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picture 9 Aug 2004 @ 15:16, by Alana Tobin

I received the following message from a good friend Chris back in the US. Chris and his partner Michele are both very clear channels with very good hearts. They have passed along a message from another channel along with an excerpt of an earlier message of their own.

I myself have been working as a Spiritual Intuitive for over 25 years, and am very committed to inner listening daily for personal and professional reasons. I do find this timing and message to ring true. A few nights ago, my husband Max, my self and another good friend of ours, we joined hands before dinner and prayed that there would be an acceleration of karma that would allow more choice to be supported and realized. Aha, very interesting indeed! I believe we tuned into the request being made by ourselves at the higher soul level along with that of the Angelics.

Picture of Uriel by Artist Marius Michael-George. (Archangel Uriel and his feminine complement, Aurora, acting on the purple and gold rays, bring us the selfless flame of love used in devotional worship and service to all life). See Sacred Images Site


I received an email from Gina Citoli with a channeling that was passed along to her, and I decided to forward it to several people. I might choose a different way of phrasing some things, and I always smile when a spiritual channeling says a cosmic-level event is scheduled for a specific time, but the essence of the larger message is the same one we have been saying for some time: at a certain point the opportunity to make the choice for Love ends, and a window closes. For a while it has felt like this year was a crucial turning point, and I will be very curious to see how the rest of these months play out.

Before the channeling from Gina , I would like to include a reminder from our New Year's channeling this past January. Perhaps you read it at that time, but I found the message hopeful and am including a few relevant paragraphs.

"One other thing in this time. You are having an election this year in the United States of America, and there is concern. There is concern, we feel it, we see it all over as people focus on this next time. The polarization is becoming more and more and more extreme, so the choices actually are becoming clearer. If you feel it is your part to step into a place where you speak on behalf of creation in different ways or different arenas that may be more public, then step into those places if they belong to you. Feel that. You will feel moved if it is yours. If not, you will start to sense that there is something else afoot this year. If you take your focus off the political arena, even though it is amping up over the next few months, and allow yourself to listen, pay attention, you will find that there is something else going on as well as what is external. And it is going on particularly in your country, not just in the world at large, but in your country there is something going on. And it is, in a sense, an important place to pay attention, to find in your awareness. It isn't fully manifest yet, but it is on its way and is already starting to spin into a focus."

"This particular time where the political focus is focused on choice, it is the great time of choice, you will find the purity of knowing what choice is all about opening up within consciousness, and there will be a freeing of free will during this year. You may not understand what I'm saying until later, because it has to be experienced. It cannot be fully understood in the mental world. A freeing of free will through choice this year. You've been preparing for it, you've been working towards it, you've been actually practicing, but you haven't been able to fully actualize it because it is a collective experience. It has to happen within the hologram, it has to happen with a number of people, perhaps thousands or more than thousands will actually make this happen. As that breaks free, as that shifts into the hologram, free will moves out of the duality structure and into the new hologram. THAT will be an accomplishment. THAT, you will find worth celebrating. And your children, many of the young ones who already operate with this quality of freed free will, who have no understanding of what you mean when they say "make a choice" and they're already choosing in this new structure, and you're not understanding them, it's not them not understanding you, they're already there…….they will find as if there is a great breath of fresh air. And finally, some of them who are articulate enough, and are old enough to be able to articulate, their voices will start to emerge by the end of this year, collectively more and more. And they will begin to have ways of informing, not only you, but the world, of the things they have been seeded with to bring forward. It will be exciting when that happens, and worth celebrating in your next new year."

Please let us know what is happening with you. Whatever the ultimate timing for this transition, here's to finally getting on with it.



A Message From The Archangels

We stand at the Threshold of monumental changes for our civilization. In August of this year, a 2000 year Christian Dispensation that was over lighted by the Beloved Masters Jesus, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel will permanently shift as Earth commences with the next phase of its evolution appropriately called Resurrection. All three of these Masters will take on new positions in service to the next cycle of evolution. This period will proceed for nine years as we reach 2012. This shift catalyzes the final phase of the Piscean Age as we follow the leadership of these and other over lighting Masters that will continue to guide us in the direction of our Ascension.

