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16 Dec 2007 @ 17:48, by Vaxen Var

Here is some information that you may not have considered or may not have been privy to. I suggest that you run down the links and download a few of the .pdf's and then make up your own mind. Also take a real good look at Al Gore and stop believing everything you hear just because it comes out of the mouth of a greasier than grease politician! Ever ask yourself the question why fat man didn't rebut? If he lost the election because it was fraudulent, and it was, then why didn't fat man challenge the results? I know the answer to that but do you?

The following is from Ken Adachi's site. Not that I agree with everything that Adachi is doing but I do think it imperative to at least examine the opposite view of the status quo Globaloney machine...

Global Warming

“The IPCC review process is totally flawed. … The scientific basis for the Kyoto Protocol is grossly inadequate.”
Dr. Hendrik Tennekes, director emeritus of the Royal Meteorological Institute of the Netherlands in 2005

"The Fourth Report of the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] might just as well decree the suppression of all climatology textbooks, and replace them in our schools with press communiqués. ... Day after day, the same mantra - that ‘the Earth is warming up’ - is churned out in all its forms. As ‘the ice melts’ and ‘sea level rises’ the Apocalypse looms ever nearer! Without realizing it, or perhaps without wishing to, the average citizen in bamboozled, lobotomized, and lulled into mindless acceptance. ... Non-believers in the greenhouse scenario are in the position of those long ago who doubted the existence of God ..".
- Marcel Leroux (from What is Wrong with the IPCC? by Hans Labohm)

[Editor's Note:Feb. 3, 2007. Currently, we are being bombarded with a torrent of propaganda titled "Global Warming" Every TV and radio news broadcast, every TV talk show that touches on politics, every radio talk show, every major news stand magazine and newspaper are singing in almost perfect unison: "The Sky is Falling Unless We Do Something Soon about Global Warming"!

I just spoke on the phone yesterday with Dr. John Coleman, author of The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of the United States of America. He vigorously concurred that the 'Global Warming' blitz is a classic Tavistock propaganda campaign of the highest priority. Apparently, no effort or amount of money or 'expert scientific opinion' is being spared to bring us this 'inconvenient truth' so that we might all become convinced that the story line laid out by the propagandists is true, and therefore we must acquiesce to the new "regulations" or laws that will be set in place to "prevent the catastrophes that will surely ensue if we don't curb Global Warming"'. I've been hearing some of the most absurd and ludicrous statements over the radio from Global Warming 'experts' concerning the dire "consequences" that will follow within 50-100 years if we don't follow their recommendations to 'put the brakes on Global Warming'. It's an insult to the intelligence of every human being on this planet to accept this unbridled hokum from those who posture themselves as 'leading academic scientists' and authorities on this subject (read Rockefeller/Rothchild-purchased and bribed ' talking heads').

I'll be posting articles here which will dissect and expose the misdirection, deceit, and false conclusions being promoted by Global Warming promoters. If you find articles, blogs, or forums which address the Global Warming deception, please forward them to me for possible inclusion here.

Update, March 1, 2007 I'm being sent many excellent articles debunking the Global Warming myth, but two scholarly masterpieces written by Christopher Monckton (3rd Viscount, Monckton of Brenchley) and published on November 5 and November 12, 2006 in The Sunday Telegraph (London) laid bare Al Gore's truth twisting and deceptive claims with devastating effect. Gore was sufficiently stung that he felt compelled to reply to the Monckton charges in the November 19 edition of the newspaper (see below).

The November 5 Sunday Telegraph article by Monckton was titled Climate Chaos? Don't Believe it. Within the article, there is a link to a scholarly (and well documented) 40 page summary aptly titled Apocalypse Cancelled that eviscerates the entire Global Warming hoax using the very thing that Gore claims underpins the Global Warming thesis-scientific data. ([link])

Gore responded to Monckton's articles with a rebuttal published in The Sunday Telegraph on November 19, 2006. Christopher Monckton in turn responded to every word of Gore's rebuttal-statement by statement- with yet another stinging refutation of Gore's pathetic calumny and indifference to the truth with Gore Gored ([link]) published on November 21, 2006. . .Ken Adachi].

By Ken Adachi
September 13, 2006

Subject: global warming
From: Lorna
Date: Wed, September 13, 2006
To: Ken Adachi < Editor>

Could you help me locate any info about global warming? What I am looking for is to find info about locations that will be affected because of the global warming and all the water rising onto land. And the locations in the world and especially in Canada and the States that could potentially be in damage maybe?




Subject: Re: global warming
From: Ken Adachi
Date: Thu, September 14, 2006
To: Lorna

Hi Lorna,

"Global Warming" is a psychological operation, a "Psy-ops", to condition the public to believe that we are going to be in a lot of trouble in the near future if we don't take steps "X,Y, & Z", and do it quickly. Those "steps" are what the Illuminati want us to follow so they can further consolidate their control over our lives-and still make a ton of money in the process.

And from the Nobel Prize for B.S., we have his bloviousness:
Who can have doubt, when this guy says it's so?

Currently, former vice president Al Gore is one of the leading baton twirlers in this parade, but you have a small army of propaganda peddlers out there who are working day and night to "sell" this 'Inconvenient Truth'.

