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 Mystical paintings
2 Nov 2001 @ 14:03, by sindy

Mystical paintings from people around the globe

Mystical art by Pauline Ross



"Art of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest Coast"

The Pacific Northwest from Alaska through British Columbia and into Washington state is home to a unique native indian art style known as formline or totemic art. The monumental totems of the Haida and Tlingit, the intricate artwork of the Kwakuitl, Salish, and Bella Coola - all are rich in native symbolism and spirit. The artwork of Blaine Billman is inspired by the native American cultures of Alaska and the Northwest Coast. Enjoy your visit.


Helena Anderson's Mystical Watercolors
My work is concerned with the spiritual, and how it impacts our daily lives. My work conveys the sense of yearning that comes from spiritual beings living in a physical world. My inspiration springs from mythology, legend and the subconscious. I have been most recently been working with the Qabala (ancient Hebrew mysticism) and angelic forms. I frequently feel that my paintings are links to other worlds that are trying to communicate with this world. Color and form are most important to me, especially when working in a representational format. I utilize pattern and serial imagery to tell stories about things that can not be expressed verbally. I use watercolor as a medium because of its fluidity and ability to create transparent layers which can make the surface on which it is painted appear to glow. I use a personalized symbology that springs from my dreams, everyday life, and my interest in the esoteric.


Artist Christine Davis creates original designs in clay and mixed media. Her work embodies modern visions of goddesses from ancient cultures that empower women to rise to their full potential.

ABSTRACT ART EXPLAINED: Non-objective abstract art is unknowable. This is why we are tempted to look for objects in paintings where there aren't any. For this reason it is more of a challenge to create an abstract painting that has meaning. All the elements of good representational art should be present, namely color, form, composition, perspective, etc. It can be compared to abstract music (music where a melody cannot be discerned). Not identifying a melody in music is like not seeing any recognizable objects in non-objective art. Hopefully you will like it. Art that has to be explained has failed.

Artist's Statement:
I express what I feel in my painting without adhering to a particular style. I don't distinguish between representation and abstraction, and am not bound by historical trends and tradition. I choose freely to use a variety of materials and methods. I like to paint common subjects including abstract, portraits, Bhuddist images, still life, and animals. I feel novel subjects and strange or unusual things don't last long and what is in vogue is only temporary. I find interesting meaning in ordinary subjects. For instance, I find it beautiful and enjoyable to paint even a small stone. I always observe nature and express my feelings through my work. I strive to work without losing my vitality. My outlook is always changing and I am ever looking for new things to observe and express.


The mystical paintings of

Following paintings are a selection from the Inspirational art and abstract paintings by contemporary mystic artist Rassouli
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the Forgotten Realms pictures

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