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21 Jan 2005 @ 18:24, by Craig Lang

"There are none so blind as those who will not see"


As is probably the case for many progressives, I have found the the recent political scene to be quite painful. It has made my heart ache to see so many people who do not (or choose not to) see where we are headed, and how the abyss awaits us on the present course. It is doubly painful to realize that, as a nation, the body politic has apparently ratified this decision to turn deliberately and directly toward the precipice. There is no attempt to avoid it, but rather the USA has chosen to head directly for it.

But the worst feeling, and the one I probably struggle with the most, is when I see those who are close to me doing the same thing. I ask how someone can NOT see this. And the answer I get is "because it is not there". So many just don't - or choose not to - see the truth. How does one argue with ignorance?

I felt extremely angry yesterday as I saw little news clips and newspaper photos of the re-inauguration of "W" - smiling, waving the "Nixon" V-sign, and promising to bring liberty and democracy to the world. Does no one see through this?

And so I ask, how does one manage the anger that comes with seeing such willful ignorance? I usually espouse following a spiritual path, including to political and social discourse. Mind you, not religious but spiritual. Yet, the sense of anger I get feels like a very low level of vibration - a drag on the path that otherwise leads (I hope) in the general direction of enlightenment. My response to what I see - especially in those close to me - seems like an impediment - yet it seems to naturally arise whenever (much as I try to avoid such focus) I see the situation in this nation.

Yesterday, one way that I tried to cope was to make a big donation to MoveOn, plus write a letter of suggestion to them (see my last posting). Also, several of us at work wore black yesterday. Several friends of mine went to D.C. to protest. Still, it seems so little - like closing the barn door after the horses have already escaped.

In the mean time, all we can do is work for longer-term victory and do what we can. The trick will be to "count to 10" in the mean time - perhaps to exercise the Buddhist philosophy of detachment. And for those who refuse to see the truth, the abyss is calling...

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21 Jan 2005 @ 18:29 by jstarrs : Sad post, Craig...
I don't know what the answer is apart from being true to oneself & one's convictions.
You're not alone, anyway.

CL Note:
Sad, yes - but after the darkness comes the dawn.
I usually try to focus on transcending the polarity - but as the post conveys, this can be quite difficult.  

21 Jan 2005 @ 18:51 by jmarc : And remember
Those who are on the oppososite side feel EXACTLY the same way, re: blindness of the opposition, and anger at it.

CL Note: I rest my case... :-)  

21 Jan 2005 @ 18:53 by martha : I grapple with the same issue Craig
as you know and have finally had to let go and simple walk the path I believe the best I can. I look upon those people who support the present administration in denial about the energy they are sending out into the world. Rather then get sucked into and match that crazy energy, I choose to place a different energy out there. If you stay angry you only feed the ignorance. As Tolle says, stay in the now, be present and send out into the world the energy you want back. The teasing I do in the public rooms below is only half hearted for I know each person has to figure out for themselves how to contribute (or not) to the world. If you support violence, war and deception in your leaders then that is what you will reap. The veil IS dropping Craig. Chin up, stay true to your convictions as starry says and present to the world the energy you want.

CL Note:
Thanx Martha. I think I know that intellectually.
It's the reptillian brain-stem that has a little trouble remembering... :-)
As you say, mindfulness is probably the answer.
Thanx for your comments.

21 Jan 2005 @ 19:59 by martha : No excuses Craig
while the reptillian brain is a part of us, we still have the ability to take that energy and shift it. That has been demonstarted in humanity already. Maybe the leap in consciousness is to integrate all of our aspects into a complete whole energy. Anger might show the way and motivate us but it can never cause the shift, only block it.
I see the present administration feeding off the reptillian brain through fear.  

21 Jan 2005 @ 21:22 by craiglang : Yes - Reptillian
Aw shucks - can't I have just one little excuse? ... :-)

PS: If you look about one inch below and to the right of W's right eye - you can see one of the reptillian scales that shows through his makeup... :-)

But seriously - you're probably right about the current scenario being, in effect a teaching medium - teaching us all to transcend the - well, the whatever it is...
That's probably the key lesson in much of this.