The "Global Warming" promotion campaign is very much in the same propaganda vein as the 'peak oil' campaign, formerly headed up by CIA family alumni Michael Ruppert (who has now fled the country apparently), and discussed at length on our 'Peak Oil' index page.

They keep on pounding at these propaganda themes in order to get you to SUBCONSCIOUSLY accept them as true. That's why these lying jackals continuously employ words like "truth", "true", "honest", "sincere", etc., while they are lying through their teeth. Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Gore, Clinton, etc., do it ALL the time; pathological liars, one and all of course, but Tavistock-trained pathological liars.

They use television 'documentary' production companies like WGBH in Boston (Nova) or Frontline to manufacture these 'truths'. Their productions are very well done and to the unknowledgeable and naive, they appear VERY convincing and persuasive, but if you had the advantage of a good education and have learned to think on your own, you can discern the carefully crafted distortions and fabrications that they weave into these propaganda productions. Recently, I saw a program on public TV called "Building on Ground Zero". It's the second so-called 'documentary' that I've seen on TV that pretends to explain how the World Trade Center towers collapsed. The program made a mockery of physics and real-world science, all the while using "experts" who claim to speak for science! It was a continuous lie from beginning to end. It included wonderful computer graphics and simulations, of course, but it was a fanciful load of horse manure all the same.

Somewhere between the mid 70's and mid 80's, they were continuously hammering away at a similar propaganda theme which claimed that chlorinated hydrocarbons (CFC, chlorinated fluoro-carbons), such as freon, were responsible for creating huge "holes" in the ozone layer. We heard this from 'documentary' productions companies and politicians alike for at least ten years. The story was utterly untrue and was in fact concocted by Tavistock. Big Illuminati chemical companies like Dupont (one of the top 13 Illuminati families) made an awful lot of money selling the expensive substitute chemical which was used to replace the far less costly freon refrigerant. Of course, you had to replace the freon in every sort of refrigeration and air conditioning system in existence because it was mandated by law. These laws were passed because, after ten years of propaganda hammering, everyone simply KNEW that CFCs caused the hole in the ozone layer!

I recognize that there is physical evidence of the warming of the polar regions, Alaska, etc. Some people will argue that it's a normal fluctuation cycle that the earth has gove through many times before. My own suspicion is that they are using secret technology to create the atmospheric warming over polar regions. HAARP is an obvious one, but I'm sure there are other secret systems that we know nothing about.

If there is coastal flooding in coming years due to melting ice caps, it won't happen suddenly and give you a tidal wave effect. It will be very gradual and you'll have plenty of time to relocate to higher ground. I wouldn't worry so much. It's mostly hype.

Sincerely, Ken

On-line Videos Exposing Global Warming as a Hoax

Global Warming Doomsday Called Off Part 1 of 5
[link] (9mins, 47 secs)

Global Warming Doomsday Called Off Part 2 of 5

Global Warming Doomsday Called Off Part 3 of 5

Global Warming Doomsday Called Off Part 4 of 5

Global Warming Doomsday Called Off Part 5 of 5

Overweight, Naive, Brainwashed Young Woman "Debates" Pat Buchannan on Global Warming (Nov. 5, 2007)
[link] (6 mins, 37 secs)

Dr. Arthur Robinson on the Myth of Global Warming (Nov. 2, 2007)

The Great Global Warming Swindle (British documentary)

John Stossel Deflates the Gore/IPCC Global Warming 'Consensus'
[link] (7 minutes)

Senator James Inhofe debunks the science in Al Gore's movie
[link] (4 mins, 41 secs)

Senator James Inhofe on the Global Warming Scam
[link] (8 mins, 58 secs)

Alex Jones - The Global Warming Scam

The Global Warming Hoax

Global Warming, An Unsettled Science

Global WArming Opportunities


Global Warming and Climate Change, Where do you stand? (courtesy of Andy)

Web Sites Devoted to Debunking the Global Warming Hoax

International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project (ICECAP) Nov. 11, 2007

Per Strandberg in Norway Compares Greenhouse Global Warming Theory Against Real Science (Nov. 3, 2007)

293 Articles Debunking the Global Warming Hoax from the World Natural Health Organization (Nov. 12, 2007)

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Global Warming 'Consensus' Is Unanimous: Gore Tells Lies (Mar. 13, 2007)

Gore and The Great Luddite Hoax of 2007 By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.(Mar. 9, 2007)

Al Gore's 'Scientific' Media Study Isn't Scientific (Mar. 2, 2007)

Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says (Feb. 28, 2007)

Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth One-sided, Misleading, Exaggerated, Speculative, Wrong (Feb. 28, 2007)

Global Warmers Getting Desperate By E. Ralph Hostetter (Feb. 26, 2007)

Who's Lying? A Simple Tale Of Unbiased Global Warming Facts (Feb. 24, 2007)

The Fraud of Global Warming: True CO2 Record Buried Under Gore (Feb. 24, 2007)

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Global Warming and Hurricanes: Still No Connection (Sep. 16, 2005) [link] warming and hurricanes.pdf

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Meteorologist Likens Fear of Global Warming to 'Religious Belief' (Dec. 2, 2004)

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Global warming: Lies, lies, damnable lies! (Mar. 19, 2001)

Debunking Global Warming Propaganda, Steven Milloy, Publiisher

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16 Dec 2007 @ 18:55 by jerryvest : Vax, you may have overlooked some
scientific evidence that others have also missed, especially the global warming cynics. I hope this is helpful as I'm sure that you would like to present a balanced approach to this potentially catastrophic event. I have also collected much more evidence by many scientists that this is not a hoax. Seems that many of our multi-national corporations, especially the oil and coal companies would like to support your point of view and of the other skeptics.

