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 Amnesty International
picture 27 Nov 2005 @ 21:06, by Jose Overalles

Dear Amnesty International,

Listen, I know you guys are real busy , what with all that Christina Aguillera music being blared at Muslim Prisoners and them being dowsed with cold water and all that mean nasty horrible stuff down there in Club Gitmo, Cuba, but I think there might be a little something you've been overlooking. I'm wondering if you might reconsider your priorities for the news items on your opening web page. I realize you have to raise funds, and nothing raises money better than some good old anti americanism, but when you fail to even notice on your front page things like this , It becomes painfully transparent exactly what your agenda is. You know, maybe just a mention would be good.

To maintain the facade that you're really interested in human rights, and not say, just another tool to be manipulated by .... hmm yeah, I wonder who.

Anyway, you might give it a thought. Then you could get right back to that awful American Gulag you all are so obsessed with. And you could say with a straight face that you're unbiased. Think of all the funds you'd pull in then, with people believing you really cared. Wouldn't that be something?

Yours truly,

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