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 The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies
picture 4 Jul 2005 @ 14:22, by jmarc. Politics
The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies
In CONGRESS, July 4, 1776  More >

 What Really Worries Me34 comments
picture15 Apr 2005 @ 11:49, by jazzolog. Politics
It is no more surprising to be born twice than it is to be born once.


The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.

---Niels Bohr

A general in ancient China came to see a Zen master. He drew his sword and pointed it at the teacher, and announced: "Don't you know that I am a man who can run you through without blinking an eye?"
To which the Zen master responded instantly: "Don't you know that I am a man who can be run through without blinking an eye?"
Deeply impressed, the general sheathed his sword and remained for the teaching.

---Zen story

My wife sends me a few emails every day. More often than I like they are about how I can become a better husband for her than I am already. But sometimes she finds a political item or entry as she browses the Net that nails the direction our nation is taking right to the wall. When that happens I find little alternative but to put aside everything I am doing...and really take an inventory. I'm sure she'd like it if I did that with the health and diet articles she sends too, but that is a different essay.  More >

 G Bush's Blurred Vision for America.2 comments
20 Mar 2005 @ 03:26, by treetop. Politics

A TvNewsLIES Diagnosis

The man has been badly maligned. For more than four years now, detractors and critics repeatedly have accused George W. Bush of sporting a smirk. They have mercilessly disparaged the PresidentÂ’s smug expression that seemed so inappropriate and so disdainful, for so long. ItÂ’s time to apologize.

George W. Bush does not smirk when he addresses the nation or the world. The man squints. He suffers from a severely distorted version of reality and all that takes place around him. The squint is an involuntary reflex, for which he is not responsible. It is the natural response of a man whose vision for American and the world is irreparably blurred. ItÂ’s time to be very, very concerned

George W. Bush, with the support of his handlers and sycophants in the corporate media, creates his own truths. Facts and supportive evidence are irrelevant. He sees through the blur of a Divine inspiration that supersedes historical precedent and Constitutional law. He sees through a psychedelic prism of corporate profits and religious fervor, and he ultimately believes his own myths. It is time to confront the farce.


George W. Bush believes he has the power to determine the leaders and/or forms of government of other sovereign nations. Obviously, he cannot clearly read the Constitution of the US, - a document that clearly defines the role of the President. Somewhere, through the blur of his misinterpretation, George Bush believes he has been endowed with the power to determine the policies of foreign governments. What nonsense. ThatÂ’s Article 2, Section 2. Check it out.
George W. Bush believes that the invasion of Iraq is the primary battleground of his War on Terror. Aside from its illegality under International Law, the invasion of Iraq was a ruse to divert resources from the terror threat against the US. Terrorist attacks, and recruitment into terrorist groups increased dramatically throughout the world after the invasion. Iraqis experienced more deaths and more terror as a result of the invasion than at any time in recent history. And, for the record, George Bush is responsible for more civilian deaths than all terror organizations in the world combined.

Much more....
Blur  More >

 Controlling the Anger12 comments
21 Jan 2005 @ 18:24, by craiglang. Politics
"There are none so blind as those who will not see"

.  More >

 My Impressions Of Yesterday5 comments
picture7 Jan 2005 @ 09:27, by jazzolog. Politics
All that is necessary is to lay down, not just the body, but one's heart and the whole of oneself.

---Neville Shulman

Take one step away from yourself---and behold!---the path!

---Abu Said

There comes a time when one asks even of Shakespeare, even of Beethoven, is this all?

---Aldous Huxley

Stephen Crowley/The New York Times
When Vice President Dick Cheney, standing on the dais, far left, called her name to ratify President Bush's election, Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio, far right, rose and challenged the vote.

"There was a point where this served a purpose," said Susan Gwinn, chairwoman of the Athens County Democratic Party in Ohio. "But I think we passed that. We need to move on."

The woman speaking to this morning's New York Times is not only chair of the Democratic Party in my county, but also Regional Counsel for that political organization AND Commissioner of the Board of Elections here. She is referring to yesterday's objections in the US Congress to Electoral College representations of the Presidential Election as held in Ohio. If there was a point at which Ms. Gwinn saw a purpose to any question whatsoever regarding her powerful involvement in politics in this town, I don't know when or where it was. And she ain't talkin' about Where to, fearless leader?  More >

  "This Presidential Election Is Over"4 comments
picture29 Dec 2004 @ 10:50, by jazzolog. Politics
He who sees what is now has seen all things,
whatsoever comes to pass from everlasting and
whatsoever shall be unto everlasting time.

