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1 Feb 2002 @ 21:52, by finny. Conspiracy


Michael C. Ruppert

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TORONTO, [Filed January 25, 2002, and Revised January 28, 2002] – EDITORIAL NOTE: In our original story we indicated that the note written by Delmart “Mike” Vreeland had been sealed in court records. We based this on a misreading of Canadian press stories. In fact, the warning of the World Trade Center attacks, written by Vreeland on either August 11th or 12th has been introduced into open evidence in Vreeland’s case in Toronto. Using court records in our possession, FTW has scanned the document and it is available for viewing in this story. We apologize for the error. Following is a revised story which we feel is the best way to present this important information in context.]


Delmart Edward “Mike” Vreeland, an American citizen whose claims to being a US Naval Lieutenant assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) are being increasingly corroborated in open court, has been in a Canadian jail since December 6, 2000. On August 11 or 12 of 2001, the date is uncertain, after trying to verbally alert his Canadian jailers to the coming World Trade Center attacks, he wrote down key information and sealed it in an envelope which he then had placed in jailers’ custody. This event is not disputed by Canadian authorities. The letter specifically listed a number of targets including The Sears Towers, The World Trade Center, The White House, The Pentagon, The World Bank, The Canadian parliament building in Ottawa and the Royal Bank in Toronto.

A chilling sentence follows the list of targets, “Let one happen. Stop the rest!!!”  More >

 German minister doubts official version of 9/110 comments
18 Jan 2002 @ 11:46, by ming. Conspiracy
A former German Cabinet Minister attacks the official brainwashing on the September 11th issue in an interview in the German Tagesspiegel daily newspaper. The baffling failure of the U.S. Administration including its 26 secret agencies with an annual budget of $30 billion, to come up with any convincing assessment, was one big problem that von Buelow addresses, in quite some detail.  More >

 When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman0 comments
picture10 Dec 2001 @ 05:46, by ming. Conspiracy
I can't verify any of this, but an interesting story by J. Orlin Grabbe about Osama bin Laden touring the U.S. in 1986 in search for support. Tim Osman was supposedly a name the CIA had provided him with as a cover for the visit.

 More >

 FBI develops eavesdropping tools2 comments
picture27 Nov 2001 @ 02:19, by ming. Conspiracy
The software, part of a new "Enhanced Carnivore Project" code named "Magic Lantern", is supposedly capable of secretly being installed on a remote user's computer, and be able to monitor keystrokes. It functions in a similar fashion as a virus or "trojan horse" program. Article at Washington Post. Now, what I find more upsetting, however, is that one of the leading makers if virus protection programs, McAfee, is planning to deliberately leave holes in their detection to allow FBI's viruses to infect people's computers without setting off any alarms. Now THAT I'd call criminal.  More >

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