8 May 2008 @ 15:59, by Geral W. Sosbee


I continue to report evidence of the violent and criminal mindset of cops; in this report the corrupt cops (or their sycophantic supporters) themselves provide the evidence.

About a month ago I invaded the police forum for the purpose of investigating the mentality of the police, federal agents, etc., who post their ideas on the board. My main goal in doing so is to better understand the violent and decadent character of those cops (i.e., all commissioned officers nationwide, at every level, armed and licensed to kill) in whom the people entrust their most valued possessions, their lives and their freedoms. My work was well conceived and I posted the representative writings of the thugs in blue in the report dated and entitled as follows at this site:

An Introduction To Social Pathology Of Police And Federal Agents.
9 Apr 2008 @ 15:44

Shortly after I began my study of the criminal mind of the cops, several of the retardates on the POLICE board began to verbally attack me. This is to be expected; however, three items from the cops on the board are an unexpected treasure trove of data on the mental illness of the cops in the Brotherhood. The following three entries are taken from the above referenced article and the three statements were originally posted by the cop forum members at:

"I was just bored enough to actually read some of the stuff from his link in his first post. It is a quote from the article/info item he posted. I got to that part and got hung up on what kind of benefits you might get in the psychopath kill know: differentials, full-time or adhoc, are you essential personnel, get holidays off, what hours, on call pay, ect..."

"where did you see that? did he write that? if that's the case then I think he would've been taken care of a long time ago, before he could blow the whistle on the fbi's sinister operation."

"Originally Posted by KapsFB View Post
A village somewhere HAS to be missing an idiot.
Actually, after seeing some recent posts on here.....there are a few villages missing their idiots.....including where this nutty dude came from....

Note that the first cop references my reports of secret codes in the cop community which authorize the murder of suspects by psychopathic cops AND FBI AGENTS. Then, “IAmJeff” chimes in and suggests that Sosbee should have bee “taken care of” (killed) long ago BY the fbi. Finally, the foolish Bearcat adds his take on village idiots.

As of today the entry by IAmJeff and possibly the other two have been removed by Internal Affairs (“IA”, or other cop official) due to the criminal nature or intent apparent in the material (Note that I use the expression ”IA” to capture the identity of the administrator of the cop forum). The cops’ suggestion that the fbi should have killed Sosbee long ago is a good example of the police (and fbi/cia) mindset. Thus, my work in presenting the data is a complete success. Note also that when IA removed the evidence of criminal intent, the damage was already done: I had already recorded the vile entries (quoted above) and I had already lured the ignorant and cowardly cops into my sting operation. The IA's removal of the suspect posts constitutes evidence of a cover up of the very conduct I seek to expose,i.e., 1) Cops verbally assaulting me ,and 2) Cops suggesting that the fbi should kill me for reporting their secret “killing” codes.

I would like to thank the IA officer (possibly a federal agent) for providing me with the evidence that I needed to indict the law enforcement community by using their own words which reflect their murderous predispositions; and I am also grateful to the three cops who posted their insane ideas as quoted above. If IA had not removed the quotes I would have less evidence to use against them in the world court of public opinion.To see the posts of some of the cops , go to the links shown below:
Finally, note that from my personal experiences with cops I find the following traits to be universally accurate and applicable to cops (save a few exceptions):low intelligence, liars, *cowards, traitors, falsifiers of police reports,often violent and childish in nature ["No human being, past the thoughtless age of boyhood, will wantonly murder any creature which holds its life by the same tenure that he does." (Henry D. Thoreau)], **dangerous to encounter and generally not helpful when victims (except those victims in ruling class) need assistance, etc. Often when I reported the crimes against my person by the fbi thugs, the police ignored my reports, or mocked me, or threatened to arrest me.Many of the police reports are referenced or duplicated on my website: [link]
As of May 8, 2008, the little anonymous cop/fbi armed and dangerous men in blue write of geral sosbee (in an apparent quandary):

"He's Back: Geral W. Sosbee - Police Forums & Law Enforcement enforcement and police forums, web discussion and interactive bulletin boards. - 16 hours ago - Similar pages -"
Sosbee to the punks in blue (and their cowardly supporters): Your names are known and you will be remembered in history for what you are: criminals and Unidentified Felonious Offenders.
* Note that the Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff whom I previously identified by his silly pseudonym sends a hate message (see entry and exit links below) to me via the site meter entry shown below:

By Referrals > Visit Detail
IP Address 66.120.226.# (LA County Sheriffs)
State : California
City : Pomona
Time of Visit May 8 2008 8:24:22 pm
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page [link]
Visit Exit Page [link]

**On some ocassions the corrupt police help the fbi run illegal attempted stings on my person.See:

At about the same time that the above mentioned L.A. sheriff deputy sends his hate mail from the LA County Sheriffs office, his little rat companions on the opposite side of the uSA sends his hate message using the same technique:

By Location
IP Address 68.37.15.
State : New Jersey
City : Trenton
Referring URL http://www.sosbeevfb...atemail-partten.html
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page

Then another from the Bronx sends a more subdued message:

By Location
IP Address 150.108.232.
State : New York
City : Bronx
Time of Visit May 8 2008 8:06:10 pm
Referring URL http://www.sosbeevfb...atemail-partten.html
Visit Entry Page
Visit Exit Page

The above visits appear to be coordinated and reflect a discussion between the police/fbi hate mongers and calumniators. Conspiracy takes many forms and the police are top offenders in the slander category.

As of May 10, 2008, the following data is noted :
The individuals named below use the corrupt cop forum located at the following link to spread their lies; see the statement below and visit the link to see the fraudulent portrayal of this author in the photo submitted by mental dwarf "IAmJeff" ; also note that his companion , dwelch1503 (another cop forum member), joins him in the poorly conceived attempted smear campaign on the national cop forum:

The following link shows a photo of an unidentified man wearing a tin foil hat; the cop forum allows the two members to falsely state that the photo depicts Sosbee:
cache link:

The two Frauds are identified by their pseudonyms as follows; note that the two liars seem to be same two persons referenced above from Trenton and Bronx:
Forum Member
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Northeast

Forum Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: New York City

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