New Civilization News: FBI develops eavesdropping tools    
 FBI develops eavesdropping tools2 comments
picture27 Nov 2001 @ 02:19, by Flemming Funch

The software, part of a new "Enhanced Carnivore Project" code named "Magic Lantern", is supposedly capable of secretly being installed on a remote user's computer, and be able to monitor keystrokes. It functions in a similar fashion as a virus or "trojan horse" program. Article at Washington Post. Now, what I find more upsetting, however, is that one of the leading makers if virus protection programs, McAfee, is planning to deliberately leave holes in their detection to allow FBI's viruses to infect people's computers without setting off any alarms. Now THAT I'd call criminal.

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27 Nov 2001 @ 05:52 by nomadarchi :
The problem with the internet & computers is that they are left open & vunerable to an outside influence. This is why I have been such a technophob for so long to much stuff to understand you'll never know who's listening in or conroling things.  

27 Nov 2001 @ 18:41 by ming : Protecting computers
Yeah, I can understand if computer users are nervous. I'm a professional server administrator, and I still have trouble keeping track of what is open and what is not. But I'd say that a generally useful policy should be to always have extra copies of everything, and to not do too many things that there's really any need to hide.  

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