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picture28 Nov 2003 @ 19:34, by Alana Tobin

I continue to receive messages from the Earth consistently now, and she wishes I share this message with you at this time. Having developed as a clear and strong channel for many years now, I trust that this guidance has merit for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to discern. If it does not resonate as truth for you, so be it! Just walk on by appreciating the many varieties of stones and pearls that lie along the path of life.

Blessings to you and yours, Alana Tobin

Photo of Cape Reinga in the far north of New Zealand taken this past January. Note the line out from the tip of land where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea (Aoteroa the land of the Double Sea in the stories of the Waitaha)

Like Land’s End in Britain, this ultimate extremity of our dramatic landscape holds great historic and spiritual significance. The venerated pohutukawa is the Reinga, “the place of leaping” in Maori mythology, where the spirits of the dead leap off the headland and climb down the roots of the 800 year old tree, and descend into the underworld to return to their traditional homeland of Hawaiiki.

The Earth is now readying herself to move and process energies through her being/body in a more pronounced fashion, and she requires understanding and support for this process.

There will be intense Earth activity that must occur in order for her to move adequately through sufficient levels of clearing now as she embodies more life. The birthing that will be simultaneous to her purification process requires humanity to embrace rather upsetting and cathartic responses to say the least. This activity will not be episodic as it has been in the past, nor in the same ways. The activity will be more consistently apparent, as the Earth as a whole is responding in new ways to old and new circumstances and energies. There continues to be intense awakening energies (for new life) and repressed (death oriented energies) which have been held within her. Until such time that she can move this energy in more significant ways, she had agreed to maintain her own energy integrity and continue to provide all that she has for us with the least amount of discomfort and upheaval possible. However, her ecological environments and energy systems are continuing to break down and deplete, and without the shifting that she and we require now, massive death would result. There is no way she wants this to be the future for humanity!!!!!!!!!!

Humanity has been given notice and significant messages now for many years in order to prepare for these changes. However, the majority of humanity continues to be challenged with hearing these messages and heeding the warnings that have been given. These messages come to awaken all of us to what is our part in this divine unfolding. It is time to listen and to heed what is needed from us in support of this transition. For the majority of humans, this process is termed a transition and will continue until the earth and human physical experience integrates these energies adequately to allow for the new experiences and the new environments to be in place.

These changes will involve the shifting of land masses and bodies of water. The power to be released will be profound in the process of accomplishing this. Earth says now, that each human being is called to retrieve their individual memory. She says that those energies which have been held in safe keeping within her body are not to be held in the same way, and this is why so many memories and energies are coming up for humanity (intensely for many at this time) in order that they can be processed and integrated. This experience will be activating in a more pronounced manner now and more profound human processing will be catalyzed through her processing during this next cycle.

Even the whales are saying the same thing as they are keepers of the ancient memory (wisdom). They are leaving the planet during this time in greater numbers because their job is done. They are finding it increasingly difficult to live within the ocean waters with all that is occurring, as they are very sensitive beings. In order for this next phase to succeed the Earth must be freed from the former patterning and agreements in place in support of humanity. Specific whales are working with certain energies which are assisting the Earth to move into the next stage. These ones are continuing to serve in providing the balancing required until such times the oceans become more active. We will see these ones leaving in greater numbers in the time leading up to this increased activity. (One week after the Harmonic Concordance event, 12 sperm whales became beached and died here near Auckland, New Zealand on the West Coast.

Sonar Effects on Whales and Sea life On July 16 , 2002 the US Navy was granted a 5 year exemption from the Mammal Protection Act by the US Commerce Department in order to use their Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System, or Surtass LFA. This sonar system sends sonar waves of up to 215 decibels that have been shown to cause brain hemorrhages and eardrum explosions in marine mammals. Since then, an inordinate amount of whales have voluntary beached themselves all around the world, especially around these sonar stations in order to escape the suffering caused by these sound waves (Scientist have shown that sensitive whale sonar and hearing capabilities are harmed by sounds higher than 110 decibels). On November 1, 2002, a federal judge, because of a lawsuit brought by several environment organizations has temporarily blocked the Navy from deploying this new high-frequency sonar system amid concern it could endanger whales and other marine animals. This is the situation as of November 2002.

