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picture16 Aug 2008 @ 04:53, by Max Sandor

A recent Internet message (spreading like a virus!) claims to have knowledge of plans of the US government agencies to release a deadly variant of the bird flu shortly after the Olympic Games with the objective to make an end to the rest of freedom that people still enjoy in the US of A (see [link] ). At least half a million air-tight coffins seem to be ready to be used soon near the Center of Disease Control (CDC), (see [link] ),

True or not true, reason enough to have another look at the phenomenon of the 'virus' as such!

A new analysis via Skywork the other day confirmed what had already been found out some years ago: a virus behaves exactly like a Meme within the morphogenetic field: an idea with practically no mass and void of emotional components.

If this finding holds true, there are some important implications that can be postulated as an extension of the knowledge of morphogenetic field behavior:

- a virus is able to manifest at any location without the need of being propagated by 'birds' or the 'wind'.

- it draws its main power from emotions, especially FEAR;

- it can be postulated, for example by mass-hysterical expectations as a result of media hype, prophecies by religions, or collective guilt assumptions;

- it has a natural lifecycle as a Meme and it doesn't manifest anymore once it cannot draw emotional energies anymore from anyone;

- a virus can mutate at any time, like a Meme, adopting to changes within the morphogenetic field;

- as a Meme it has an 'incubation' time independent from the biochemical delay after actual infectation of the host. This delay has already been demonstrated by Skywork for the endtime prophecies of Joachim of Flora [link] that preceded the pest waves [link] and the endtime expectancies of the turn of century in the year 1900 which was followed by the first world war and the outbreak of certain virus forms after that war even in countries which didn't witness war activities on their own territory [link] . The time delay of the activation of the Meme as a virus depends on the effectiveness of communication amongst the hosts within the affected system areas.

Resuming the consideration of a man-made virus being spread around, there are some serious concerns to be addressed:

- even if over-population would be a problem as many 'leaders' seem to be convince, a man-made virus is mass murder and no sane system of thought, belief, or religion could possibly justify such a behavior;

- even though the world-wide media is tightly controlled and monopolized by a few, alternative communication today spreads independently and sometimes faster than the controlled mass media, making a 'Meme Control' a hazardous game;

- given the latter, mutations of the virus voids any 'warranties' of the creators of a man-made virus that an anti-dote would be effective in the future;

- morphogenetic processing (such as Skywork) has clearly demonstrated that Memes, once created, DO NOT DIE!, they only go 'dormant'. Which means, any articifical (man-made) virus has the potential to reappear in the future.

- 'vaccination' (an extremely dubious concept to begin with!), even if it would work, would have little chance against mutations of the virus. Worse than that, 'vaccinations' keep the Meme 'awake' as a Meme (again: a Meme, once created, doesn't die, at best it goes to sleep).

- prevention: the only known prevention against Memes consists of ignoring them, or, in other words, refusing to give them any importance. Since Memes like Cancer and the Virus in general and in all its forms instill profound fear in massive numbers within the populations, this strategy has little chance of success. (Note: creating counter-Memes works only temporarily because it ultimately 'pushes power' to the original Meme.)

In short, as if it wouldn't be obvious to any clear-thinking human being, a man-made virus is the worst idea since the invention of the nuclear bomb.

Just how could one convince our 'leaders' (the real ones, not their puppets!) to cease and desist from any such madman behavior?

Do we, the human race, are threatened by extinction by such an act of madness?

If a virus follows morphogenetic rules, no bunker or other airtight building, even underground or on the moon, can prevent a hiding-out elite to be also infected. Ironically, in a closed environment, the biological component could result in the total infection of all who think they are safe, just as the Black Death never made a difference between those in castles and cathedrals and the common man.

At the same time, a pandemic, if it follows observations from the past, it is likely to magically stop its course after killing somewhere around a third of the population. Which, in itself, is yet another very strong indicator that a virus follows indeed the rules of Memes within the morphogenetic field.

