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picture 28 Mar 2007 @ 07:27, by Marissa A Spencer

Oh that glorious Springtime...when the youth inside is reborn.

I have won a trophy.. several ribbons for my photography.

I have that trophy in some box in the garage...maybe I will get it out someday. The ribbons are all faded, dirty and wrinkled. How does one restore ribbons? lol Life simply got in the way I guess.
This is a photo I took on a bike trail on Cannery Row in Monterey California. My son Ben and I came with his class on a field trip there. We watched movies on the bus on the way and back. We were there to study sea life at the aquarium there. We traipsed all over, looking for the answers to the scavenger hunt of facts his teacher had given all the small groups and their adult leaders.

His teacher had this 'small' walk to the beach to take to eat lunch. It would have been nothing...if my foot and leg weren't recovering from that infection. So... as they sped ahead of me on the way back...along the bike trail... I took a few pictures.

Here is one...some Springtime for you.

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