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 The King of Mountebanks?30 comments
picture31 Jan 2008 @ 19:53, by quinty. Politics

If the Devil is at play here, and he is setting us up for the one two punch, then Barack is his main man. The perfect front.

For after eight years of George Bush, of nightly seeing a President of the United States on television smirk, lie, mangle the language, and smile confidently and broadly as countless die, all at his hand, the dignified portrait of noble and eloquent sobriety Obama brings us is the perfect contrast.  More >

 "Yes We Can"66 comments
picture14 Jan 2008 @ 19:59, by quinty. Politics
Is he for real? John Kerry seems to think so, closely echoing his message when he endorsed him the other day in South Carolina.

Is he, Barack Obama, a new Lincoln or FDR or is he merely another Huey Long? He is, undoubtedly, one of the best political orators who has come along in a long, long time. He is, in fact, an extraordinary orator.  More >

 "Can YOU Handle The Truth? "
10 Jul 2007 @ 18:37, by a-d. Politics
"Are You A US
Citizen Or Not?" ( or any other Nation with Central Bank & Soc Sec numbers for the People? If so; you are in the same boat as all Americans! MAke no mistake about it! / a-d )

/// 7-3-7

Link to the article: [ [link] ] Posted by a-d

"WARNING: Information provided here will challenge your comfort zone and will involve some reading and research.

Can you handle the truth ?  More >

 Profile of a Sociopath
23 May 2007 @ 01:11, by a-d. Politics
With the discussion in mind, that NCN members have just recently had on Celeste's Blog, I thought it would be important to make ever more people aware of the MENTAL/ EMOTIONAL =SPIRITUAL ILLNESS that has a tight grip of Mankind.

It has held Mankind in its grip for the last 5-6000 years and only spread ever wider and deeper in our social stratas as they were "built"/orchestrated into being.


 Reeling In Rove31 comments
picture25 Apr 2007 @ 09:53, by jazzolog. Politics
The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hands … is the definition of tyranny.

---James Madison

I know something which is known to few but is not a secret. Karl Rove is not a believer, and he doesn’t shout it from the rooftops, but when asked, he answers quite honestly. I think the way he puts it is, “I’m not fortunate enough to be a person of faith.”

---Christopher Hitchens

Rove was asked whose idea it was to start a pre-emptive war in Iraq.
"I think it was Osama bin Laden's", Rove replied.

---The Akron Beacon Journal, 4/19/07 [link]

You won't get an argument from me about the man's brilliance. I do confess wonder at how someone can enjoy the intense level of hatred expressed toward him. I've never had the control on my own anger levels enough to laugh at a person who responds extremely to my taunting. I'm uncomfortable in such a situation, but I understand there are those who love to create that tension. There must be people who adore him, such as those who come to his speeches. Does he have a family or anything like that?

Maybe we'll find out as announcement comes from the White House of the unleashing of an internal investigation by Special Counsel Scott Bloch of Mr. Rove's political shenanigans. My heart leapt with the first. Then I began to wonder.  More >

 So You Think There's A Right To Vote?8 comments
picture26 Jun 2006 @ 11:14, by jazzolog. Politics
In this way and that I tried to save the old pail
Since the bamboo strip was weakening, about to break
Until at last the bottom fell out.
No more water in the pail!
No more moon in the water!


I want to go soon and live away by the pond, where I shall hear only the wind whispering among the reeds. It will be a success if I shall have left myself behind.

---Henry David Thoreau

Since the house is on fire, let us warm ourselves.

---Italian proverb

When I read Greg Palast's column in the UK Guardian from Friday, and featured yesterday by TruthOut, I hesitated to get excited about it. Palast's stuff invariably is upsetting, but I sense a lot of resentment fueling him and also somehow his opinions just don't seem to catch fire. Maybe it's the "conspiracy" of the mainstream media that keeps other reporters and editorial writers from going near his theories. At any rate this time his article is titled "Democracy In Chains" and begins~~~

"Don't kid yourself: the Republican party's decision yesterday to 'delay' [link] the renewal of the Voting Rights Act has not a darn thing to do with objections of the Republican's white sheets caucus.
Complaints by a couple of good ol' boys to legislation have never stopped the GOP leadership from rolling over dissenters.
This is a strategic stall that is meant to decriminalise the Republican party's new game of challenging voters of colour by the hundreds of thousands."

