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2 Apr 2008 @ 13:30, by mike7997

Hi All,

I've not found anything on this site about Orgonite, so I thought I'd tell you about it.

Orgonite is a simple mixture of fiberglass resin, metal flakes, and quartz crystal (the crystal isn't absolutely essential, but it increases the strength of orgonite).

It was researched and developed by a man named Don Croft, with the help of his wife Carol Croft. These two got the base concept and principles from the work of the late Dr.Wilhelm Reich. You can find out all about orgonite and what it does on the Crofts' site at: [link]

Orgonite is a very strong positive energy device that anybody can make in their own basement or backyard. All you do is pour resin and metal shavings into a mold (muffin pans are great molds), drop in a crystal, and let it harden. What pops out of the mold is a device that draws in negative energy and converts it to positive. This energy has gone by many names, the Chinese call it Chi or Qi, in India it's known as Prana, and some call it Life Force. The Crofts decided to follow Dr. Reich and call it Orgone energy, hence the name "Orgonite."

Thousands of people around the globe are making and distributing orgonite in their local environments, and getting great positive changes as a result. They often leave them near cell towers, nuclear plants, powerlines, and any other sources of nasty radiation energy. This activity is known as "orgonite gifting."

I can tell you from personal experience that it really works, so I encourage everyone to try it. Be careful though, there is quite a bit of disinfo out there about orgonite. If you stick to and the sites they link to you won't be lead astray.

Orgone The World

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