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picture 3 Oct 2004 @ 21:04, by Alana Tobin

While it may be that Mt. St. Helen's is just clearing her throat now, believe me there is deeper rumbling occuring and she has plenty to say! Back in 1980, Mount St. Helens blew her top and let go of some fierce tensions she'd been holding! Mother Earth has been increasingly becoming more active as can be seen within recurring weather patterns. She again is letting off steam as she has had enough of human's messing with her and our bodies! With all manner of negative thoughts, right down to destructive technologies: electromagnetic pulse weapons - EMP Earth Pulse Site and [link]
ELF technologies which are being used within the military causing negative consequences and death to a number of species. The astronomical and astrological influences for this month have also indicated major shifts and energetic eruptions within human nature as well as throughout the natural environments across the Earth. My feeling is that this activity is a significant prelude to what has been a sequential series of events taking place.

Seismic Activity Updates

First Mount St. Helens steam Emission occurred at 12:02 PM PDT Oct. 1, 2004 PNSN crater station SEP was broken or destroyed in the blast. Seismicity level dropped immediately following .... and then started up again a few hours later...Press Release and Volcano Activity Details

Second steam emission at 12:14 PM PDT on Oct. 2 was followed by low-frequency volcanic tremor indicative of magma movement. Alert level raised to 3.

More harmonic tremor started around 3 AM PDT on Oct. 3 - no evidence of a steam emission was seen by Portland weather radar.

Mount St. Helens Update, October 3, 2004, 8:00 A.M.

Current status is Volcano Alert (Alert Level 3); aviation color code RED!


Astrological Update:

I see this activity directly related to the astronomical event of the first Quintile which lasted for six hours, dated the 1st of October at 6:45 PM ACST (9:15 AM GMT 30 Sept) right in rhythm with the timing of Mt. St. Helen's becoming active. This astronomical event reached its peak at approximately 9:30 PM ACST (noon GMT) and finally ended at 1:20 AM ACST (3:50 PM GMT), depending upon the orb used.

Additional Note***In October, the Earth will form special alignments with the Sun and Moon that will result in a Solar Eclipse on the New Moon on October 13-14, and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 27-28. Eclipses shift the Earth's electromagnetics and are known to initiate severe weather and seismic activity, so these trends are likely to escalate.

Shifting electromagnetics are also known to affect humans, animals and the plant kingdom. Studies show that people have more emotional outbursts and become more violent during eclipse periods.

STAR Pattern: Another dynamic is added to the celestial brew this month with two Grand Quintiles - an alignment of planets in the shape of a pentagram - on October 1 and again on October 28. This is a rare and significant occurrence that signals great changes for planet Earth, and for humanity.

Mt. St. Helen's activity personally speaks volumes to me and even as I write this update I feel my energy system entrain with hers. I have long experienced a deep and very strong connection with her and was grateful to finally meet her face to face, and behold her majestic beauty when Max and I were traveling through Oregon and Washington together previous to coming to New Zealand a couple years ago.

Since 1980, when that lovely volcanoe went off, I myself entered into an intensive awakening and transformative journey. I have a deep reverence and appreciation for Mother Earth, and that particular expression of her, Mount St. Helen, as her activity supported a huge awakening eruption to occur from deep within me. This activity allowed me to throw off layers of conditioning over the ensuing years as I entered into a more intensive transformative process.

From that time on, I became increasingly sensitive to the earth, even manifesting symptoms in correlation to earth activities, which enabled me to predict volcanic and earth quake activities, often to the week or day. This facilitated a deepening relationship with the earth that has afforded me the ability to see how impactful the earth activity is to that of humans and visa versa.

Today I am feeling very intense, as if I am about to burst and am aware as I write this, and the computer has challenged me in saving this text so a strong yelp came to the surface a minute ago. Hehehe. Thankfully it brought home to me how important it is to breathe, exercise and channel the energy constructively so that I can remain balanced through whatever surfaces or comes to be.

Over the past few days I have felt increasingly sensitive and noticed over the past two evenings I was feeling a bit short emotionally. I am aware that what is happening within the earth mother, is impactful to all of us in ways, and I know that what is astronomically occuring is triggering some profound energies throughout all of creation.

I awoke this morning feeling very unsettled and experienced a feeling a deep unrest. There was intense rain this morning in Auckland, and even as I write this now, strong winds are blowing. I feel a deeper rumbling inside as though a pressure is building. As I tune into Mt. St. Helen, I sense that my left and right brain are rebalancing more fully, and I am coming to see how what has been happening within my body and emotions is linked to what is happening within the earth's body. I feel it important today to listen strongly to the earth and to my centre, as I feel there are some important messages to pay attention to. When done with this entry, I will put on some music and dance as I listen.

My experience of the energy as it is now combined with what I know is in store throughout this month shows me that indeed there are huge energy shifts going to be significantly impacting us and I sense that more people will be giving voice to what is no longer tolerable within their communities and world, so that new innovative systems and methods can be explored to address myriad global issues.

