New Civilization News: 12,000-Year-Old Human Hair DNA    
 12,000-Year-Old Human Hair DNA
16 Nov 2001 @ 10:52, by sindy

12,000-Year-Old Human Hair DNA
Has No Match With Modern Humans

October 28, 2001 Woodburn, Oregon - Human hair dating back to the last Ice Age ten to twelve thousand years ago was discovered in 1999 at an archaeological dig in Woodburn, Oregon between Salem and Portland. The Ice Age site is filled with the bones of elephants, sloths, condors and a bird with a 14-foot wingspan. The unidentified human hairs were found perfectly preserved a few feet underground and had enough follicles for DNA analysis. This week I talked with geology professor emeritus, William Orr, at the University of Oregon, about DNA efforts to match the Ice Age hair to any living hominoid species on earth today.


It is clear from their fossilised bones that Australopithecus walked on two legs - but how? This provided a real challenge to the animators, because it is not just us that walk on two legs today: some modern apes, particularly the rare bonobo (a species of chimpanzee), walk short distances on two legs too.

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Homo erectus found in Thailand
Researchers have found remains of Homo erectus, a part-human, part-ape creature, in Thailand for the first time.


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