Everyone Will Demonstrate Their Gift Of Free Will

On August 15, 16 and 17 the Cosmic, Angelic and Ascended Host will withdraw their Over lighting Forces of Light and Protection that has been supporting Earth's and its people's awakening, as well as, counteracting and buffering the toxic, unconscious and careless actions of humanity. (This begins at 5pm Mountain Time on the 14th) Over these three days, citizens of Earth will exercise their pure, individual free will without any outer influences impacting them. They will get to make a choice to serve the light of God or stay in unawakened survival and fear. There will be no more extensions. Each individual's experience will be unique to them, but this may be a sobering confrontation to their consciousness and its current creations OR mis-creations. With or without the Cosmic Presence over lighting Earth and its kingdoms, this kind of self reflection inevitably happens when a soul is evolving into higher consciousness. On the 18th of August, the Cosmic Forces will return to rejoin ONLY the citizens of Earth who have chosen to stand with and for Love-based activity and purpose. Those who choose otherwise will not be receiving this support any longer. There are those who commit sinister action who before now still had Cosmic Influence available to them, but no longer will this be.

On that day and from now on the Energies of Resurrection will begin pouring into all systems and structures of consciousness to fund and nourish exclusively the Fifth Dimensional Civilization Paradigm. Your individual Spirit is the power behind this outpouring of love and intelligence emanating from the interconnected grid of Unity consciousness.

The old paradigm will collapse even faster now as less and less sustaining life force remains to keep it alive anywhere there is the absence of Love. The nine years of Resurrection are a period of massive reorganization within social, economic and political structures that birth new innovations that continue to bridge life forward into higher consciousness.

We offer this startling transmission to ignite your devotion, allegiance and gratitude to the Power of Love and the God Identity that lives within you. This event opens the Pathway of Love for our Beloved Earth and all of its human family. What Can Individuals Do To Prepare:

Our first question to you is this: Have you made the fundamental choice to follow the impulses and direction of your inner God Self? A fundamental choice is a lifestyle choice, one that all others feed into. Most fundamental choices seem to be survival and fear oriented, and denies the existence of a life that is filled with access to higher truth, powerful inner knowing and the self-discovery of soul gifts, talents and abilities. We wonder what glorious divine character might be discovered within you if you decided to make the choice of all choices. Say Yes to your Divinity!

Before August 15th arrives, further the self-exploration of your Divine Spirit and your Angelic Guides. Ask them to start right now preparing you for this three-day event if not the rest of your life. Your call to your Spirit may sound like this: "Mighty I Am Presence-who am I, why am I here on Earth, what is my truth? Place me on my true path. Prepare and strengthen me in all the ways that I need to be at my strongest and clearest. Show me where I am vulnerable to interference and close the doors to it immediately. Reveal ways that I can serve others during this time of transition. Teach me Gratitude and Reverence for life."

So, during these three days, you will have your I Am Presence, which is your Spirit and you will have your Guardian Angel to sustain you however conscious or unconscious you are of this. Beyond measure your own Beloved Spirit is the most powerful l resource you have or will ever have. Deepen your awareness of this aspect of your life, this vast intelligence within, fall in love with it and ask it to love you every day and every hour, over light you and protect you from all discord. Those of you who are on the awakened path can deepen even more your determination and dedication to fiercely stand for the Light. Those yet to awaken, or those who still determine to execute maleficent acts are in the hands of their Eternal Spirit which is the most powerful asset they have to guide them forward.

This transmission is a call to prepare and be alert and aware, which doesn't end on August 18th. As a planet in evolutionary transition, all is well and all is as it should be. Reorganization is at hand as the Forces of Evolution, which are more powerful that anything Earthly moves forward into its destiny. The truth is that you are really gifted change agents who have marvelous resources within you to assist the dimensional shift.

Exercise as frequently as you can, your energetic clearing tools such as the Violet Consuming Flame, taught by the St. Germaine Foundation. Share this information with loved ones and friends with the language they understand. We will not predict the impact this event will have on Earth changes or in the lives of people who are still heavily attached to self-destructive intentions and choices. Deterioration is already evident in peoples' lives, their jobs and relationships. It may become so obvious that they seek out higher guidance and so, let it be understood that even after the 18th, people will be waking up to making new choices and follow wing love-based pathways for living. This is a phase shift.

Remember and exercise this Law of Life: What ever you think and feel is what you bring into form. Where your thoughts rest is where you are, for you are your consciousness. Thoughts can never become things until they are clothed in feelings. You are already standing in the dimensional field of instantaneous creation.

Keep your fascination upon the Holy Spirit, which is the feeling and feminine side of life - God- the activity of Divine Love -Divine Mother our strength and salvation. Your spiritual task is to keep returning to the heart and replace what pains you with compassion and forgiveness. A simple prayer is "Beloved Holy Spirit, God I AM- I desire to experience ____and fill in the blank. Suggest Compassion, Self-Love, Peace, Truth and on and on. Get creative with it.