Best wishes,


"Current Melting Of Greenland's Ice Mimicks 1920s-1940s Event
ScienceDaily (Dec. 13, 2007) — Two researchers here spent months scouring through old expedition logs and reports, and reviewing 70-year-old maps and photos before making a surprising discovery: They found that the effects of the current warming and melting of Greenland's glaciers that has alarmed the world's climate scientists occurred in the decades following an abrupt warming in the 1920s.

See also:
Earth & Climate
Global Warming
Ice Ages
Snow and Avalanches
Environmental Issues
Greenland ice sheet
Ice sheet
Antarctic ice sheet
Larsen Ice Shelf
Their evidence reinforces the belief that glaciers and other bodies of ice are exquisitely hyper-sensitive to climate change and bolsters the concern that rising temperatures will speed the demise of that island's ice fields, hastening sea level rise.

The work, recently reported at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco , may help to discount critics' notion that the melting of Greenland 's glaciers is merely an isolated, regional event.

They recently recognized from using weather station records from the past century that temperatures in Greenland had warmed in the 1920s at rates equivalent to the recent past. But they hadn't confirmed that the island's glaciers responded to that earlier warming, until now.

“What's novel about this is that we found a wealth of information from low-tech sources that has been overlooked by most researchers,” explained Jason Box, an associate professor of geography at Ohio State University and a researcher with the Byrd Polar Research Center. Many researchers, he says, rely heavily on information from satellites and other modern sources.

Undergraduate student Adam Herrington, co-author on this paper and a student in the School of Earth Sciences, spent weeks in the university's libraries and archives, scouring the faded, dusty books that contained the logs of early scientific expeditions, looking primarily for photos and maps of several of Greenland 's key glaciers.

“I must have paged through more than a hundred such volumes to get the data we needed for this study,” Herrington said.

They concentrated on three large glaciers flowing out from the central ice sheet towards the ocean – the Jakobshavn Isbrae, the Kangerdlugssuaq and the Helheim.

“These three glaciers are huge and collectively, they drain as much as 40 percent of the southern half of the ice sheet. All three have recently increased their speed as the temperature rose,” Box said, adding that the Kangerdlugssuaq, at 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) wide is half-again as wide as New York's Manhattan Island .

Digging through the old data, Herrington found a map from 1932 and an aerial photo from 1933 that documented how, during a warm period, the Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier lost a piece of floating ice that was nearly the size of New York 's Manhattan Island .

“That parallels what we know about recent changes,” Box said. “In 2002 to 2003, that same glacier retreated another 3.1 miles (5 kilometers), and that it tripled its speed between 2000 and 2005.”

The fact that recent changes to Greenland's ice sheet mirror its behavior nearly 70 years ago is increasing researchers' confidence and alarm as to what the future holds. Recent warming around the frozen island actually lags behind the global average warming pattern by about 1-2 degrees C but if it fell into synch with global temperatures in a few years, the massive ice sheet might pass its “threshold of viability” – a tipping point where the loss of ice couldn't be stopped.

“Once you pass that threshold,” Box said, “the current science suggests that it would become an irreversible process. And we simply don't know how fast that might happen, how fast the ice might disappear.”

Greenland 's ice sheet contains at least 10 percent of the world's freshwater AND it has been losing more than 24 cubic miles (100 cubic kilometers) of ice annually for the last five years and 2007 was a record year for glacial melting there."

This work was supported in part by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the National Science Foundation and Ohio State.

Adapted from materials provided by Ohio State University.  

17 Dec 2007 @ 03:32 by bushman : Um,
There is a volcano going off under Iceland , you can blame CO2 all you want, but water vapor holds more solar heat, do the math, more under sea volcanic activity, more hot water to melt ice, the ice sheets are melting from the bottom, not the top. As long as its a corperate paid scientitist the info must be true that its man and his CO2, lol. Again Im not saying we should keep burning oil, Im saying that CO2 is not the cause. Ohh, NASA it must be all the cars not the airplanes and rockets, lol. So I dont believe climate change is a hoax, I dont think man is to blame, and when the Earth splits open again and entire continets are fliping over, will you say it was man? lol.

Volcanic activity under Greenland:

Volcanic activity under Iceland:

Undersea Volcano Off Antarctica:

Undersea volcanic activity worldwide:

IRIS worldwide sismic monitor, see the daily earthquake activity on the ring of fire and elsewhere:

World's Top Scientists 'Manmade Warming' Is A Dangerous Lie:

17 Dec 2007 @ 08:37 by vaxen : I am...
not saying that 'climate change' is a hoax just that 'global warming' is a part of the globalist agenda of takeover the planet and get rid of 80% of the human beings on it and use propaganda like the middle east and the endless war going on there as well as global warming, blame it on mankind and carbon emissions get the picture.

