New Civilization News: Touched by his Noodly Appendage    
 Touched by his Noodly Appendage12 comments
picture 10 Aug 2008 @ 18:52, by Marissa A Spencer

What greatness inspires great art!!!

check this site out


The Flying Spaghetti Monster... RAmen!

I have been saved from a faithless life.

pic taken from this site


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10 Aug 2008 @ 20:29 by Cotton Blather @ : How to spot a heretic
There beeth many heretics in todays world. Many of those who are devoted to FSM (may his name be glorified) have asked me, "Cotton, how doest thou spot a witch"?
I hast foundeth a very simple methods of confirming the presence of the spirit of the Anti-FSM in a body.
1. Place a bowl of spaggetti in front of the suspected heretic.
2. Observe. Ifeth they start to say that they are "not very hungry", or starteth going on about how "I'm allergic to wheat gluten", then thou hast foundeth thy witch. A true heretic in league with the Anti-FSM cannot abide Spaggetti. And every body knoeth that all good spirits adore the dish.

Sincerely yours in Pasta,
Cotton Blather
Church of St. Anthony Martinetti,
North End
Boston, Mathachucettes  

10 Aug 2008 @ 20:59 by jmarc : Devotional Art Work

11 Aug 2008 @ 06:08 by skookum : ahahahhaahaha
Thanks to both of you.. wow.. I had no idea lol


thanks for the laugh..

ooh.. I have to test a witch soon..  

11 Aug 2008 @ 20:56 by a-d : Only ONE Pic....
: the RIGHT ONE,and the Human Dilemma is all exposed!.... The formless TRAPPED in "formless form" -as only Cooked Spaghetti can reveal 'it'!... Now my legs feel like COOKED spaghetti!... HEEEELP meeeee!... Somebody, pleeeease, help Meeeeee!...  

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