Another quick process you can use in the motion and movement of life is to imagine placing an expanding gold ball in your heart center where you will immediately begin to feel this warm, comforting vibration. That's your Spiritual Heart Light. Let it nourish with pure love and center you with your inner strength and truth, like an internal tuning fork. You will find that it gently harmonizes the mind with the heart and brings you "back" into your body. It's just about that simple. What a proving experiment to practice these two ideas in the boardrooms of Corporate America, the rush hour traffic or when disagreements break out in families and jobs, and so on. Teach them to your children and practice them together so they have resources available to them when you aren't around.

Not only during these three days, but also from now on: Pay attention. Pay Attention. Pay Attention. Form support systems and 'Circle the Wagons' with like-minded people. Last, but not least, pour your love and gratitude out to the Angelic Forces, the many devoted and oh, so loving dear ones, who every day intervene hundreds of times on your behalf without you ever knowing the magnitude of their love and assistance.

With Loving Support, Uriel

Note: (Here is an excerpt about Angel Uriel)from Trinity Angels Site

The Angel of Ministration & Peace - This archangel who's name means "Light of God," brings divine light into our lives as he transforms painful memories and restores peace to our past. He helps turn our worst disappointments into our greatest blessings. Uriel assists us in releasing un-forgiveness and resentment. Uriel and his legions enfold us in waves of peace when we cry out to him. Sometimes it takes the death of our most cherished dreams in the form of an unpleasant experience in order to realize the birth of new life, understanding, and opportunity. Uriel's goal is to assist you in anchoring yourself in love that is strong enough to withstand negativity. Invite his essence into your life to assist you in becoming a master of your energies.

Arch Angel Uriel’s (who is the most funny and easy going of the lot) name is said to mean "Fire Of God" and Webster says he represents clear thinking, his element is Earth, his direction is north, his season is summer, his color is white and his zodiac signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. He would then represent the bull.

URIEL, who coordinates the work of all the Archangels within the gross material body, is Uriel - U-Ra-El, as known to the Egyptian forefathers. U stands for space and Ra for the sun: "Space - Sun - God". The great harmonizer of substance, Uriel keeps the Universal Law of Order and Harmony, both within and between each body. Uriel is the great harmonizer and balancer of substance. He brings you the red ray of light, that give us the energy to act in the present time and through this helps us discover our true potential.

This fourth Archangel confronts the souls of those who have erred or strayed form their spiritual path. For this, he is known as the "Angel of Repentance". Luckily though, Uriel also has a lighter side, and is known as the "Angel of Music and Poetry". Perhaps Uriel creates beautiful music and poetry to compensate for the darker side of human nature he deals with. Because of his creativity and insight, he is also the angel who interprets prophecies.

Uriel is usually shown holding a flame or a fiery sword. Color - shades of silvery-white light.

**Update on Arch Angel Uriel--"This Arch Angel wants you to know he is often portrayed as being of immense stature and holding an incense burner, a flame, or a lamp. He may be visualized as being formed of a rainbow brightness with aura-wings of electric blue; a crystal diadem is upon his head. His eyes penetrate the universe.*

Arch Angel Uriel can, and will, perform the "eleventh hour miracle"--when all hope seems gone, or time is against you, invoke him and he will descend suddenly and dramatically, sweeping natural laws aside and putting the world on its head, and you will know that the age of miracles is not gone and "the Lord IS God".

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9 Aug 2004 @ 21:14 by spiritseek : Alana
thank you for posting this information,I feel it follows with alot of information coming in from all over. As I write this I notice the time here is 11:11 very appropriate message at the right time!  

9 Aug 2004 @ 22:29 by ov : Uriel
I hope those August dates are the ones coming up next week. The previous paragraph mentioned the nine years leading up to 2012, it would sure be a bummer if all this happened last year and I missed it. I've been rooting for the positive future for a long time, and well I have had the discouraging odd thought now and then, but heh I'm firmly committed to the new future.

