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 Teleporting larger objects becomes real possibility0 comments
picture11 Feb 2002 @ 16:30, by ming. Science
According to an article in New Scientist, practical teleportation is now looking more possible than ever. Previously scientists have been able to teleport very small and simple stuff like photons. Now experiments in Calcutta have demonstrated that larger molecules can be used too. It is all through the quantum mechanical principle of "entanglement", which essentially allows two particles to act as one, no matter where they are.  More >

 Scientists at Economic Forum are pessimistic0 comments
picture2 Feb 2002 @ 16:22, by ming. Science
OK, Bono and Bishop Tutu might be shaking hands, but the scientists at the World Economic Forum seem to look towards a rather grim future filled with biological threats, global warming and out-of-control technology. Article at Yahoo.  More >

 New Gravity Map1 comment
picture27 Nov 2001 @ 02:02, by ming. Science
A new map of the gravitational field across the planet shows that if you want to lose weight you should go to India, where the pull of gravity is slightly less than it is elsewhere on the planet. Article at BBC News. Well, really the variation is only about 1% so I guess it isn't all that mysterious.  More >

 Trillions Entwined
16 Nov 2001 @ 11:01, by sindy. Science

 12,000-Year-Old Human Hair DNA
16 Nov 2001 @ 10:52, by sindy. Science
12,000-Year-Old Human Hair DNA
Has No Match With Modern Humans  More >

 Paradigms of Science
23 Sep 2001 @ 10:34, by sharie. Science
Having studied the individual scientific paradigms of Velikovsky, Russell, Tesla, Marconi, Edison, Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, Davies, Planck, Hawkings, Einstein, and others, I saw the work of each of these geniuses was so unique and isolated that even though many of these men lived in the same era, and were familiar with one another's work (Russell, Einstein, Tesla, Marconi, and Edison for example all knew of one another's work), none of them worked *together*.

These scientists couldn't work together because each was working within their own unique scientific paradigm.

The laws that guided their work were very different from one another...

and yet our modern day scientific establishment clings to one set of scientific laws as if their very lives depend on it...

Meanwhile our Mother Earth is being destroyed and we now have the largest mass extinction in 65 million years.

*Now* would be a good time to re-consider what we believe about our Natural World.

Instead of clinging to scientific laws, knowing full well that in the next 20, 50, and 100 years, new discoveries and greater awareness will have us clinging to entirely different set of scientific laws, let us review our options *now*.

We have an option, here and now, to by-pass the past and the future, to accept the truth about Nature and of our universe, and the truth about our self. For this is... shock of shocks... what it comes down to:

There are no scientific laws. The only law is the power of the mind, the beliefs we hold onto and which collectively determine the nature of matter and all that we experience.

There is one life force in all the universe... one intelligence manifesting all that is... and you are it.

The essence of our being is the invisible intelligence that manifests all things.

Love with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength... Love and you will know.

 Nature's Science
22 Sep 2001 @ 15:48, by sharie. Science
Nature's Science

The word 'science' comes from the latin meaning 'knowledge'.

Modern scientists claim that knowledge is the result of methodology, experiments, and theory. Their knowledge of chemistry, however, gives us polluted water, polluted air, polluted land, polluted bodies, polluted minds, and a polluted and dying world.

Nature'sl Science, on the other hand, is the study of Nature's *Science*, Nature's ways, Nature's methods of balance, regeneration, and vitality.

Nature's Science is economically sound, self-sustaining, non-polluting, powerful, brilliant, beautiful, bold, and balanced.

While modern science is crouched in theories of evolution and relativity, Natural Science is alive and free. The question is not about evolution or creation, the question is of intelligence.

Is the universe a manifestation of intelligence?


Is the universe a manifestation of ignorance?

If it is intelligence, what's the source of the intelligence that's manifesting all that exists?

Is there one intelligence balancing all of life, or are there a multitude of intelligent sources?

If there is a multitude of intelligent sources, are they connected?

If they are connected, what connects them, and what is their source?