Psyops 101 and blubber face Gore is a very deep part of it and not concerned one iota about things like HAARP or all the aluminum that has been dumped in the ionosphere nor all the nuclear weapons being tested underground and in the atmosphere as well as under the sea and screw these idiots if they think they we are not onto their tricks!

I have writings from way before 'global warming' began to be 'popularized' when global cooling was all the rage, also political chicanery of the worst sort, that predict exactly what the 'NEW WORLD ORDER' is doing and has planned. Anyone not privy to the info is meat for the grinder.

It's a freaking war! A global war. We call it World War IV and it is...the dunced down world populace is just beginning to wake up may be too late for them. I'll continue the fight and so will others like me and I am not alone, believe me, by a long shot.

The implanters are real and they want control of everything that lives breaths and has it's being both here on this planet and way beyond.

Military science is at least 50 to 100 years in advance of anything the Psyops mass media is telling those who have been programmed to watch it and believe it. But I do appreciate the joke of it all.

It's a cosmic joke. But this isn't the only 'cosmos' (Plural:Kosmoi) and the universe might end but then uni is singular and far from the truth and a verse is just a damned verse! We are eternal. We've been called. We are here and now...heating up the core. Good luck!

Lots of links in the above article but to the true believers? Ha! Here comes NAU and the NAU corrider splitting the so called United States almost in two...four football fields wide! Do you think the morons who watch the friggin news believe it? No. They'd rather believe the crap about 'global warming.' Check out Velikovsky's writings. Nothing new. The earth has seen it a thousand times before. Really the whole cosmos, including the Sun, is heating up. Whoopdie do! And it isn't because of what you are burning in your cars or using for heating either.

Look at what Tesla could do. You think that went unnoticed and his inventions weren't confiscated for purposes of...control? The scientists are not to blame. Big business is though and by proxy the so called 'scientists' who are nought but technicians not real scientists. Tesla was a real scientist. Science is a method.

Hey, big oil and large corporations will be destroyed too. So why do you think nothing is being done except a lot of hullabaloo? That's easy. Cause it is all politics. The politics of controlling your mind and your resources that a very few might think that they have it all. Making whole peoples slaves to the new/old dictators. What me worry? I'm eternal.

Those who fear losing anything at all are bound to matter. Life doesn't 'die!' Life is. We exist in a timeless state, in reality, beyond all the bickering going on. What will you do when you leave your body? THis hologram is fading's a cycle long ago predicted or I should say illuminated in the Aryan Vedas. He who has ears? Let him hear...  

17 Dec 2007 @ 14:03 by jmarc : Dismal Science
Scientists, like economists, can tell you whatever you want to be true, and back it up with facts and figures.
I can't say that in my travels I haven't seen man's devastation of nature, but on the other hand, Mother nature has been known to kill off her children now and then.
I blame Prometheus.
But then again, I am a Promethean, and not a Luddite.
so, what is, is.

Changing your light bulbs ain't gonna help folks.
As for {link:|Al Gore's Halo}, well, I think it's growing dim. Has any man in history ever had the chutzpa to think he could change the weather, on a global scale?  

17 Dec 2007 @ 17:31 by bushman : Well,
we can't just bash Gore for the brainwashing, you got Obama and Oprah and all the rest, takeing turns running peoples heads thru a golfball washer.  

17 Dec 2007 @ 19:47 by vaxen : Nice one jm...
"Ah yes", sighed Al Gore's Halo as it stared pensively off into the smoldering setting sun.

There is hope.

There is hope.

I read somewhere yesterday that Obama and Hillary, the Bama as Vice, of course, may be pared together after they get nominated by the plutocracy. Fidel Castro said that that is the winning combo.

Yeah, Teknos rules. But then the wrod in the Latin tongue is Ars from wehence we get Art so...Art rules. Or does it?

Running peoples heads through the golf ball wasaher. is a good day, a great day, a wonderful day, to die. Dismal Science or dismal politcking of that science.

A science that is politicked, tick tock, just isn't true science. You'll notice how Einsteiins lies were used to convince whole generations of golf balls that he was a genius? Even though his math is all wrong and he couldn't tie his shoe laces look what they gave the old fucker!

The PTB make eidolons of idiots so that each generation of possibilities will fall into shit soup and get no where. Oh the gem of knowledge is a trap. But you know that...skipper. Fair winds, brothas.  

17 Dec 2007 @ 21:32 by bushman : But,
as is obvious that changing light bulbs won't hardly put a dent, I like the new LED bulbs, because they do lower the personal electric bill. You pay almost 120bucks to run a single 100watt incandecect bulb a year you can cut that to about 30bucks a year with the CF bulb, and you only pay 1.80bucks a year to run a LED bulb that puts out the same amount of light. Just makes good sence all the way around to switch over to LEDs where you can.  

18 Dec 2007 @ 03:33 by skookum : a lot of things
work better.. but aren't available to regular folks like me  

18 Dec 2007 @ 04:13 by vaxen : Well...
I think we are all just regular folks skookum san? In any case I was reading over at slashdot, the other day, about the 'new' LED's and how they deleteriously affect the brain stem and the whole meat puppet's bio electro magnetic morphic field. No biggie...better to die while having good light to do it by and a lot quicker, at that, thanks to the LED sniper.

