25 Oct 2001 @ 11:56, by sharie. Personal Development

    If money grew on trees,
    we'd have everything we need
    and then money would lose its power
    and love and truth would begin to flower

    "Our Future Now"
    (article on money, energy, nature, and relationships)


     Transformational Paths
    picture18 Oct 2001 @ 09:55, by sindy. Personal Development
    Section 1: Paths
    False Paths
    Changing Worlds
    Path Construction Kit
    Flow  More >

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