I've been thinking about this Judgement Day thing now for a long time. With this original sin thinking, and the motivation by hell fire and guilt, with our crime and punishment focus it is almost impossible to think of Judgement Day as being anything but bad news. BUT, that's not how I see it, I see it as being more Choosing Day. We have had quite a few billion years now of requirements analysis to find out what kind of universe that would be really worth having. Not all universes are possible, but there are almost an infinite amount of universes that are possible, all that is required is that they are interally congruent, there are as many universes as there are paranoiac delusions. The question is which ones are worth living in. It's all well and good to phantasize about how it would be like, and how everybody would act, or even how you yourself would act, but you cannot really know until you submit it to the reality test. You don't know how you will respond until you are faced with the situation in reality. If it wasn't for that we would have all stayed in that state of ultimate potential without constraint that existed prior to the big bang. So now we are getting down to the short strokes of affirming what kind of reality we really want and making those changes that will enable it to be. The judgement is the orgasm. That's what make everything that precedes it water under the bridge and who really cares what happened before because it was what got us to here and now. Ever notice how there is no finger pointing and blame when everything turns out better than anybody had ever hoped for. Blame is only for failed situations, and I still think we are going to get soooo lucky, that everybody will be totally awestruck.  

11 Aug 2004 @ 15:10 by magical_melody : Hehehe, Marie, and Ov
Marie, you are the second person who noticed the clock read 11:11, when another friend opened the message and read your comment, they saw the same numbers right away.

You have written some interesting statements above Ov. I enjoyed reading your comment very much. ---***You don't know how you will respond until you are faced with the situation in reality. If it wasn't for that we would have all stayed in that state of ultimate potential without constraint that existed prior to the big bang."***

Ov, I find it fascinating how we are impulsed in life. As you pointed out, we can have all sorts of fantasies and visions, with varied thoughts and feelings. I see us ready to get conscious with what’s happening within us, and get a hold of our thoughts and feelings so we can create consciously our inner and outer experiences. The power of intent is amazing. Thoughts and feelings are creative and are coalescing with the potentials to set up specific inner/outer circumstances and dynamics at certain levels. Choice is so powerful! When we choose to commit to experience ourselves, our groups, and our lives as focused in the 'One Heart', and entrain our wills and our actions to that ‘One Heart Essence’, then I believe we will be expressing our true 'heart knowing', thru our 'heart being' inspired to create true 'heart magic'...Yes, I believe that the people of MU lived this way. They continue to live within us, ready to birth through us again.

Interesting how when an actual meeting or event occurs, there is much to consider, as we are impulsed and inspired to act, to witness or respond accordingly to something or someone, (thru the dance of ego and essence we move) and there are energy dynamics at play between people. Ah to listen to the heart then....Sometimes with all the best of intentions and desires, unless an individual or group is ready for an experience, or a process is ready to be experienced, the intent or actions of one person or the group may come to be averted, aborted or diverted into another process (via spiritual intervention or human interception). Ah the divine unfolding...There are so many factors at work externally that reflect the inner workings of us humans and our thoughts and choices, ah getting conscious and choosing consciously... In any given moment a thought or feeling will grab us and we can stop in an instant! to re-create the thought or feelings!! And determine how we will be with a situation, and how we will act or behave, or respond to a circumstance or person. Ah the great mystery as it involves choice, and the act of catching ourselves, and re-directing our consciousness and our Presence. Ah I breathe and pause...

Hmmm. Yeah, makes ya think deeply ey? The profound nature of group dynamics and the whole essence of energy and consciousness and how it moves, relates, informs, nourishes, creates and responds, as all is the expression of the Divine, in the dance of relationship. This is what this post is all about, it's about sacred time... in sacred space and us all coming to the point now where the collective of humanity comes to take conscious responsibility for our own choices, and the experiences that come as a result. We have the power to break through the 'limitation codes' and to shift our his-tory now. We have the power of three or more... to intentionally, create REAL HEART MAGIC! It's time! I smile now with confidence in the 'One Heart' which is waking us to the heart magic now.  

11 Aug 2004 @ 21:00 by ov : Uriel
Yup, it's definitely going to be a group effort, and not just us but previous cultures as well, that's what the resurrecting the dead is all about, not literally but through an understanding of previous periods of history in relationship to the big picture.

And heh, there is enough time in the miss-story level of the timeline for the mu and who knows how many other attempts and stages of evolution.

But deep down I still feel this is something that we have to do rather than have happen to us.  