21 Jan 2005 @ 22:57 by vibrani : A suggestion
Craig, I also can get caught up in amazement of what's going on - but what I find works for me is to balance the negative energy with a positive one until there is a balance attained within myself. Let each polarity have their voice, and then balance them - which has truly fanastic effects. Everyone can utilize this method in any situation.

CL Note:
Thanx Nora. A great suggestion.

Lots of really great comments - thanx folks...  

24 Jan 2005 @ 11:39 by magical_melody : Good on ya mate!
Craig, I believe you are freeing yourself to open to an important spiritual process here and I appreciate your honesty and willingness to both have and share these emotions publically. I feel gratitude to witness you here.

Your comment: And so I ask, how does one manage the anger that comes with seeing such willful ignorance? I usually espouse following a spiritual path, including to political and social discourse. ----- My response to what I see - especially in those close to me - seems like an impediment - yet it seems to naturally arise whenever (much as I try to avoid such focus) I see the situation in this nation.

I see you questioning in others, the very constraints within yourself which you are pained with, and your inquiry seems to be inviting support from other NCN members to not linger in the anger as if it’s a negative space. I sense in you that a part of you expects that you rise above the human and visceral experience in support of remaining spiritually detached as though that were more highly evolved. I see and sense a pressure to immediately shift these so-called ‘negative’ or ‘less evolved’ feeling(s) and perspective. I do not see your emotions and perspective as negative at all. Negative/Positive doesn't even come into the equation for me.

Impediment? I feel that your anger is the most sane and healthy expression of real emotion I have witnessed here in your log in a long time. I see you acknowledging your anger and yet questioning how to manage it as though your anger is not acceptable. I sense in you a resistance to experience the fullness of your feelings as the impediment, and it appears as though some of your social circle here in NCN appears to be supporting your very own beliefs and expectations in this regard. I however, respect your need to explore your anger and immediately upon reading your post felt strongly to support you in allowing it the full space that it needs so that your truth may emerge. This is important, and I see it as a key to resolving the polarity that is as you come to address the real issues which are begging for your and our attention.

I also sense that in responding to you that I am opening myself to an important opportunity for healing as I have long had the desire to witness other Americans address more fully these feelings and realities about what is happening in the US. Even those closest to me (family and friends) have had specific resistances, denials and ignore-ances. This has been difficult for me to witness and more so since living abroad as I have been significantly weening from the strongholds that had kept my own conditioning in place.

Americans have been tolerating the intolerable and to not be angry with much of what has been occurring within the US is insane to me. Anger is useful and constructive until it is not. We are at choice as to how to direct and utilize it. I have experienced that the Spirit within ignites in and through us - a healing influence that often involves healthy anger. I see constructive anger as being a catalyst and having a role of melting certain frozen spaces, as it allows us to become more alive and self determining. This human anger enables me/us to face up to the ways we have forfeited our power so we can put an end to tolerating those energies, (within/without) influences and people which negatively influence us. As we become angered with certain people and circumstances that are abusing us or limiting us from experiencing our freedom, we come to be able to call things for what they are. We acknowledge how we give our power away. We become more empowered in our actions so we can put a stop to the abuse. Our anger often opens us to new opportunities and energies that can free us from oppressive influences and circumstances. We need the strength of our anger to bust through the oppressiveness that bears heavily upon us as a people and anger helps us say NO to what should no longer be tolerated.

So I encourage you to trust the gifts that are inherent in these emotions. We can only benefit by witnessing these surges of emotion from you and celebrating the truths that emerge as you allow your emotions to inform you directly. I see an important shift occurring here and I respect and welcome it in and through you. I support and encourage you to trust your feelings of powerless, sorrow and anger and follow these emotions through into the healing shifts Creator Source is presenting. It takes courage to break the habitual social codes of conduct that have become internalized, especially as it involves survivalist and fear based coping strategies, many of which do not trust nor allow specific processes and energies to be voiced and expressed.