Cold as a proverbial ******* *** here today! Hey, I'm bundled up for old Arctic hollow with a nice miniature chijuajua sitting at my back and the chair is 'heated!' Imagine that. So I guess one couls say that I'm on the hot seat. Wonder how it's affecting my biomorphic field shield?

"Global Warming" is a psychological operation, a "Psy-ops", to condition the public to believe that we are going to be in a lot of trouble in the near future if we don't take steps "X,Y, & Z", and do it quickly. Those "steps" are what the Illuminati want us to follow so they can further consolidate their control over our lives-and still make a ton of money in the process.

And from the Nobel Prize for B.S., we have his bloviousness:
Who can have doubt, when this guy says it's so?  

18 Dec 2007 @ 04:18 by bushman : Sure
they are, maybe not in a local store yet, but on the net you can find them easy. Our local ACE hardware is carring the LED Xmas lights, and they are saying they are expencive, ok so a 100 bulb string of the minni incandecent lights costs 2.99 there, and the 100 LED string costs 24.99, they last 20 years at least, thats not expencive for what they are and the cost savings for your electric bill and the fact they dont get hot, and can take abuse, if one goes out the whole string stays on, and the safty issue if you break a glass bulb in a dry tree, all that is gone with the LEDs. Xmas used to piss me off due to the waste of electricity everyone running all those lights, now when I see the bright vivid colors of the LED strings I much happier, lol.

They do not vax, lol. Hell the noise that comes off the balist of the CF bulbs could drive a person crazy, Ive tested them many times with my am reciver and they dont make any radio noise at all, they dont blink real fast like your PC monitor, they are constant on. They dont emit anything but photons. If what you read is true, then all photons are for mind control.


Heya, buddy, was being a tad fascetious dontcha know. Hell with all that is in our air and in our heads dying was never easier so...LED's are cool in my book. We have a couple of the spiral ones in areas that stay on 24/7 so I'm testing them and...

Well, since I am involved in 'stuff' I can never really tell at the onslaught of any attack where what energies are coming from where as it all gets mixed into the energy pile then I have to get analyitical and send in my reports and...I'm still up to bat. ;)  

18 Dec 2007 @ 04:55 by skookum : i plugged in
my water bed to warm it up a bit..

chilly for me at night.. lol

we can't go back to wax candles.. no bees ya know  

18 Dec 2007 @ 05:45 by vaxen : Oh...
we have plenty of bees, skookum. Also we know who is behind the scare so...we got honey, too. Nevertheless, candles are nice and can be made from paraffin. Ever make candles? I used to go to this nice little beach at Lands End, San Francisco, right near the Golden Gate bridge. Had to climb down a long and gnarley tree and shrub infested cliff with all our wax making stuff, molds, waxes, crayons for color, wicks etc., early in the morning after the tide had gone out to spend the day there making candles.

Then after the tide began coming in, we'd pack up, climb up the cliff, go back to North Beach with our sand candles and groove on them later on in the weeks ahead we'd exhibit them for sale around the various art fairs and flea markets. Cool times, absolutely...  

18 Dec 2007 @ 05:59 by skookum : yes.. i have made candles
so you made them in sand molds

i remember seeing that kind

ah... glad you had cool times

my life has been so bland and empty compared to yours  

18 Dec 2007 @ 09:35 by vaxen : Baloney!
We are all special skookum! and you needn't compare yourself to anyone else for you are truly uncomparable. Now lets count your pluses, shall we?

Yes we used the wet sand on the early dawn beach there neith the shadows of the Golden Gate Bridge. We had all kinds of little things like muffin molds and so forth that we would press in the sand (Press molding) leaving the outer shapes of our thingies in the sand...meanwhile our waxes would be coming to boil on the fire that we'd built.

Then when the temperature of the wax was molten we poured it into all our molds that had been wicked aforetimes with little sticks that we tied wicks to that would then dangle down into the emoty molds...then we poured and poured filling up our molds with waxes of many colors.

We'd have different pots of different colors. The night before we would seperate all the colored crayons collected from bay area schools then we'd put the seperated colors into the different waxes, paraffins, and the candles would cool, hundreds of them, we'd frolick and dance (Two girls and me) all over that wonderous beach.

We'd do that all day long till we had as many as we could carry back up that cliff! Oi! Then back to North Beach for more fun, fun, fun! Exciting times for excited people. still going strong, skookum.

You'll see...


Some more linkages:





The book is divided into four parts, each focusing on one of the Four Keys to Getting Thru to Your Soul.

First Key: Understanding Your Soul

Understand the multi-dimensional realms of the soul and the soul’s journey. You will also discover how your daily experiences relate to your spiritual awakening. Get a clear overview of the journey, along with the seven stages and activations we all experience as we open to the power of the soul. Learn which lessons you complete with each stage of your journey.

Second Key: Connecting with Your Soul’s Reality

With an overview of the spiritual journey, you will be ready to establish a direct connection with your soul. When you encounter difficulties, this soulful connection can become an indispensable resource for guidance. As a companion on your spiritual journey, your soul can provide a more profound way to experience life.

Also get a lucid description of the human energy system, which reflects the soul’s journey and purpose. Included are techniques to bring the system into balance, focusing on Spiritual Kinesiology. As you will learn, these methods can bring the healing power of the soul’s wisdom and light to any issue. They are also simple enough that you can start using them right away.