There are many humans who are not listening nor responding to open to work with the current needs of the Earth. Much resistance and denial exists, as there continues to be many who are working against what is requires for these changes to take place. The earth is concerned for how these changes will directly impact humanity. The Earth has, in her mother aspect, provided for us so abundantly, in terms of home, food and the many resources and materials available for us to create and build the patterns of our lives. As always, she wishes to provide the most nourishing landscape and sustainable environments to ensure not only our survival, but an ongoing expanding quality of life.

However, in order to do this, Earth requires that we work with her and hear her needs. Both she and we have evolved to a point that requires we step more fully into our Steward/Midwife roles. No longer can we sit passively witnessing the degradation of our natural environments without seeing the serious consequences. The choice of humanity is such at this time in history that certain realities will play out in order to honor the free will choice of the collective, however, the Earth will not continue to hold back what has long been building.

Nothing and no-one will interfere with the needs and requirements of the earth at this time. It is no accident that the third sequel of the Movie, ‘The Matrix’ has been released recently, (somebody is listening and responding creatively) as the message of imposed matrix, has been the pre-dominate pattern on the Earth. This matrix is no longer being supported by the Earth and many humans. For some time now, this awareness has been growing amongst those committed to living in ‘life integrity.’

Earth will do what is necessary. Just as with a woman giving birth, the needs of the pregnant woman must come to be supported by the circle of community, whilst her body opens and a process ensues that can not be stopped. This will require great trust, patience and compassionate understanding and attending to, as each of us are called to stand alert and ready to be of true service. Earth is asking each of us to move into and through our passage of maturing as awakening spiritual/human beings. This process requires that humanity begin to surrender now their personal needs and agendas being predominant over the Earths integrity. We are being called to work with her more directly in order that we can assist her to continue to provide the home that we all require. Earth will no longer hold and maintain the death based frequency as a home to us. It is critical and imperative that we listen and respond according to what she is communicating at this time.

Earth has been communicating to us about this process for some years now. Those “in the know’ or within earshot, have been knowing that this shift is coming to be more realized all the way down through the center of our being as well as through the Earth core. Prophecies have reached great numbers of humans over many years now. Those living more intimately in communication with the earth (our Shaman Brothers and Sisters) know what is needed. All they can do is share what they receive and live according to how they are guided and inspired. Many messengers have spoken of these times of great earth changes. So there can be no refuting or resisting the fact that people have been put on notice. That being said, it is up to each of us to look at what levels of cooperation are being asked of us should we choose to be of service to the Earth and to Humanity at this time. This calling may challenge us to move through specific levels of denial and self centeredness that we ourselves hold alongside our fellow humans.

I perceive that many people will be very shocked at what transpires, as the Earth has said this and I have felt this for a very long time. A certain level of naivety will not allow many to move beyond their specific patterns of denial. This perspective keeps individuals frozen in time/space to the old grid, locked into their own self centered nature and unacknowledged feelings and needs. These needs not attended to, will stand as barrier to hearing and responding to the true needs of the Earth at this time. Because the Earth wishes for us to experience minimal consequences, she is asking us in all the ways we are able, to open to listen and cooperate with what needs to occur. There are those of course among us, who have decided to leave the planet; however, there are many who must be put on notice given their choice to stay.

The perspective of denying that the Earth will need to move in certain ways is actually a dangerous one and is very much connected to and supported by the predominant belief that the Earth as Good Mother, will give and give without any respect or attention to what she requires. The fear based aspect of this minimization and rationalization underlying this perspective, assumes that our needs will be met without duress and that we can just simply step into the new reality. However, we have been called to be here at this time to assist in the birthing process. We must heal this pervasive attitude and our own emotional body which holds this denial pattern in place. Our survival requires this so we can move into true preparedness.

