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17 Apr 2008 @ 17:00, by Geral W. Sosbee

The following statements by the fbi and the cia are their public statements of their "PRIORITIES" AND * "MISSION".

"FBI Investigators with FBI seal in the backgroundFollow the links below for details on each of our investigative priorities."

• Terrorism
• Counterintelligence
• Cyber
• Public Corruption
• Civil Rights
• Organized Crime
• White Collar Crime
• Major Thefts/Violent Crime

"The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent US Government agency responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior US policymakers."
Sosbee writes:


The fbi and the cia engage in criminal offenses of the macabre type in each and every category listed above, both in foreign and domestic operations; they do so with complete and total independence from governmental oversight; **the Congress and the Courts (and the mainstream media) publicly aid and secretly abet these assassins and torturers in their global crime spree of torture, imprisonment,and murder .
Regarding the above list of priorities the following information is noted:

• Terrorism- Both the fbi and the cia are together the most serious threat to Mankind
• Counterintelligence- The two groups are experts in terrorizing, torturing and killing the Target by high tech methods (including space based weaponry & advanced bio/chem/viral new science) and by low minded street thugs in their employ as operatives.
• Cyber- Both agencies use Cyber as a tool for the planned total subjugation of human beings on earth and space permanently.
• Public Corruption-By selective prosecution, the fbi and the cia insure that friends will be protected, especially those in Congress, the Courts, and key employees in the executive and administrative departments and agencies.
• Civil Rights- The fbi's charade of investigating civil rights violations are more and more apparent as the people's rights are violated across the land every day by police, fbi, and cia outrageous trangressions.
• Organized Crime-The fbi and the cia are preeminently organized crime; their snitches, informants and assassins on the street (and a few others) know this.
• White Collar Crime- The fbi and the cia often wear white shirts in public to obscure their dark and homicidal personal characters.
• Major Thefts/Violent Crime- Both the fbi and the cia benefit from and relish violence and these government agencies often provoke violence in order to arrest or murder their Targets.

Finally, short of international criminal and civil courts convening to put thousands of members of the United States government (and popular media) on trial for crimes against Humanity, the world's population has no viable peaceful recourse against the government beasts whom I and others describe in our websites, etc.
*The real fbi/cia mission is total subjugation of all peoples and nations.
See recent USA threats of 'obliteration' of countries like Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc.,when freedom fighters resist control by the USA or Israel.
fbi/police pretend to honor their fictitious heroes:

See excerpts below in quotes.

"Salute to fallen FBI agentTribute to honor hero slain in 1935 By Brenna R. Kelly • .//.b..kelly..@nky..///.com • August 17, 2008

gsosbee's comment has been removed for violating the terms of service...

Seventy-three years to the day after Klein was killed ... 100 FBI agents, police officers and family stood on a hill ... and remembered the 37-year-old agent.
Nelson Klein paid the ultimate price that any law enforcement officer can pay," said... a retired FBI agent."Klein was the first FBI agent killed in the line of duty after Congress made it a capital offense to kill an FBI agent."
Sosbee responds:

For the record the coward who removed my statements from the above article about falsely honoring fbi thugs exemplifies the corruption of the media for not allowing informed comments that the fbi/cia assassins find unacceptable.

My comments which were removed from the article were as follows:

fbi agents and operatives are thieves, liars, cowards, assassins, terrorists, traitors and calumniators; cry not for the fbi nor their operatives and sympathizers; rather cry for and honor the victims of fbi atrocities of years past (including those victims who were labeled by the fbi as 'criminals') and lament for those casualties of fbi/cia crimes ongoing and yet to come.For,
as people discover the immoral, cowardly and macabre character of the agents, operatives, handlers and associates of the fbi/cia (as manifest globally in the killing/torture techniques used by these sociopathic assassins to insure compliance to new world order dictates) we may not reasonably expect a merciful redress from foreign and domestic freedom fighters forced from desperation to employ against US equally aggressive and abhorrent stratagems. Geral Sosbee
*[The refusal of the dotcoms to publish my reports are hereby recorded as evidence of their complicity in fbi/cia crimes against Humanity and for the collapse of the usa into a totalitarian state.]
The fbi and the cia, uneasy about my recent documentations of their crimes, apparently urges the US Office of Patent and Trademark to analyze my work:

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Sosbee to uspto:
Help the torturers and terrorists, if you may, and remember you are now a part of the decadent history of the USA that I presently record; so, make no mistakes.

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