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picture27 Mar 2007 @ 10:30, by swanny

March 27, 2007

The New Antinomy

Well went searching for the laws of quantum physics and though they seem to get a lot of press there was no agreement on what they were and no place they could be found.
Is it thus "logic" or "weird"....?????
No agreement there and some purport it is "logical and weird" at the same time. Well thats just great.
Logical and weird at the same time well how insane are we to tolerate...? Or is this the new "reality" or new "TRUTH" logic and weirdness living in harmony.
Well most irreconcileable to those of practical and conservative natures.
Logical and weird at the same time well how conveinent and intolerable but then perhaps but even such must have some basic "laws"...otherwise would it not be total anarchy at will?

So then what are the "laws" of simultaneous "logic and weirdness" well we will have to take a fall back position and apply Mosaic Law in the intern... For now thus
the ten commandments are the "Laws of Logical Weirdness" until further notice.


ten link = [link]

well wikipedia might not be perfect but the internet was not created in a day you know.

sir ed

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27 Mar 2007 @ 11:18 by swanny : Rational
Well the way its figured is that if something can be logical and weird simultaneously then there's no reason that the ten commandments can't be the laws of logical weirdness, besides they, the commandments have got us this far haven't they? Yes. Case closed.

sir ed  

27 Mar 2007 @ 11:18 by swanny : Rational
Well the way its figured is that if something can be logical and weird simultaneously then there's no reason that the ten commandments can't be the laws of logical weirdness, besides they, the commandments have got us this far haven't they? Yes. Case closed.

sir ed  

29 Mar 2007 @ 19:01 by Micha @ : Mother-son sex?
Is mother-son sex acceptable? From a loving mother who just got asked the question by her 12 yr old son.  

31 Mar 2007 @ 18:26 by swanny : You..
What do you think and feel about that?
I don't think I would feel comfortable or right
having sex with my children or any child.
Childhood is a time for innocence and sheltering.
Sex is and can be a messy business leading to all kinds of complications and such. A child doesn't need sex as much as they need love stability and trust. Sex would simply overcomplicate things and change the dynamics and meanings of the relationship. I don't think a child or parent who wants to have sex with each other clearly appreciates the true nature and significance of sex and reduces sex to a meaningless. nominal and recreational act rather than a special expression of love between two consenting adults and or the desire or need to procreate. A child and a lot of adults don't have the mental capacity to make that and those kind of decisions and even if they did it would be demeaning the future of the act between a possible significant other who one could and would have a more equal, meaningful and lasting relationship with. So the adult would in a sense be robbing the child of a more significant sexual sharing with a true partner down the road simply perhaps to get their rocks off on a perhaps innocent confused and uninformed party.
Because of these reasons and perhaps more or less society and the authorities have rightly determined or made a judgement for it to be illegal and or immoral and unacceptable to have sex with children and or people of insufficient mental age and such due to disability etc and it is a fairly well known cultural taboo to have sex with ones relatives for reasons like producing disfigured and incapcitated offspring or vegetables.

sir ed  

14 May 2007 @ 14:23 by oneemotion : The New Antinomy
Well Ed -- there seems to be a contradiction in everything -- there always seems to be an opposition!!! -- one person's "truth" is opposite to another's!!!


14 May 2007 @ 14:37 by swanny : Reconciliation
Well... yes inherent contradictions abound...
It is dependent upon ones tolerance level for such...
there is the concept as well as logical faith...
and mutualism... how we reconcile this for all is the never ending challenge...
why because balance is a dynamic not static state...
we try to maintain a reasonable dynamic balance not too static and not too chaotic sort of "acceptable complexity."
Like said worlds are not always up to the task...
circularities as said as well

and then what do I know

just a best guess....

thanks for the reply


30 Dec 2014 @ 01:56 by adattatore alimentatore @ : The New Antinomy
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