The skill base necessary to develop and maintain a healthy relationship requires us to create the space and the openings to facilitate new learning and growth, and the development of true human capacities,(especially the capacity to unconditional love). Many of us have become so numbed and dumb through our cultural conditioning, we have lost our innate capacity to know how to communicate compassionately with life and the world around us, and all relationships have suffered as a result. It is time to open further to the healing process now so that we may utilize our natural abilities to be empowered as the true integral receivers and transmitters of energy and information, we are. This openness allows us to enter into a conscious relationship with life, the Earth, and all sentient beings around us.

Many of the dark brothers and sisters (in and out of physical form) have been working to hold these false perspectives and death patterns in place. The subsequent denial and fear patterns which resist love and truth are surfacing with far greater momentum now. See these ones as those who are pushing us to be on our toes in order that we come to speak our truth, and address that which we ourselves resist and fear. As catalysts, these ones and their influences can push us to move through our death oriented patterning, thus providing us with ample opportunities to heal and shift into new levels of consciousness. They also push us to discern what has integrity from that which distorts and abuses life. These ones are tricky at times as are those aspects within that seek to confuse us and amuse us as the ego works to ensure its base of control.

However, if we are addressing our own inner darkness and coming to heal our inner distortions, our heart will assist us in discerning what is true from false, and that which has integrity from that which does not. True integrity does not run from opportunities to reveal itself! This is why we are so often presented with opportunities to confront darkness, as life presents us with contrasting experiences. This is the path of these times, to bring ENLIGHTENMENT to those areas of DARKNESS both within and outside of us. Sometimes painfully so! But not without the reward of alchemical love transmuting the base belief patterns and their subsequent emotions into true gold.

We have nothing to resist or defend when we are in our heart and addressing the pain as it surfaces. Polarities abound when we do not honor the truth of one another and do not adequately listen and process that which is being presented at any given time. Projections and rejections abound. This resistance and the defenses that arise continue to make us vulnerable to the influences of the dark that seeks to dominate and control. The fertile darkness of the womb space is that domain which most fear to enter, and so many push away anything that threatens the needs of the egoic self. Who among us has not feared the process of transformation when it requires such levels of surrender? This surrender requires deep trust to allow us to lose ground in order to gain wings. However when one or the other, or groups refuse to move into a healing process together, it may mean parting paths. The rifts between groups of people upon the planet show us this has been the predominate path of choice. However the planet at this time is asking us to deal with the issue of separation. This request is manifesting through the pains each of us carry, as experiences present us with opportunities to process, resolve and heal our pain. For many this pain has reached the point of being unbearable. The Earth from her deepest spaces is conveying the same message now to humanity. She can no longer tolerate nor hold that which has been in place.

How many of us are now seeing that these challenges are being played out throughout our human relationships at this time? The importance of creating and maintaining integral sacred spaces is essential as more of our Essence incarnates. That which has been a holding pattern is becoming magnified, as projections and denials are becoming hideously magnified as well. That which has stood in the wings or dormant, no longer accepts taking a back seat, as Light and Dark come to greet and meet that which longs to be addressed. No longer can the repressed and oppressed energies stay locked in place when so much life (Light) is anchoring into the Earth and through our collective bodies.

The Earth must come to move in the ways she does either with us or without us. We will all have unlimited opportunities from and through Source to evolve and grow, however to assume that the Earth will provide that environment in the same way, is naive and immature. Sometimes it takes certain circumstances to shake or shock us out of our denial and frozen states. Expecting that a certain person or a group will be there to assist us in adequately moving through an issue, sometimes just is not possible! So, we simply resume doing what we are guided to do to ensure our own healing and evolutionary progress as we seek those who are willing to create integral relationships with us.

I ask you to join the Earth in healing these outdated perspectives and working through your own projections (especially in terms of views about earth changes) and rather listen to the current (as alive) information directly through your heart. The Earth asks that you open to new levels of relating with her. She says that surely healing will continue to open you to new levels of accessing yourself as new spiritual capacities open and develop. She may have already asked you to directly assist her through some activity in support of these changes. As we open to these new levels of communication in relationship, we and she, will be remembering our true essence, our roles at this time, and the new world experience that is being birthed.

Blessings to all of you!

Alana Tobin
29 November 2003

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