---Marcus Aurelius

What is this true meditation? It is to make everything: coughing, swallowing, waving the arms, motion, stillness, words, actions, the evil and the good, prosperity and shame, gain and loss into one single koan...with the principle of pure, undiluted, undistracted meditation before your eyes, attain a state of mind in which, even though surrounded by crowds of people, it is as if you were alone in a field extending tens of thousands of miles...if at this time you struggle forward without losing any ground, it will be as though a sheet of ice has cracked, as though a tower of jade has fallen, and you will experience a great feeling of joy.


Quietness and emptiness are enough to pass through life without error.


The comment in the subject line was made via email by John Kerry's attorney in Ohio on Monday evening. He was speaking for both Kerry and Edwards in answer to questions Keith Olbermann was posting as to how involved is the Democratic Party with charges of fraud and illegitimacy. The attorney goes on, "There are many conspiracy theorists opining these days. There are many allegations of fraud. But this presidential election is over. The Bush-Cheney ticket has won. The Kerry-Edwards campaign has found no conspiracy and no fraud in Ohio, though there have been many irregularities that cry out to be fixed for future elections. Senator Kerry and we in Ohio intend to fix them. When all of the problems in Ohio are added together, however bad they are, they do not add up to a victory for Kerry-Edwards. Senator Kerry's fully-informed and extremely careful assessment the day after the election and before he conceded remains accurate today, notwithstanding all the details we have since learned." [link]  More >

 The Great Ohio Rebellion Disintegrates11 comments
picture22 Dec 2004 @ 13:43, by jazzolog. Politics
When people agree with me I always feel that I must be wrong.

---Oscar Wilde

Restless man's mind is,
So strongly shaken
In the grip of the senses:
Gross and grown hard
With stubborn desire
For what is worldly.
How shall I tame it?
Truly, I think
The wind is no wilder.

---Bhagavad Gita

What is the most miraculous of all miracles?
That I sit quietly by myself.

---Zen mondo

The photo's by Lauren Heaton: Recount 'em up---Ballot gazing in Cincinnati on December 15

The trouble with the American Left is the nature of our material. Our spirit of independence is easily corrupted by frustration, rage, and stubbornness. We are less reliable by far to carry a load and get the work done than any Democratic mule. When we're dropped we splinter. We love to make speeches full of demands and hurl charges empty of evidence. We're the stuff of impotence.

No wonder the media doesn't report us. No wonder it takes 2 hours to tour the Internet to find out what's going on. Everybody has his own little blog or group blaring out similar invectives. Where's a coalition, an alliance to get the job done? Who is doing painstaking research and organization? No wonder the rightwing message boards find us so hilarious. No wonder their insults hurt. No wonder all we do is squeal louder.  More >

12 Dec 2004 @ 18:34, by vaxen. Politics
Impeachment is the means by which We The People of the United States and our elected representatives in Congress can prevent further crimes by the President and the human catastrophe they threaten and force accountability for crimes committed.  More >

 Warren Country Ohio irregularities0 comments
8 Dec 2004 @ 10:28, by fleer. Politics
Ming writes about a programmer who made a affidavit about vote rigging software in his newslog: Vote Rigging Program Story.

I started to search and found to my big surprise serveral big irregularties not only in Ohio but all over the country  More >

 Vote Rigging Program Story6 comments
picture 7 Dec 2004 @ 13:55, by ming. Politics
There are some interesting stories breaking on The Brad Blog. In particular the one about a Florida programmer who in 2000 was asked by Tom Feeney, now U.S. Congressman and member of the House Judiciary Committee, to create software that would manipulate the votes in voting machines, while remaining undetectable, and that the software was used in Florida elections. That was while he was working for a company that Tom Feeney acted as lobbyist for, and which at the time also employed a later convicted Chinese spy who installed monitoring components in other kinds of software. There's a number of twists and turns, including the murder of an official who was planning on blowing the cover on some of this. His affidavit is here. All of this probably hasn't been verified yet, so all I can say is that the guy says so, and that the story seems consistent. If it happens to be true, it could be big, of course. The Brad Blog site seems to be overwhelmed most of the time, so I'm pasting in below the e-mail I got, with most of the information, so you can read it.  More >

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