11 Aug 2004 @ 21:12 by ov : This just arrived by e-mail
Dear friends,

A quick last minute comment about Mercury Retrograde and Mars, both in Virgo…

Mercury rules Virgo and is Retrograde in Virgo (August 9th to September 2nd). This one is a particularly powerful Retrogradation because Mercury is in its own sign. Mars (action, work, war, car, accidents, and competition) just entered into Virgo yesterday and is traveling toward Mercury while Mercury is walking back toward Mars. They are going to “crash” (symbolically, not physically) against each other on the 17-18 of August while being in opposition to explosive and unpredictable Uranus in Pisces. It is advisable to keep quiet, to be as conservative as possible, to avoid getting involved with major new projects as all important action done prior to that date is likely to need done and redone. I imagine that an increasing tension in the world with individuals having all sorts of accidents (perhaps on water more than anywhere else) as well as mass tragedies could be a possibility. Try to remain as centered and grounded as possible and be patient enough to postpone any major action project to at least the 19th of August, keeping in mind that Mercury will remain Retrograde until September 2nd.

This coming Sunday (August 15th) is New Moon day in Leo and could very well add fertility to those very unstable energies. If you feel so inclined, anything that has a grounding effect for you should be done systematically for a couple of weeks just so you feel sturdy in the middle of an “energy storm” if not literally a climatic storm. This is a good opportunity to cultivate inner poise, stability, and to develop spiritual muscles. Leo rules love and the heart and New Moons are new beginnings!

This is a brief episode of agitation just as if we were in a plane and the pilot would ask us to fasten our seat belt while entering into a zone of atmospheric turbulence. It is brief and temporary; we just need a bit of patience and caution. Everything is an opportunity for growth and awakening. Love to you all.

The Self is as it is, sparkling, ever steady,
unmoving and unchanging. First realize the Self.

(Sri Ramana Maharshi)

Marielle Croft, Astrologer

Phone: (604) 873-5963, Vancouver, B.C., Canada



12 Aug 2004 @ 01:47 by magical_melody : Thanks Ov, sure fits!
I am in the process of starting to receive messages about the energies for next month now as I have committed to provide monthly updates about the waves of energy - shiftings and their impact on the collective consciousness. You know, what we can do with what's happening and what's not-within and without. I will be posting this report on our website which we will be publishing in September. I will give you the head's up when its up and running. I find it really interesting now to see what's coming and in taking into account all the info above, and what I have have been writing - well, oh my goodness, its truly interesting times we live in!! I appreciate the astro update here, its right on! BIG TIME! Thanks Ov!  

12 Aug 2004 @ 05:12 by spiritseek : Now I'm worried
My daughter will be traveling two states over to the Cleveland Clinic for a spinal tap on the 18th.Their checking for fluid on the brain. Will this trip need alot of caution?  

12 Aug 2004 @ 15:17 by magical_melody : Marie,
when in doubt, check it out!

I would suggest that you and your daughter listen to what your heart guidance is about this procedure as well as travel at this time. Just because a doctor says this is the thing to do, does not mean it is. You yourself know this regards your challenges with Cancer. Have you gotten a second opinion locally from someone you trust? In praying and listening, I trust you will be guided.

It is essential for us to listen before committing to do anything or go anywhere - all-Ways! I trust your heart to discern Marie! Fear is often an indicator of something out of balance. I support you in listening to your heart and turning the fear into love.  

13 Aug 2004 @ 06:14 by spiritseek : thanks Alana
My daughter is sure she must have this done,its been a long time coming.Doctors here have agreed its necessary too. I will keep positive and faith that all works out.  

21 Aug 2004 @ 05:16 by Kik back and relax its not true @ : Nothings happened care to explain!
Nothing happened between these three days but something changed inside of me a little that was always there to seek out my spiritual self and fuse with the divine which i'm starting on my new quest.

Now that i'm very close to initiating myself to my wicca religion i'll combine my energy with the divine and become one with all !!! :D  

21 Aug 2004 @ 10:06 by magical_melody : Nothing happened and yet a shift!
Everyone has their own experience. During this period, I sensed lots of mental 'storm' energy, (spoke with a couple people - one in US and one here, and both confirmed some similar experiences when tuning into the collective) I told Max that I sensed real storms would ensue. Then the next day in Wellington - 8 hrs from here, there was a huge storm that took the roof off of the airport building. I have received a number of reports from people in the local area and from different parts of the world, and the input confirms lots more freeing of energy in terms of choice. Wherever you have felt and experienced limitations, watch the energy open more now. That which has been your experience of limitation, or delay, pay attention to how it shifts now.

That which has been suppressive or oppressive is moving in new ways, and that which has been covert is really coming to be revealed big time...WE ain't seen nuttin yet as the saying goes. We each have a part in this play. The excitement is soon to begin! Get your popcorn and grab a seat! And when you are inspired to act, then step to the beat, cuz its showtime!  

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