Again, if it is so, given the widespread belief in the apokalupsis eschaton [link] like the Book of Revelations or the Kalachakra prophecies - does it make a difference just HOW the virus comes about, naturally or engineered by man himself?

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity, said the prophet...

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16 Aug 2008 @ 20:44 by Ed Dawson @ : Joachim of Fiore? / disturbing...
Joachim of Fiore = J.D. Flora?

The above is a very disturbing post. If viruses propagate like memes, it not only means we have no defense against them; it also means we create them, and not in a lab either.

A "dormant" virus or meme would be one that has been "oyeku-ed", i.e. taken out of current manifestation.

If you do a skywork on the subject of viruses again, bring someone in as Onile (the planet is senior to the life on it) and ask Onile what to do.

17 Aug 2008 @ 04:02 by Everlight @ : Virus Lifecycles and the Morphogenetic F
Max, thank you and your Skywork group for exploring this.  

17 Aug 2008 @ 05:24 by Ed Dawson @ : More on viruses from nowhere
A virus forming out of "nowhere" has some rather interesting implications. It implies that things come out of nowhere, and this in turn invalidates the Big Band theory (Edwin Hubble?) and supports Hoyle's steady state theory (and explains why the universe doesn't decay by heat death).  

17 Aug 2008 @ 13:31 by mx @ : from where to where...
there are several directions of speculation that one could pursue in future explorations: one, as a regulatory measure of Onile to balance the number of bodies of a species (like the human race), the other one an entity rising from a charged polarity, such humans killing each other (the traditional Ifa view), and there is of course the possibility of the combination of lab creation plus invocation, the latter having to be extremly strong to last for a while. Most likely to me seems a combination of all of these possibilities.  

17 Aug 2008 @ 14:05 by mx @ : trinity & Joachim da Fiore (1135–1202)
da Fiore was a protagonist of Apocalypse (Wikipedia: Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil"), is a term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from the majority of humankind.)

He divided each and everything in 'trinities', and postulated the emergence of a New Age of spiritual insight around 1260. There are some traces of realizing the 'fractal principle' in his writings but it is not totally clear if he had this concept cold down.

Many see him as the 'originator' of modern 'New Age' theories. The current 2012 euphory is very similar to his writings, for example.

In a certain way, da Fiore was right: the year 1260 saw the birth of Meister Eckhart , for example, and 1265 that of Dante Alighieri, both of them visionaries exploding the doctrines of established religion.

Until the emergence of the Black Death in the 1340s, Europe saw a Golden Age of genuine Spirituality and insight.

from Wikipedia

Theory of the three ages

The mystical basis of his teaching is his doctrine of the "Eternal Gospel," founded on an interpretation of the text in Revelation xiv, 6.

His theories can be considered millenarist; he believed that history, by analogy with the Trinity, was divided into three fundamental epochs:

* The Age of the Father, corresponding to the Old Testament, characterized by obedience of mankind to the Rules of God;
* The Age of the Son, between the advent of Christ and 1260, represented by the New Testament, when Man became the son of God;
* The Age of the Holy Spirit, impending (in 1260), when mankind was to come in direct contact with God, reaching the total freedom preached by the Christian message. The Kingdom of the Holy Spirit, a new dispensation of universal love, would proceed from the Gospel of Christ, but transcend the letter of it. In this new Age the ecclesiastical organization would be replaced and the Order of the Just would rule the Church. This Order of the Just was later identified with the Franciscan order by his follower Gerardo of Borgo San Donnino.

According to Joachim, only in this third Age will it be possible to really understand the words of God in its deepest meanings, and not merely literally. He concluded that this age would begin in 1260 based on the Book of Revelation (verses 11:3 and 12:6, which mention "one thousand two hundred and sixty days").[2] In this year, instead of the parousia (second Advent of Christ), a new Epoch of peace and concord would begin, thus making the hierarchy of the Church unnecessary.

Joachim distinguished between the "reign of justice" or of "law", in an imperfect society, and the "reign of freedom" in a perfect society[3].  

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