Funny the paradox here, as we admit to feeling powerless with people and situations, we often become more aligned and opened to the support of a higher power which opens us to remember and experience where our true power lies. When we open to truth, a spiritual healing often facilitates a burning away of the dross as certain energies are thawed and freed up. I believe that these emotions will facilitate you in becoming free to release the conditioning and that as you become free you will move as inspired. You have the opportunity to be the powerful voice, hands, and embodiment of the Creator as you melt away the impediments to being the true YOU. Please continue writing about these feelings as I believe and trust that this process will have a far reaching impact on us all. I sense important truths and wisdom coming to surface and as your friend I feel to support you to keep on keeping on in this way. Blessings to you Craig!  

24 Jan 2005 @ 15:33 by craiglang : Thanx Alana.
Wow, Thank you for your comments, and for your support. It sure looks like alot of thought went into them. Much appreciated.

24 Jan 2005 @ 16:55 by jerryvest : Controlling Anger
Thank you, Craig. I'm sure that you speak for many of us who are working for a new direction and focus in our country's politic. We can make ourselves healthy by expressing our feelings and offering new alternatives to serving humanity as one body. I'm often reminded of Heinlen's "Stranger in a Strange Land" as it appears to me that we are living in a society that is bound and determined to alienate those of us who value peace, prosperity, self-determination, respect and dignity for all. Unfortunately, the "R's" and evangelicals have merged to deny human rights and values while proclaiming that they are guided by human values. Obvious to me, their destructive actions and propositions do speak louder than their words.

I am also reminded of one of the Noble Truths to take "Right Action" and appreciate all that you and others are doing to make the world a better place to live.  

24 Jan 2005 @ 23:38 by maxtobin : Righteous Anger
It is my experience that anger is a natural and healthy human emotion and it being accepted as such is very freeing and enlightening.

I would expect, indeed I pray and even decree that all men be free (Generic term used for sake of efficiency!!) to explore their divinity.

I encourage all concerned citizens to look deeply into the words (I did catch glimpses of the in-awe-geral celebrations: and so I offer the peoples of the free world my sincere commiserations) and to ask ones own heart if there can ever be 'Freedom' or 'Democracy' on another’s terms? The answer to that I would suggest is obvious and the consequence is that if one does not resist (righteous anger would be a suitable entry portal) such ignorant activities then one is allowing of it.

I AM an embodiment of the divine creator and as such am empowered to seek "freedom" upon my own terms.

Do unto others as one would be done unto! And if you allow that others do unto others on your behalf then that is an energetic relationship. AND the "I AM" that I am is merely a relationship, this is my current understanding and allows me to "KNOW" (and to further explore) my divinity and sovereignty.

Blessings and good luck with the process of awakening within the REAL (This Sacred Moment!)  

24 Jan 2005 @ 23:55 by craiglang : Thanx Max and Jerry
Neat comments.

Anger seems to be one of those important, but rather unpleasant properties of the human condition. It is a key part of our existence, and as such I suspect that we will never live without it, nor should we. What I note, though is that it is very low and dense state. I wonder if one can be angry on specific occasions, while not letting it drag one down to a lower level.

Max, you talked about riteous anger. I think you have a very good point. It is very valid to be angry when one sees a wrong being committed. And that's what I see now. The take-away lesson from this, as I see it, is that there needs to be a balance. Presumably one can get angry when it is appropriate, yet still be mindful.
As I see it, where that balance point is, is probably just one of life's lessons and mysteries.

Thanks for your comments.

25 Jan 2005 @ 00:13 by maxtobin : Write On
It is all consuming Craig, the balance is that it is total and all consuming before it can burn the 'core' to reveal your truth (Maybe there is a link to an Absolute?). A bit like a boil which must come to the inevitable 'head' before it will begin to heal!. Maybe be Heart-full in finding the balance?  

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