The first comment in the massive thread that erupted from the essay is by someone known as MisterD~~~

"This article conflates about five different issues in order to make the false claim that the Republicans are trying to deny citizens the right to vote. They are not. They are just trying to stop the massive vote fraud and ballot box stuffing the Democrats attempt at every election.
This is a poorly researched and poorly reasoned efort to smear Republicans as bigots. Like all of Palast's writing, it is designed to enflame the already feverish minds of the ignorant."  More >

 "Staying the Course"30 comments
picture15 Jun 2006 @ 23:12, by quinty. Politics
Russ Feingold for President?

When a new administration finally arrives (if we have a new administration in 2009) it will have a hell of a job reversing the national mood and overall national psyche. That is, if it wants to.  More >

 Are The Democrats Poised For Victory?47 comments
picture16 May 2006 @ 10:05, by jazzolog. Politics
Bring yourself back to the point quite gently. And even if you do nothing during the whole of your hour but bring your heart back a thousand times, though it went away every you brought it back, your hour would be very well employed.

---St. Francis De Sales, On Meditation

It is important to see that the main point of any spiritual practice is to step out of the bureaucracy of ego. This means stepping out of ego's constant desire for a higher, more spiritual, more transcendental version of knowledge, religion, virtue, judgment, comfort or whatever it is that the particular ego is seeking.

---Chogyam Trungpa

To find perfect composure in the midst of change is to find nirvana.

---Shunryu Suzuki

"County Election" by George Caleb Bingham 1851

At my workplace the other day, a retired social studies teacher, in to substitute and an astute Republican, challenged us assembled Democrats in the lunchroom. We're in Ohio remember, where the gubernatorial election in November will decide between Democrat Ted Strickland, a sensible and friendly man, and Republican Kenneth Blackwell, deranged and perhaps crooked evangelist. Our Republican friend said, "If you guys can't win this time, you'll never win!"

Not counting the distinct possibility that both the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections were rigged, it would seem the Democrats have issues galore and an increasing advantage as the campaign season begins. But what do we see, what do we hear? I see business-as-usual, I hear snoring. Where is thundering oratory about corruption and injustice? I am not alone on the brink of dismissing the Democrats as out to lunch. What follows is a review of Ted Kennedy's new book, written by the publisher of Harper's Magazine.  More >

 The Illegals Debate: Divide and Conquer, 20060 comments
3 May 2006 @ 01:51, by paretokid. Politics
I don't really need all that much space for this note.

Am I the only one who is not amused by so many who seem to find it so easy to blame economic hard times on people who risk their life and liberty to sneak into USA for work?

When did Jose and Maria get all this power to decide who hire for very low pay and no benefits in the USA? Was that on Fox News and I missed it?

Maybe they got that power around the same time that US manufacturers were forced by Chinese factory workers to move US jobs to China, or when Mumbai IT graduates forced US and UK service firms to outsource thousands of IT and customer service jobs to India. Yeah that must have been it.

After all US CEOs are just too busy to make important decisions like that while they are figuring out how to hollow out Enron, default on vested retirement plans -- things like that.

Divide and conquer? Set the declining class against the one below it, so you can pick everyone's pockets? Now who would do that?

 Can We As a Society Respect the Truth?8 comments
picture2 Apr 2006 @ 22:55, by quinty. Politics
"Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies. " -- Friedrich Nietzche

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie—deliberate, contrived and dishonest—but the myth—persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. " -- John F. Kennedy

"As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities. "--Voltaire  More >

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