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Find out the details about the challenges each of us needs to overcome as we progress through the spiritual activations. Learn how we become expressions of our souls. More powerful healing techniques are described, which can help you to re-unify with your soul at each stage. The goal is to help you to progress through your lessons easily and with greater awareness.

Fourth Key: Living Your Divine Purpose

Attain the goal of the spiritual journey: living your true purpose. Learn how the final activations take you to the point where you can integrate your soul’s expression into all aspects of your life. Again, it includes healing techniques to help you to identify and clear the blockages that stand between you and your goal.

An important note: It’s wise to be around people who can offer guidance, insight, and
inspiration. We all need support. By learning from those who have progressed along the
path, who will share valuable clues on how to advance, you can save yourself a lot of
time and energy. In other words, you will not get lost so much.
By developing resources, it is easier to become your own guide and know where your
inner wisdom is leading you. Enjoy your journey!  

18 Dec 2007 @ 14:27 by jmarc : Oh boy
now we're going back to sailing cargo...  

18 Dec 2007 @ 16:08 by skookum : thanks vax
had the EFT one.. but I added the rest.. thanks so much.. cool sites

I am just saying that due to my responsibilities and my religious beliefs I was rather sheltered and didn't do much out in the world. I am still pretty meek even now lol.

Now that is an interesting pic there jmarc.. lol  

18 Dec 2007 @ 17:39 by bushman : Hmm,
Well it would save lots of desil fuel if the wind is blowing in the direction you need to go, lol, like I mentioned someplace around here, the more anciant tech was so much greener than modern tech. So we are at a point in time that we mix the old with the new and save resorces. Man sailed the sea for 1000s of years and at speeds compairable to engine powered travel, well unless they found them selves in the dulldrums area floundering around waiting for some wind. Skook should take note. :}  

18 Dec 2007 @ 18:09 by skookum : well.. I am
giving green more and more for gift giving..

AND.. if I ever go by boat.. I will sure to sail lol..

as if lol

yeah.. like I go anywhere..

i combine shopping trips.. and don't go anywhere for fun

does that count?

oh and had a nice organic veg garden this year too  

18 Dec 2007 @ 19:25 by vaxen : Heh, heh...
cool one, for sure, jm. Thanks. It'll make a great addition to my miscellaneous desktop wallpapers after I blow it up...

I used to take an umbrella with me while canoeing for long distances on Lake Hartwell. Then after rowing for hours, when I needed a break, I'd set the Umbrella up so that it was perpendicular to me (on a make shift mast) and about three feet above my head, adjacent, and fish for winds...

A wind would come and off I'd go! That's a remarkable feat to get a tanker that big going on such a windsail! Photoshopped or real?

If we are to believe the Maha Bharata then there was more than just wind tech to rely upon. The Vimana, for instance, and submarines and the plans are still encoded, for the fuel base, in those ancient texts.

Of course there are 'scholars' working on translating the Vedas, Puranas, Shastras, Supi Shastras, etc., etc. but I'm afraid I must agree with Melech Shlomo (King Solomon) that there is nothing new under the sun.

Just imagine it, skookum. Anything you want is there in your mind for the making. Creation is a process. Starts with desire then manifesting that desire through imagining it one little brick at a time till...voila! You're in Tahiti with the Roratongans eating uncle Joe and Aunt Molly!

Incidentally your thoughts do create your reality so...get some scripts going for yourself written by you. Or...we WILL do it for you! ;)

Love yazall...  

18 Dec 2007 @ 19:57 by bushman : lol,
I was talking about floundering around in the dulldrums skook, lol. I think the way the sail works is you deploy it and then use the engines to get it up to speed then you throtle down the engines to idle and the wind does the rest. It might be photo shoped but the concept is viable.  

19 Dec 2007 @ 09:42 by vaxen : Para Ghosted
The Solar Wind blowing a kiss

To Bliss through the Abyss

Ion soup in the HOLY GRAIL

Earth's Magnetosphere loses a veil

Tesla magnifiers moving dimensions

Electromagnetic pulses

In golden mean extensions

Aurora Borealis in catharsis

Gravity distorsion through implosion

The marriage of heaven and hell

Giving BIRTH to a multidimensional EARTH


…much mining and earth moving, drilling has gone on in the US from 2050 to 2100. i didnt find

out why. except its related to a-telluric currents/ferroglutinous transformations ; b-a layer

of the mantle 40 miles deep is 1000 degrees C hotter than previously thought. the nerds

engage in a sport. they pile into a cylindrical vehicle that makes little noise and can drive

trhough the ground or on it,. it is powered by a “thorium brick" that rests in a side

compartment. when in use, the side compartment emits intense ultraviolet light


Ancient Future

Many believe our ancestors can hear and see us although they lose interest quickly once they

cross over. They live somewhere between our fears and desires. But some go so far as to claim

that technically inclined spirits are facilitating the electronic communiqués of their

fellows by manipulating radio waves and signals to form words or meaningful visual images.

Sound implausible? It wasn’t so long ago we would have denied the potential of “Voluntary

ESP” via the Internet.


Breaking News at the Time Border

Our own future may plausibly be trying to connect with us through various channels or

electronic echochambers. Messages may be fleeting, but could provide important clues that

help us create a more optimistic future today and for those destined to follow us. What we do

today matters in big and little ways since it creates the world of tomorrow. What will the

future think of our actions and choices in retrospect? Small changes for good or ill can pump

up into global effects over time.

