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 Samhain0 comments
picture31 Oct 2002 @ 16:09, by quidnovi. Visual Arts, Graphics
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 Mystical paintings
2 Nov 2001 @ 14:03, by sindy. Visual Arts, Graphics
Mystical paintings from people around the globe  More >

 Siggraph69 comments
15 Aug 2001 @ 23:55, by ming. Visual Arts, Graphics
I spent the day at the Siggraph show in L.A. Convention Center. Siggraph is the showcase for the leading edge in computer graphics and animation. Nothing really revolutionary I saw, but lots of stuff that's getting better, and lots of impressive computer generated stuff. To me the most cool stuff was 3D Printers (that create an object on the spot in plastic, based on the blueprints in the computer), body motion input (digitizing somebody's movements and transferring them to animated characters in real-time), and wrap-around displays with multiple flat screen monitors. There were some, supposedly, real 3D displays, but they are still rather disappointing.  More >

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