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 What constitutes "DOING"?16 comments
6 Jul 2004 @ 23:45, by ov. Preparedness, Self-Reliance
I've been getting a lot of pressure lately from a certain friend to "do something", it doesn't particularly matter what, or if it is relevant or significant, or if it is the right thing to do or the wrong thing, just as long as it is "doing something." I reply that I am doing something, I'm thinking, I'm reading, I'm analyzing, and once in awhile I write something and it goes out on the web. That doesn't seem to count, it's simply talking, he wants me to do something.

This seemed to be to be one of the central themes, or issues, in Hermann Hesse's "Magister Ludi: The Glass Bead Game", this differentiation between the world of mind and the world of action. Why is there such an animosity towards the intellectual? Why is it such a taboo to keep digging until you get to the root cause rather than running around trying to stomp out the symptoms? Why does something have to be empirical and destroyable before it is acknowledged as being an action?

Or we could talk about Hesse's book. I know that Ming already has a topic about a game that was inspired by this book, but we could talk about the main concepts of the book itself.  More >

 Message from Earth through Alana!0 comments
picture28 Nov 2003 @ 19:34, by magical_melody. Preparedness, Self-Reliance
I continue to receive messages from the Earth consistently now, and she wishes I share this message with you at this time. Having developed as a clear and strong channel for many years now, I trust that this guidance has merit for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to discern. If it does not resonate as truth for you, so be it! Just walk on by appreciating the many varieties of stones and pearls that lie along the path of life.

Blessings to you and yours, Alana Tobin

Photo of Cape Reinga in the far north of New Zealand taken this past January. Note the line out from the tip of land where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea (Aoteroa the land of the Double Sea in the stories of the Waitaha)

Like Land’s End in Britain, this ultimate extremity of our dramatic landscape holds great historic and spiritual significance. The venerated pohutukawa is the Reinga, “the place of leaping” in Maori mythology, where the spirits of the dead leap off the headland and climb down the roots of the 800 year old tree, and descend into the underworld to return to their traditional homeland of Hawaiiki.  More >

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