Veterans of Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU) thinktank [1], including “KT”, are among those

devising ways to pursue nonlocal contact beyond our 3-D spacetime, and to critique alleged

materials from such sources.

You might ask why this “ghost-comm” would be an intelligence priority. Among the answers are

new insights on health, time, physics, medicine, biology, petroleum sources or substitutes,

climate change, war, pandemic, near future, to name a few. [2]

the one and only interaction with matter that supposed ghosts can do very well is

manipulating tiny, tiny air currents at their source and predicting exactly how that tiny

change will develop by interaction with other factors. a lamp flame is not random but its

movements involve such complexities that it cannot be predicted; ghosts seem to be able to

predict the flame, and divert tiny currents from across the room or across the street so they

will be multiplied just before they hit the flame flames can also be modulated by the bare

wires from hi-fi output as the flame is conductive; inner flame minus outerflame plus


This tendency of the self-organizing psyche, whose purpose is to restore equilibrium, has a

scientific name: pareidolia.


“We talk through quantum signals.” ~EVP message, Frank Sumption, 2007


LMO: "Over the years my objections to Covert Action intelligence operations have come more

from the knowing that most often these operations "fail." When they fail, there is blowback.

I see 911 as blowback from our interventions in Afghanistan. My 'tude [attitude] is that

there can be greater Congressional oversight especially since any one or more of the 16

government agencies and departments may be able to conduct Covert Action intelligence


Q: Has there been any personal "blowback" for you for publically pursuing these touchy


LMO: "Yes, and indications are there probably will be more as I get into more issues

especially in the re-opening of the investigation on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther

King, Jr. and continuing COINTEL PRO-type covert actions. "

Q: Current legislation may grant the government the right to collect a range of information

on American citizens inside the United States without warrants, as long as the administration

asserts that the spying concerns the monitoring of a person believed to be overseas. SB 1959

follows other bills that attempt to gut the Constitution. It is concerning that suppressive

programs akin to COINTEL PRO haven’t stopped, and in fact, may be escalating.

LMO: "This domestic spying is only part of the question. In short, this is collection of

information. The real issue and concern that is yet to come is the Covert Action intelligence

operations that potentially follow such domestic spying. That's another aspect of the

“Osborne Ultimatum,” right? "  

19 Dec 2007 @ 14:30 by jmarc : Trolling in the wind
I used to take my canoe, and paddle like the dickens into the wind and across the lake, and then set the line to bouncing along the bottom and coasting back with the wind, across the middle of the lake. I usually have good results, catching the big ones at the bottom, plus ggoing in the direction of the wind seemed to net better results.  

19 Dec 2007 @ 18:13 by vaxen : That'll work!
Yeah, jm, latching on to a big old walleyed pike or muskellunge (sp?) would do the trick just right! Use the line as reins!  

19 Dec 2007 @ 18:35 by skookum : here is jib and jab.. on 2007 lol
speaking of time.. how about that 2007!

I LOVE to fish.. dang it has been so long since I have lol

I love to canoe too..'s being taxi and cooking food.. ah.. the life lol

the future.. is what we make it... right?  

20 Dec 2007 @ 00:32 by vaxen : Skookie...
the key word there is "we!" If life tosses you lemmons...

BTW who is "the dickens?" Was Charles fond of canoeing? Do the Brits canoe? Is conoeing considered a 'Bleak House' kind of thing? Don't you ever go to camp, skookum? You must be a 'grown up!' Don't your kids ever take you out for a ride on the town or a trip in the boat or don't people do things like that anymore?

Well, it's back to the future for me...

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Conspirituality: Heartful Intelligence & Sacred Activism

Interview with Former CIA Case Officer,
Leutrell “Mike” Osborne, Sr.

By Iona Miller, December 11, 2007

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Leutrell “Mike” Osborne, Sr.:
Spymaster, Author, Commentator, Analyst, Watchdog

· CIA and the other 15 US government intelligence agencies
· 911 Attack on America (Afghan War Blowback)
· Covert Action (CA) Oversight, Terrorism
· Transnational Crime; Global Drug Trade
· Counter Intelligence (CI)
· Unfinished Assassinations Investigation
· Discrimination / Equality

Light in the Heart of Darkness


Issue No. 1

US intelligence needs to be reinvented and transformed. Covert Action (clandestine or black ops) has come to mean "dirty tricks." Tighter oversight and accountability with improved end results are required. Accountability boards are not enough. One still has to measure the failed Covert Action intelligence.

Issue No. 2

No nation-state currently polices transnational crime, which is a growing threat. Failure to provide adequate Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is a true weakness in the USA system. Information is crucial to diplomatic and military success.

Most intelligence now comes from Open Source, so an increase in HUMINT is the quickest route to improvement. Senator Jay Rockefeller, Chairman of Select Committee on Intelligence claims congressional oversight has increased about 100% since 9/11, but there is always room for more.

Issue No. 3

The shadow of the Shadow Government, including domestic spying and assassinations, needs to be revealed to the American people and the world so we can finally heal. We must take responsibility for that shadow, including national and global discrimination and exploitation.