I also sense that perhaps today and over the next week we will continue to witness a series of intense weather patterns, and eruptive activity, because I know the power of this awesome volcanoe and how intricately linked she is within the earth grid and how that interfaces profoundly with the grid of human consciousness.

For certain, I believe we will see some really cathartic and surprising activity as prelude into some big energy shifts towards the end of the month with the second Grand Quintile on Oct. 28th which occurs just after the full moon and eclipse of Scorpio.


Alana aka Magical Melody


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4 Oct 2004 @ 18:52 by craiglang : Predictions
Apparently there are predictions that the initial steam explosion that occurred a day or two ago was not the end of the show. It now sounds as if some rather large-scale stuff is in the works...  

5 Oct 2004 @ 20:25 by astrid : Dear Alana,
love all the Astrological connections/updates you present here in your article. THANKS!!!
You're also telling us how you were connected on a much deeper level with your- self as well as Mother Earth, when Helen spoke in 1980… re-awakening a sensitiviy to LIFE that had been "dormant" before.

If I remember correct, Alana, you predicted more –possible- Earthactivites,like quakes and eruptions etc in your Jan 14-04 Article( the Sun, Harmonic Concordance & the Shift of The Ages)
What is your gutt-feeling here; to what extent was this Helen’s activity at this exact time Mother Earth’s own, so to speak; with no “help” from the Big Boys, who definitely need a distraction for the Election-times... and since more government induced “Terrorist Attacks” have been so much speculated around, discussed and vented the past four –five months…. So the BB’s must be feeling that their AGE-OLD FOOL PROOF METHODS would be too BLATANTLY OBVIOUS/REVEALED if they were to repeat the same ol’pattern this particluar moment of History-in- the-making.
We know they are good at triggering earthquakes, that’s a “nothing”-skill for them today… so…. Could it be that …..well, you know what I’m getting at… I guess one way for all of us to “know” is to see how much Helen’s activiy might merge with the Elections….Sigh….
I wish, I could re-awaken myself to hear Mothers grumpy rumblings and gurglings when she feels like choking from all our stupid "progressive" Activities & life- styles...and to hear--or maybe feel-- the difference between the Man-induced earthquakes/eruptions and the Mother Earth-induced.

There was a time between 5 and 16 years of age, when I could feel wheather and weather changes two to three days—and sometimes even up to four days-- BEFORE they occurred, untill my Parents and I were brainwashed to see that as an early onset of arthritis and I was treated for it!...So, there went that Divine skill...
This, now, makes me think of another article here on NCN: Heidi’s incredible information about “MCS”.( Read that article again and amaze over the way the establishment sees "Things" : The MORE we humans allow our connectedness to LIFE / Nature; Mother Earth re-awaken --and thus be re-connected with LIFE-- the more the establishment sees that as something sick/ “a medical condition”… some kind of flawd in us!... (Oh, but of course!....What am I thinking of!.... it doesn't promote PROGRESS. Anything AWAY from our connectedness to Nature / Mother Earth is considered Progress!… .ah, how silly of me, not to remember!…… To HELL with PROGRESS if it doesn't OPEN us MORE to LIFE / Mother Earth / Nature!....That’s all I have to say )I just totally adore everyone who has (re-)gained some ground again.
I (also)love Nora’s Poem “Mother Volcano”. Not only is it poetically beautiful, but Geo-sientifically as well as Cosmically an accurate observation, I’m sure, and we’d better take note of that…everyone of us!!!….Mother IS ALL of us!…Man-induced –or not!  

11 Oct 2004 @ 19:59 by magical_melody : Hi Craig and Astrid!
I have been thinking about what it will be like when everyone is fully awake, tuned in and turned on to life on the planet, and had this image of the volcanoes blowing steam and doing what they do in, and people being attuned to the needs of the earth working in cooperation so that if/when the earth needs to blow off steam or flow that hot lava, or quake, etc. that people will know where to go and how to be with what's happening, prepared, without fear and even assisting. It's like birth! If you prepared and relaxed, the pain is diminished akin to if a woman has old trauma stored in her body, there is anxiety and birthing is often quite painful and traumatic!

Astrid, I did not write the January article, although I made references to quakes and volcanic eruptions in my other Earth articles in Nov and such. I notice that you have assumed twice in the last two entries that I wrote an article that was written by someone else.

I write some of my own and post ones with little or no comment because the articles are noteworthy and merit my showcasing them on my log. Regards the volcanic activity of St. Helens at this time, I believe its natural in one sense, and yet its a paradox because I know that the Haarp technology located in Alaska, (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and mass thought patterns are creating destructive frequencies which are creating negative consequences - evoking certain responses. All is in relationship, so of course what earth experiences, impacts us and what we experience impacts the earth. To deny this much longer is at our own peril!  

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