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 Preparing for the showdown: November 7th29 comments
picture19 Jul 2007 @ 05:19, by Max Sandor

Contemplating the irony of fate of two of my greatest heroes (and I don't have many, sorry to say), Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich they are, both to arrive in the Land of the Free, only to die in disgrace after giving to mankind some of the greatest, greatest gifts in its history.

Preparing for the showdown: the UNSEALING of the books of Wilhelm Reich 50 years after his sudden death (how come??) in an American prison, a few days before his release from a ridiculous sentence in, again, the Land of the Free (or so they say in best Orwellian tradition).

Just to be sure, the FDA burned his books and his machines in 1956 (how low can a nation sink?), in the best tradition of the Catholic Church, just recently asserting being the ONLY true Church, what a shame...let's burn those witches, alright...

It makes me contemplate, another time yet, the pain of humans condemning exactly what would help them. Help buttons, yeah, I hear some cry out loud... but what I am contemplating here is the tragedy of the drowning fool who spits on a life vest in disgust because he KNOWS, he KNOWS, a life vest is a superstitious gadget of no real use, because he thinks he knows it all, because he read the news, of course, the news, those news, that tell everything a real man has to know to be happy by telling him all the other shit that is happening around the world at this time. Except, of course, giving a hint, or two, may be, that HE HIMSELF is a SLAVE.

So, to spare all of those who think who still need to write. wasting precious electronic bits, YES, I AM STILL ALIVE, even though I am living just 50+ km (30 miles) East of Sao Paulo. Indeed, I did NOT burn in those ashes of TAM.

Interestingly enough, I passed by Congonhas a few hours earlier, explaining my better half the function of the landing fires that are visible from the freeway approaching the airport, wondering why they were not constantly flashing as they do in Burbank or at LAX.

So, I returned to the jungle in the High Sierra, with few monkeys around (even though they still manage to make a hellish noise), wondering if someone would ever send me an email on the occasion of the worldwide news that a man and a woman having made cosmic love.

In the meantime. my respects to the global news to make sure a tragedy spreads around the world faster than a local would ever know.

Reminds me of that '93 (I think) earthquake in LA. My mother woke me up in the morning, calling me from Germany, informing me of the 'disaster' while I was still happily dreaming along in the Hollywood Hills (Studio City side, to be precise).

Or, some years later, her orders to evacuate immediately because of the San Diego fires (some 50 miles south of there, for non-cals).

Holy cow, I WAS NOT IN THAT AIRPLANE, folks, thanks for your concern!

The last time I flew from Porto Alegre to Sao Paulo Congonhas was on September 7th 2001 with connection to LA scheduled to arrive on 9/11 at 8:50 PST. Alright, alright, I winded up in Tijuana, not the first time, and took a bus to LA because the borders were closed to air traffic.

But that's another story.

End of rant for today. Cheerio...

Going back to wrapping me in layers of metallic and isolating materials... gotta be prepared for REICH DAY (Nov 7) !!!!

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19 Jul 2007 @ 14:28 by istvan : Dear Max,
For sometime now I have been waiting to make some connection with you on some level. I am not interested in almost any of your previous entries, or perhaps have no time to understand the subjects you present.
Here you present words I have a connection with and would like to communicate/research with you, if you syncronize.
You mention 2 humans Tesla and W.Reich whom I know ti be two giants, way above the murky mass of present day consciousness/science and of religiousness.
Respectfully, Anandistvan  

19 Jul 2007 @ 22:57 by Ed Dawson @ : well gee...
You DO fly back and forth from Brasilt several times a year, do you not? Since that accident occurred in a Sao Paulo airport, we assumed it was the airport you use. So of course your friends would be wondering. Isn't it nice to know that your continued survival is important to more people than yourself? None of this is intended as any invalidation of your ability to survive. It is not actually a survival issue to your friends; it is an affinity issue, notice it.
your friend,

19 Jul 2007 @ 23:04 by mx @ : very much appreciated :-)
certainly, I didn't mean to criticize who is writing me... in the contrary, some old friends I didn't hear from for quite some time were resurfacing.. :-)
the rant was more about how such a tragic event is exploited by the media in the entire world, and how fast..  

20 Jul 2007 @ 00:02 by Ed Dawson @ : I suspect
I suspect that Reich was a genius local boy; someone from around here (this planet). And he was probably killed by vested interests, or at least by outraged morphic fields who didn't like their tidy reality rearranged.

Tesla on the other hand seems to me to be an outsider who dropped in, grabbed a body, and helped us using knowledge he already possessed from where ever he originated. I don't feel sorry for him; he did his job and dropped the body, letting the local savages do what they wanted to it. My only question is from how far away did he come? From another civilization far away in space seems logical, but that doesn't feel right... to me he feels like he dropped in from the future. As a being above time, he would be immune to the demands of local morphic fields to not upset the agreed-upon dramatization.

26 Jul 2007 @ 17:22 by jmarc : No news is good news
Having given up on television, newspapers, and now internet news, I stand agape that the world continues to turn, whether or not I read up on what happened in it in the previous week, day, or hour. It makes for a more stress free life, for sure, whether one is living in a jungle in Brazil, or a small lake side town in New York.  

27 Jul 2007 @ 06:11 by mx @ : blessed is who...
...has the smarts to escape the manipulation of the media, amen :-)

in reality there ain't many of us even though all the commentators to this Blog who I know personally are of that kind...

the only good newspaper is a burning newspaper ;-)
a threefold hurray to sanity :-)  

8 Nov 2007 @ 13:37 by mortimer @ : ignorance stuck on stuck
Well it is nov 8th and I wonder what happen at the showdown.

I don’t mean to be gender bias but, it does seem that ignorance keeps reaching for one more last grasp before knowledge penetrates the whole. A feeble attempt to stop birth of what it itself has helped co create in the world. I’m boggled by it, ignorance stuck on stuck. What right does ignorance have to stop progress, what right does ignorance have to bring so much death and destruction, and what right does ignorance have to claim ownership of pure potent joy and sudden change. The pure energy of knowledge may be confused by this stuck on stuck, but I remain confident that it cannot be stopped. It’s a fundamental law of the universe; the truth cannot be stopped.  

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