When I was a little girl, I saw beyond the facade of the physical realm. I saw beyond the illusion to the spirit of life that manifests all things. I saw that time and space were an illusion, and the eternal light of truth was everywhere.

Years later, I sat in Chemistry class watching the professor write the Laws of Thermodynamics on the board. From deep within me came rising up a gentle knowing, "They've got it all wrong..."

The Chart of the Chemical Elements displayed in Chemistry classes around the world is inaccurate and misleading. Their entire concept of chemistry is warped and unnatural. Nature doesn't lay out a chart like that. Did you know other Charts exist depicting a very different perspective of the chemical elements? Did you know the chemical elements are transmuting into other elements? Have you ever heard about Hydrogen bursting into Helium?

The establishment theory says this is why the sun is burning.

Did you know sodium, potassium, hydrogen, nitrogen, chlorine and other elements virtually interchange? Read "Biological Transmutations" by Kervran, and open your eyes to see this truth going on in your everyday life. After all, every dairy farmer knows that to get cow's milk you don't feed the cows milk.

The eggshell is made of lime, but chickens aren't eating or breathing lime... or even limestone.

Many carbon monoxide deaths were shown to be caused by heated nitrogen... When heated, two nitrogen atoms switch molecules to become one carbon atom and one oxygen... toxic. Why didn't they tell me this in school?

The scientific establishment, sponsored by multi-national corporations, is poisoning our water, our air, our land, our bodies and our minds. Either these scientists don't know what they're doing... or they do know, and they've conspired to kill us.

Either way, I turn from the laws and theories of the scientific establishment and focus on Natural Science, the true science waiting for us to tap into.

The Laws of Thermodynamics presented by the scientific establishment are not accurate. The Laws of Thermodynamics say that energy is neither created or destroyed, and yet we know "the creation of a thousand forests is in a single acorn." Who denies trees have energy? Who denies that one acorn can result in thousands of trees? Who denies that the minerals of the earth, the water in the air, and heat of the sun have *created* this new energy of the forest? Who can prove there is less energy in the earth and air and sun because the forests exist?

They say energy is neither created nor destroyed, they say the universe is expanding... these two cannot both be true... If there is no new energy in an expanding universe, what then keeps the universe from imploding in on itself?

Is the universe expanding?

The universe is an intelligent, creative, *living* being with a sense of balance and a rhythm all its own. The universe appears to be expanding, but when we expand our awareness, we see from other perspectives that the universe appears to be contracting.

The Laws of Thermodynamics worshipped by establishment science are false. This has been recognized by many scientists including Russell, Gray, Tesla, Lindemann, and many others.

The scientific establishment worships a paradigm that leaves humanity destined for self-destruction.

Natural Science offers us the way of *life*.

Nikola Tesla demonstrated the eternal resonance of energy and the power of the Earth to echo it, proving the "law of entropy" is false: [link]

I turned my back on the science of the mainstream, and explored Nature. I studied the works of many scientists who offer alternative perspectives on the mainstream ways.

Nature demonstrates her laws and pageantry in living color. Modern-day scientists conduct experiments in laboratories and then claim the results are proof of Nature's Ways. This is verging on the insane. People are being murdered by the 'technologies' discovered in laboraties. Ask any mother whose baby was born dead because of radiation poisoning, water poisoning, air poisoning, or cancer.

But money in the pockets of the industrialists, politicians, and civil servants means it's 'science'. (?)

Study the balance, the boldness, and the brilliance of Nature, share what you learn from others, and create a way of life that echoes her intelligence.

 Anti-gravity0 comments
8 Aug 2001 @ 04:27, by ming. Science
"Eugene Podkletnov, the physicist who claimed to have discovered an anomalous gravitational "shielding" effect in the 90s, but withdrew his original paper prior to publication, has now published a new paper on the topic. It is very technical, so don't expect to understand it. Anyway, it describes an experiement, using very cold super-conductors, that creates an inverse gravitational effect (that is, the device pushes things away from it). Podkletnov claims that the results directly contradict general relativity."

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