Issue No. 4

As of this writing, SB 1959 (HB 1950) threatens to annihilate the First Amendment. Free speech, the right to assembly, and freedom of the press will be over. It will be illegal to disagree with government policy, even with patriotic dissent. Our Constitution is under attack.

We have prospered as mega-consumers of the global pie at the expense of disenfranchised others for too long, and need a common and harmonious survival strategy, at home and abroad. A truly humane and spiritual approach is required to heal the split between our paranoias and our human sense of the sacred. We need to find the heart of darkness.

Final statements on crucially important historical events and hidden agendas are probably not forthcoming due to interminable obfuscation. But these wounds don't heal without resolution.

Issue No. 5

A serious consequence, the breakdown in credibility between the U.S. government and its citizenry, needs to be addressed, as well as increasing militarization of police and unwarranted surveillance of US citizens.

The breakdown of domestic relations is a serious issue, perhaps concealing further manipulations. Those hunting the truth continue to press for disclosure from all knowledgeable sources. The Osborne Ultimatum deals with national and transnational crimes. Our ultimatum is the U.S. government has to change, period.

Have we met the enemy and found it is us, in our complacency? Have we inadvertently relinquished our passion for freedom and justice, much less peace? Power can only be gained at another's expense; prosperity can be shared. We must reject manipulation by fear and greed, trading rights for so-called safety.

Fear is being used against us to promote otherwise unacceptable domestic and global policies. When you no longer fear, you rediscover your active compassion, beyond the myriad cultural illusions. Perhaps the light cannot defeat the darkness, but surely we can hold the balance of power with moral courage against the evil that men do. What we need is more intelligent intelligence -- both for our nation and ourselves.

And further:

Eavesdropping on the Ether

21st Century Electronic Voice Phenomena & Instrumental Transcommunication
By Iona Miller 4/2007

"We don't die," was the message that first got me interested in this, in 1966 ~kt

Can esoteric realms reach us through our own growing arsenal of telecommunications and recording devices? And, if so, WHO are they, are their efforts coordinated, and WHAT do they say? If THEY are talking, who is listening?

Eavesdropping on the Ether

Talk to the Dead, the Bornless, the Discarnate, Transdimensionals, Ultraterrestrials, Extraterrestrials? Who's listening? Insiders say, governments and intelligence agents, for starters. Yes, Virginia, spooks chase spooks, with Radical EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Those engaged in this unique twist on electronic surveillance say, “the future ain’t what it used to be.”

Professional "futurist" consulting institutions like RAND, SRI, MRU, and The Club of Rome and their military equivalents engage in long-range planning, systematic trend watching, scenario development, and visioning for military, government, and private institutions and corporations. And what do they report? A transformative worldview that “we're all in it together” is the foundation of mutually-assured survival rather than the deadly alternative.

“We talk through quantum signals.” ~EVP message, Frank Sumption, 2007

* * *  

20 Dec 2007 @ 05:45 by skookum : my eldest
bought me a ticket to visit him last January 2007 for a few days. I also went in August of 2006.

I haven't been anywhere for a while before that.. or since..I go on errands and I go to my reiki meetings.

that's about it

we have one car.. and I am the only driver

boring huh lol  

20 Dec 2007 @ 06:44 by vaxen : NO!
Not boring! What would you rather be doing? Certainly not living a life like I have lead never knowing when you're gonna get knifed or shot in the back or blown up!

Never being able to really trust anyone! No! You are you and you are special! You have to believe that till you know that. That's an order Major Skookum! And I expect you to answer with a hardy: "Yes Sir!" Got it?

What are your thoughts on Mit Romney? Interestingly enough there are quite a few Mormons in the intelligence game. Some quite beautiful, too! Hell, I wouldn't mind...

Well, enough of that kind of thinking! Gotta get serious else I might get bored...with a 22 slug, favored amongst assassins, to the back of my little old head! Shall we kick it up a notch? have your garden, too, and I'm sure you have many admirers who would want the style of life you've created for yourself and your poetry is wonderful. You have lots of plusses...

Luv ya skookum. ;)  

22 Dec 2007 @ 08:53 by skookum : i hate politics lol
i have a lotta plusses.. yes..

but.. could I please go somewhere this next year..

maybe San Francisco...have to seafood and sourdough lol

ok .. I will stop whining lol

the garden will be glorious this next year!  

25 Dec 2007 @ 01:26 by vaxen : Oooo...
Good old S.F. Why, sure you can, skookum. You can pick up thye heart you left there down on Fisherman's barf...I mean 'Wharf.' Now that Alioto is dead and gone, or is he, I wouldn't mind a bit of old Mark Hopkins myself.

A little Nob on the Hill never hurt anyone. ;) Oh, then there is Coitus tower and Sub Rosa Chinatown. We might even get a whiff of Emperor Norton, one of my all time favorite freedom fighters.

So much to be in the Tenderloin, too, and there is the Wently over in Polk Gultch and...the Presidio! Could run into old Gorby there. then there is the U.N. plaza thing and the list goes on. Sourdough and seafood. That's all ya want kiddo? ;)

I'll see what I can arrange with the eye in the pyramid krewe. Bliss to ya this Hallowed Eve. Moon is full, here...

Luv ya skookum. Smile, you're on Sattelite camera brough to you by...PROMIS!

;) ♥►  

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